Venus * Goddess Of Love and the Law Of Attraction

In my work as an astrologer, I have come to see Venus as surprisingly central to the Web, with all its colorful threads, which forms the Mandala of the Birth Chart.  One of my most surprising findings has been that Venus may represent the love life of the client’s mother, while also representing the love life of the client themself.

Here we see how the “Spiritual DNA of the Birth Chart” can actually be seen arising from the psychic or physical line of family/clan.  Even if one is adopted, the DNA of the birth chart is attuned to the psychic, or spirit line of the family one is adopted into, as well as to that of the biological parent(s).

Venus Goddess of Beauty, Love and All Forms of Attraction

The Lady Venus (Greek Aphrodite) may seem to need no introduction when it comes to love expressed as romance and sensuality, but it turns out this area of life is a bit of a mystery to most people. Astrology has a lot to say about all this, providing an extremely varied and nuanced look at gender and sexuality through the prism of several Archetypes.

Astrology locates the sexual and gender spectra of experience within the larger framework of psyche in which these are embedded. Venus does not appear as a solitary figure in the Chart, but as part of a Web of energy.

In The Nature of the Psyche: Its Human Expression (A Seth Book) Seth, as channeled by Jane Roberts, spoke of the “tree of human sexuality” to describe how unique and complex our sexuality really is and how people express their sexual reality in subtly different ways.

Each person, in a way, is actually his or her own unique gender, for we blend our spiritual, psychological, cultural and physical dimensions as we mature into an expression of sexuality quite unique. We could say that there are as many genders, then, as there are people on Earth at any given moment. 

The power of Venus spreads out in our Birth Chart and in our lives through the Sign it was in at our time of birth, through the House it is placed in, and the relationships which Venus forms in various angles with the other planets in the chart.

Thus Venus forms a Tree in the Chart. When we trace Her roots and branches we see what we really love, where we will find love, how love will affect us, and the karmic history from other lifetimes affecting all our relationships in this life. All these things reveal the kinds of struggles and choices which our Venus must face in this lifetime.

Karmic Astrology assumes that each of us has explored and experimented in the worlds of gender and sexuality throughout the course of many lifetimes as fully as we have in other areas of human life.

One person’s Venus may be a student of art and classical music, unwilling to engage in the dense physicality of a sexual relationship; another person’s Venus may be exploring the joy and transformative power of love expressed through the human body.

Still another person might experience Venus as a battleground of desires, with themes of enslavement, empowerment, and eventual emancipation. And others might express Venus in a search for Justice (the balance of elements) in law courts or as counsellors, fascinated by the conflict and reconciliation of opposites.

Venus rules Taurus, the earthy, physical, sensual Sign well-known for its love of the material comforts of human life. Venus in her Taurus mode is very busy in the Second House, where our “moveable riches” (money) as well as other values are found.

Money, in a sense, is a “lower” vibration of Venus, but the desire (and need) for money can be, as with all the planetary Archetypes, transmuted from crassness to spiritual gold. Aesthetics and Beauty are very Taurus preoccupations and, as discussed below, are healing vibrations. How we adorn our physical selves, the way we present ourselves – all show how much we value ourselves, and in what ways, so this House and this side of Venus has a great deal to do with our self-esteem.

Whom – and What – Do We Really Love? The Answers Are Often Deep Within….

Venus * Law of Attraction Revealed
Venus has come to be identified in terms of money and wealth as well as love and sexuality because Love acts as a magnet. Thus Venus personifies – is the Goddess of – the Law of Attraction. All this gets us into deeper layers of ourselves. If we attract to ourselves what we love, why are our lives so often filled with things and people we don’t love?

Astrology looks closely at Venus and thus helps us with this question – as do dreamwork, meditation, and – often – some harsh confrontations with the reality we meet in our lives. Venus is all about values, and finding out what those really are sometimes takes a lifetime to accomplish.

Sometimes we need an outside, “second opinion” on what we really, truly love – what we will sacrifice for, what we talk about the most, what we admire in others, regardless of what we might say when asked what we think are the values we live by.

Our children, our friends, and our partners may surprise and even hurt us with their candid assessments as to what they think we truly love – they are going from observation; they see what we do, not what we say, and they can only say what they see.

Until we really look deep within ourselves we can remain quite unaware of what we actually “Love“. A clue here don’t look at what you are saying, look at what you are doing, if you want to find out what matters to you.

