Ukraine Destiny * Birth Chart of Volodymyr Zelenskyy

In this post, I am going to look at the birth chart of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the current president and hero of Ukraine.  There are some remarkable features here, and we can see why Zelenskyy is truly a man of destiny, called to serve at a time in history with which his karma and character seem so remarkably aligned.

Birth Chart of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, Aquarius Sun in Eighth House, Gemini Rising, Moon In Leo – Note Venus Conjunct Zelensky’s Sun – his wife’s Sun is in Aquarius too!

The Eighth House * Power, Destiny, Death and Rebirth

Perhaps the most important feature of Zelenskyy’s birth chart is that his birth date of January 25, 1978 places his Sun in Aquarius conjunct Venus in Aquarius and both planets are in the power-oriented Eighth House.  In the Natural Zodia the Eighth House is rule by the Sign of Scorpio with its ruling planet Pluto.  This House is secretive, and its dealings may well defy convention, cross the lines into societal taboos.

It is often called the House of Death, and very much a focus of older schools fo astrology for that reason.   Not surprisingly – Zelenskyy’s destiny thus seems to have placed him within the realm of a possible early “untimely” death. This, of course, is not yet known…More on the subject of Zelenskyy’s safety below.

The Eighth House Sun placement is best understood in terms of the Phoenix, a mythical bird associated with death, birth, resurrection, and these themes truly suit a leader whose Sun Sign is Aquarius.

Hope and new beginnings spring – quite literally – from the ashes of bold and brave, if ill-fated endeavours in the lives of many Aquarians.

Here, in the Eighth House, we also find all kinds of power – military, financial, sexual and political, so this house is associated with great Mystery Orders, military-religious orders like the Knights Templar, big banking houses, secret financing fo wars and insurrections.

Not surprisingly, this is considered one of the major 3 Houses of Karma, and in particular, Group Karma.  With his Sun here, we get a very strong signal that Zelenskyy came here, this  time, for this moment in the history of Ukraine.  We do not know if he comes to make good on a promise, to make amends for past misdeeds (possibly in Ukraine itself in past wars?) or if he is one of those who comes to Earth repeatedly in order to promote the cause of human progression and liberation from all kinds of tyranny. Other elements in his chart may provide illumination, but we are not there yet.

This Eighth House placement of his Sun also means that the resources at Zelenskyy’s disposal are by no means only the visible, conventional ones. We know that in addition to the resources of soldiers and soul in Ukraine, Zelenskyy has garnered world support in terms of large financial and even military alliances.

But he may also be supported by the great sources of energy which flow out of this all-important Eighth House, much of it stemming from past-life events and from great debts of Karma owed to Zelenskyy by others, either from past-life groups or nations whom he has led, or from personal bonds now activated around the world in those who resonate to him and his leadership on a very deep level.

Here we may take note of an indicator of fame in Zelenskyy’s birth chart.  Jupiter is very close to (conjunct) his Ascendant or Rising Sign and helps to buoy up not only his hope and faith, but also his personal resources, as we now see.

Jupiter here is a well-known indicator of fame for those whose Jupiter borders the Ascendant either from Twelfth or First House. Not only has Zelenskyy shot to world fame but he insists “I am not afraid” as he leads the Ukrainians in resistance to the latest in the armed incursions they have suffered over the generations. As noted below, Jupiter here may also save his life.

Venus in the Eighth House Conjunct the Sun in Aquarius

Olena Zelensky born February 6, 1978.

His Venus is conjunct his Sun, and appears to symbolize great closeness and partnership with a great love.  We will, for now, assume that Venus represents his wife, as the love of his life, though I hasten to point out that this cannot be taken for granted.  In some charts, Venus here, in the secretive Eighth House much concerned with sex and hidden affairs of all kinds, might well indicate a mistress, or a “lost love” from some part of his life not well known.

In any case, we will assume Venus represents wife Olena Zelenska, and this is supported by the fact that she was born on February 6, 1978, so is an Aquarius Sun Sign as well as her husband.  This birth date means her Sun would fall into her husbands’ Eighth House of karma and destiny, especially since her Sun and his would be only about 11-12 degrees apart.  This is not as close as his Venus (which is completely conjunct, or “right on top” of his Sun) with both at 5 degrees of Aquarius.

However,  taken together, the proximity of both Zelenskyy’s Venus and Olena’s Sun to Volodymyr’s Sun in this dramatic Eighth House are strong indicators that his closest partner is his wife.

