William Duke of Cambridge Birth Chart * Destiny or Freedom Calling?

Prince William sits with his father and the Royal Heir Prince of Charles in Parliament, under the Act of Regency on May 10, 2022.

The birth chart of Prince William, also known as the Duke of Cambridge, is intriguing and has a rather commanding presence. I say this because of several striking features which, given the present state of the British Monarchy, could swing into play in the near future.

A major question for me, as an observer of Royal Astrology, is whether or not William will actually sit on the British Throne, or if, in some way as yet unforeseen, he will find a different path, perhaps one of freedom, his true dream…

The future is murky here. William is presently second in line to the throne, but it is clear that the Queen, and much of England, would prefer William to be the next king, meaning that Williams’ father, Prince Charles, the present heir, would be passed over in the line of succession.

This has been the speculation in recent years, but what is emerging now, in 2022, may be another, quite different framework of succession, desired by the Queen herself and possibly already underway. Because under the Act of Regency, which is currently invoked to allow Prince Charles to act in his mother’s name for the official opening of Parliament, Prince Charles and Prince William, his son, were both present “acting for the Queen.”

This sets up the scenario whereby Charles accepts that a newly envisioned British Royalty will be strongest, and most likely to edure (certainly this is the Queen’s opinion) if it is somehow expanded in form to embrace Prince William (and I suspect Prince Harry) in a dual or even tripartite monarchy.

Such a new monarchy would, in a way, hearken back to the days when the British Empire was tripartite – with one part of the Crown in London, one in Cairo, Egypt, and one in Delhi, India.

Jupiter, King of the Gods, King of the planets, ruler of kingship on Earth.

Jupiter (which rules, among other things, Kingship) movied into Aries (New Beginnings) on the very day – May 10, 2022 – that Prince William joined his father Prince Charles, formal heir to the throne, in representing the Queen.  I find Prince William’s presence – apparently at the wish of the Queen – to be a signal that the Queen has found a way, symbolically at least, to pass the Crown to both Charles and William; if true, this would be a brilliant compromise, and may pave the way for more royal innovations.

Let’s see what astrology and the birth chart of Prince William has to say about his call to a kingship which may be coming much earlier than expected, and which may look quite different than anyone could have imagined when William was born.

William’s Sun and Moon in Cancer in the 7th House

First things first – William’s Sun is in Cancer, in the 7th House (using the Equal House system).  This is one vital aspect of his rebirth in this lifetime – I will be using some elements of Karmic Astrology here). Cancer is a Water Sign, and rules the 4th House of home, family, and indeed the spiritual DNA “roots” of the family tree into which one is born.

Interestingly, the Asteroid Henry resides here in William’s 4th House, which underlines how important solving his relationship with brother Prince Harry is always going to be.  More on this later.

The Moon rules Cancer – thus rules the 4th House – so is exceptionally important in William’s birth chart.   His Moon is furthermore elevated as it is in Cancer too, right next to (conjunct) William’s Sun in Cancer.  The qualities of Cancer are thus magnified in William’s personality and lifestyle, goals and values.

The Moon represents Mother (among other things, such as Memory and emotions) and its tight position next to William’s Sun confirms what we know – not a day goes by that he does not think of his mother, Princess Diana.

However, William’s Moon and Sun are tightly positioned in the 7th House of Relationships – and most importantly, of Marriage.  We see here the “motherly” role a wife must play in William’s life – “Wife” was always going to be for William his refuge and “home” in the world, a connection to his mother and early childhood memories (when times were good).

Furthermore, the emphasis here suggests that in this lifetime, William places his wife, home and family above all else.  It is possible he may willingly expand “Cancer and Moon” to mean Nation – which it can indeed mean, as the home of a people.

In fact, Jupiter, planet of Kingship, is trine William’s Sun and Moon which confers a strong connection and support for the role of King in William’s future.  It can also mean that his father, Charles, will rule for a long time as king and thus enable William to adjust over a long period of time to his coming role.

On the other hand, if Charles rules for another 2 decades or so, like his long-lived mother the Queen, then William may rest under the shade of his father’s great Tree, and be spared kingship altogether.

In fact, I have always foreseen that, at some point, William may yet relinquish the Crown and take advantage of new political circumstances in Great Britain. He could then place his family (as has Harry) in a quiet, bucolic life while he explores life outside the Gilded Cage.  Sounds unlikely now – but there may be decades yet to unfold before William or his children would be called to the throne.

Rising Sign (Ascendant) in Sagittarius – the Wanderer – First House

The Ascendant is a mathematical point where the Wheel of the Chart begins.  The Sign coming up over the horizon at your time and place of birth marks the First House, from which we count the next 11 Houses all the way down and then up and around till we get the 12th House meeting the boundary of the First.

Nearly all schools astrology of astrology – East and West, Classical and Modern – treat the Ascendant as at least as important as the Sun Sign, and perhaps more. Here we have the magical, mystical “moment” when a Soul enters Matter once again, taking on a lifetime framed by certain karmic condition, limitations, opportunities, and old bonds.

The First House represents one’s childhood conditions, and the physical/psychological framework of our presence on Earth. Here, what matters are environments, immediate persons around us, where we live, how we dress, how we feel about our body and appearance (we might “need” to drive a certain style of car!)

Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, whose spirit animated Princess Diana, William’s mother. The arrow of Sagittarius calls William to an unusual path.