While we may say we seek to live a life attuned to philosophy, we may secretly harbor envy of those who have “succeeded” in terms of material, financial achievements. From this unacknowledged envy comes a sideways-directed ambition which conflicts with other values. A bitter rivalry with a sibling may send us on a lifetime of competition for visible trappings of success, pushing other values like service, the quest for knowledge, following an uncertain calling like art or music, into the basement where they get little real attention in our lives.

Venus holds the key to the vibrations of love – of things, experiences, states of being – that we are sending out into the world and attracting back to us without fail. We are the walking, talking “microchips” talked about and feared by those who see a bleak technoslave culture on the horizon. But we are already functioning as beacons – we can be, and are, “tracked” by exactly what and who we want to be tracked by, at some level of our beings. We draw “the world” that we desire to our door. If guilt is our value we will draw something to us to reinforce that or to atone for it. Something to think about, indeed, and Venus helps us with the diagnosis – it is all there, in the chart!

Tapestry Rose

Venus * Creativity, Beauty and Healing
From the Shamanic point of view, Venus is connected with Beauty – the higher vibrations of Taurus, rather than of the relationship features of Libra. Beauty is something we pay little attention to – really – in our rushed daily lives. But Beauty can heal – a flower, something beautiful we love to wear – even our favourite fragrance. We respond to pleasing Form in Architecture, in the symmetry of someone’s face or body, and in Nature – not because we are shallow materialists, but because we are made by our Creator to perceive and respond to Beauty, sensing the Love which created it. Even small islands of Beauty which we create become resting places for the eyes, and for the heart…we can do so much for ourselves by ensuring we have a steady stream of Beauty flowing our way.

And buried beneath what seems a superficial “love of money” is something important which can be retrieved and seen for its underlying worth. At a deep level, money is a symbol of our power as creative beings, of our ability to deploy our energy, through choices, in the World. Creativity may be the ultimate joy of all, including the amazing, electrifying connection that is created – truly a new world – between two human beings, startling us into new dimensions of our own Being.

In fact, we should rethink the idea of shopping as an “addiction” that seems to define so many women. We hear about expensive clothes, shoes, jewellery and handbags as status symbols and as ways of displaying ownership of our men or our wealth. Yet surely the real motive, underneath everything, is the allure of Beauty as a healing salve for the Body and Personality, these frail, battered vessels here on Earth of the Sacred Fire of Soul…

Perhaps the “comfort shopping” so derisively dismissed is really self-medication that points to the loss of real Beauty in our lives.

We live in a capitalist culture in which the sheer grind of “Ugly” wears us down, day after day. The ugliness of coarse speech, violent, mocking and degrading news stories, the overwhelming ugliness of the lies we are told by those in power we were taught to trust, the betrayal of God’s teachings in sacred places, and so on.

Women all over the world are forced into the ugliness of partial lives, unable to express the finer natures we were given, unable to share the beautiful minds we have hidden away…

In those beautiful gems and elegant high heels, we see the Beauty that is our inheritance denied. We buy these, because we are allowed to, and indeed encouraged to, and though they are only copies of the real thing, they are bright spots of joy – and if we link them to our Venus, they can become small Temples, much more than examples of weak-minded consumerism. 

Venus, Balance and Justice * Libra and the Seventh House
Venus rules the Second House and Taurus, where we find our deepest values (and hence our real resources), along with sensuality, sexuality, and love of the things of this world.

But Venus also rules the Sign of Libra and the Seventh House of formal, committed partnerships of marriage, common-law, or business. Libra implies balance and exchange (Justice) in order to create and maintain harmony.

This unique need for various kinds of Justice is the hard part of all relationships.

Knowing more about our Venus is a very important step in understanding how we form and also how we leave relationships of all kinds. We seem “programmed” for growth toward spiritual values – much that is difficult or challenged within the birth chart represents where we seem stuck in that growth movement.

In spiritual, Mandala Astrology, we look for what matters most to the person, and this tells us where the healing and transformations are most likely to unfold. We follow the trail not only in this life but back, into other lives, of each person’s Venus, Sign, its House, and its ruler. We trace all the relationships flowing from these, out into the Chart, and also into Time and Space. Here, we find past-life stories of high romance, intrigue, great loves, affairs, vestal virgins, nuns, and motherhood in all its various settings and forms.

Here we find many origins of our most deeply-held beliefs about marriage and partnership, other women, friendship, sisterhood, motherhood, sexual and spiritual conflicts, and so on…

Venus is in many ways the code-breaker, the key to what is going on in the rest of the birth chart. It is well worth returning to Venus again and again in a Birth Chart, for this Tree grounds us here on Earth and fills our lives with their final meaning each time around.

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