William’s Rising Sign of Sagittarius and this is the Sign of the Wanderer, the Explorer, the Missionary, the one with a Message.  So it suits well his personal commitment to social and planetary service.

But both his Neptune and his Ascendant are in Opposition to his Sun and Moon in the 7th House of Relationships.  Since Neptune lifts Sagittarius ideals to their highest level, and invokes a spiritual, even solitary calling, we can see William will be torn as to his pathway in life. I say “solitary” because Neptune resides in his 12th House, and this always suggests a form of isolation, a removal from the World in order to pursue higher ideals and spiritual goals.

With Neptune so strongly reinforcing but also transforming his Sagittarius urge to be free in so many ways, William has an inner conflict which may become clearer as he grows older.

His deepest, almost biological needs are for the freedom and variety of experience offered by his Rising Sign Sagittarius, including perhaps even the single life of a roving environmentalist or curator of the Earth like David Attenborough – his hero.

He has a crusading spirit in true Sagittarius fashion, but it is difficult for him to channel it in the narrow corridors of power that constitute the British Monarchy.  He has an inner call to freedom which is deeply at odds with Royal constraints, and also with the fixed domesticity and Moon-based life suggested by his Sun and Moon both in Cancer, in his House of Marriage.

And, Jupiter may be trine his Sun and Moon, but it is also sextile his Rising Sign, giving an intellectual, global view to his personal lifestyle preferences.  Neptune also basks in the glow of a Jupiter contact, turning his attention (partly) from inner, reflective and psychic experiences to an outer, idealist, and global focus on practical issues for the planet.

Yet Neptune is the dreamer, one lost in metaphysical experiences, and when tightly positioned in Sagittarius next to the Rising Sign (Ascendant), Neptune exerts a major influence on William’s psyche, calling him into private moments, private reveries, even a private identity to whom none is ever truly admitted.

As King, of course, especially in a new world of geopolitical realities and social transformations, William might be able to travel and work in the spirit of his Sagittarius Rising Sign, while trusting to the structures of Royalty (Kingship) to support his wife and children on his behalf.

Saturn, Father, Authority, Karma.

Conjunction In The 10th House Square Sun and Moon in House of Marriage

Much has been made of Harry and Meghan’s marriage and what it has meant for the Royal Family and Royal Firm. Yet here, in William’s chart, we find a strong Square (red line) between his Sun/Moon conjunction in the 7th House of Marriage and his Saturn (Father), Asteroid Camilla (stepmother), Mars, and even Pluto, all in the 10th House of Government and Public Affairs.

It is hard to ignore the Square – it is the most difficult of aspects in planet relationships, bringing conflict of interest, conflict of goals, and, when involving the Sun and Moon, conflict around very deep family ties.  In this case, if we interpret William’s Moon as his mother Princess Diana, we can see how Saturn (Charles as Old Man/Father) as well as Mars (Charles as young man) both stand next to Camilla.

Nearby is the planet Pluto, representing Death, Mystery, Cover-Ups, and so on.  It is not hard to see how this big Square reveals that William has never accepted Camilla and his father’s choices which led – he almost certainly feels- not only to his parents’ divorce, but to his mother’s untimely death. It is worth noting that Prince Charles is a Scorpio, ruled by the planet Pluto, which reinforces the role of Pluto  here in the conjunction of the 10th House, despite its slightly out-of-angle position.

William’s Uranus in the 11th House is related to the masses and grass-roots movements and emotions. But Uranus delivers sudden, unexpected, shocking experiences, and when we see his Uranus is in Opposition to his Venus, we remember Diana as “Queen of Hearts” (like Venus), loved by all the world. Venus is in the 5th House of short journeys, which Diana was on when she was so unexpectedly, shockingly (Uranus) killed in that tunnel.

This is the Cross which William bears, for he, as the older son, feels some responsibility for not protecting her – even, at some deep level, from Charles, his father.  He would feel this not only as a son, but in some sense as a debt he owes to the British public who adored her, and to the a world which needed her.

And, if we fast-forward and see the Moon next to Prince Wiliam’s Sun as his motherly wife, Catherine, it becomes surprisingly obvious that there is some element of history repeating itself here.  There seems to be, or will be, some conflict between Charles/Camilla and William’s wife – to whom he has always turned for lost motherly love. While the world focuses on Harry and Meghan’s fall from Royal favor, the time may come when the world discovers hitherto disguised, but deep, buried issues around Willam, his father, and the Gilded Cage of the Royal Family. Catherine may, like Meghan, call Time on the roles they must play, for if it becomes too much for William, Catherine will be ruthlessly capable of finding freedom for them and their children.

Here we pause to recall that Saturn is not only Father, Authority, and Government (ruler of Capricorn and the 10th House), but is called Lord of Karma. This suggests that the surface is indeed superficial – the deep channels running through both Charles’s and William’s lives involve past lifetimes, past bonds including hurt, betrayal, and distrust.

The harmony they have tried to project may be very much skin-deep and for the sake of the Queen and the public.  No less than Harry, Duke of Sussex, William holds a deep, unresolved urge to see justice, of some kind, done for Diana, Princess of Wales, mother of two boys who still look for her in the face of every cloud…

And this includes the bond between Harry and William which may be bitter for a long time – it too is rooted in karma in far-off times.  Yet in the end, they chose each other, and as the years bring their wisdom, they may well seek solace yet in shared loss, shared grief, and at last, shared peace in bringing dark Pluto into the Light. This, after all, is what their mother would want most of all.

© Carol Leigh Rice 2022

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