Aquarians do not make the best choice for a marriage partner, due to their independent, solitary search for higher causes which they so often call “home.”

But Aquarians can and do fall in love, and when they do, the best choice for them is often another Aquarian.  They will respect and understand that ideals and convictions motivate each other, and that they will find the greatest expression of their love for each other when they give of themselves to a noble enterprise.

So we do believe Olena will always be deeply involved in Zelenskyy’s destiny and his karma.  The Eighth House position strongly suggests that they have been down this road together before.  They came into this lifetime understanding what they were to do, and that they would do it together.

NOTE:  Olena and Volodymyr  have a son and daughter.  While their daughter is a Cancer born in mid-July, their son is another Aquarian and born also in very early Aquarius. So his Sun also falls into his father’s Eighth House where his mother’s Sun falls. This means all three are interlocked in destiny, and one might be concerned for the young lad’s safety as well as that of his parents.

The daughter’s Sun, however, would fall into her father’s First House, where Jupiter, the Great Protector, rides bodyguard over Zelenskyy’s own physical safety.

Zelenskyy’s Sun in Aquarius – Sign of Revolution and Leadership But Potential Tyranny

Let’s pause to review what the Sign of Aquarius means for both husband and wife.  Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius and contributes much to this Sign’s reputation for unorthodox beliefs, choices, value and actions.  Uranus is the source of radical insight and inspiration which seems to infuse Aquarians (at their best).  This is the Sign most often found in the world’s history of genius, and no doubt this stems from refusal to be bound by convention wisdom or traditions.

This is the Sign of the Zodiac most associated with rebellion, defiance, revolution, and leadership of group battles against all odds.  Again, this reflects the extraordinary influence of that most unusual planet Uranus.  Revolution and change is what they do best, and Aquarians are always somewhat lost until they find something greater than themselves to believe in.

Yet Aquarius has an ancient ruler – planet Saturn – and here things get a bit tricky.  Aquarians con be inspired and spontaneous, but they can turn rigid and immoveable once they are fixed on a target of some kind.  They can become somewhat tyrannical and tend to want to build large systems flowing from Saturn’s rulership of structure and architecture – not to mention governments and constitutions.

So a word of caution to Ukraine here! Zelenskyy is a hero of a grand resistance now, and has shown true Aquarian refusal to bow to the odds, to accept limits, or to take himself safely into exile.  Yet beware that if and when he wins, as I suspect he will, he does not leave Uranus behind and move into his Saturn clothing. Ukraine needs an open and honest form of government, and true grass-roots democracy.  Saturn can provide the former and Uranus will bring the latter.

City of Kyiv

Kyiv * City of Hopes, History, and Home

I chose to include the asteroid Kiev (which is spelled Kyiv in Ukrainian) in Zelenskyy’s birth chart because it is the heart and soul of Ukraine and also of Russia’s historical attachment to it.  Kyiv sits in Zelenskyy’s Twelfth House which is the final House of our spiritual journy, and denotes Pisces, spiritual fulfillment, and also can be a place of isolation, such as hospital, prison, monastry or retreat.

This is also a House of Karma (like the Eighth House) and is an indicator in karmic astrology of past-life connections.  So we can see at once that this heartland – Kyiv – is part of Zelenskyy’s mystical dreaming unconscious and tells us that this city and the region it represents have been central to Zelenskyy’s past lives. Here is his history, and it is fitting that he has become the face and the voice of Ukraine.  This is not the first time he has called this place on earth Home.

Pluto is Square to Mercury, ruler of Zelensky’s rising sign/ascendant Gemini.

Rising Sign / Ascendant Gemini

Gemini is the Sign which governs communication above all else.  It is an Air Sign like Aquarius and immensely compatible with the Aquarius Sun and its need to communicate ideas and visions to the masses.  Its ruler Mercury is in Zelenskyy’s 7th house of relationships, and in the Sign of Capricorn, so Zelenskyy speaks and delivers his messages with an air of authority as well as of inspiration.

However – a big caveat here! Mercury is square to Zelenskyy’s Pluto in Libra, and whatever Pluto touches it can turn to shades of deception and secrecy.  Libra’s tendency to have it all, and to have it both ways, does not help matters, and the Panama Papers leak suggests that Zelenskyy did fudge a bit with his assets before and upon becoming President.

In other words, Pluto’s impact on Mercury will affect the nature of Zelenskyy’s Gemini Ascendant so that he must guard against duplicity in the use of his wonderful gifts of communication.  Those who know him well may be inclined to say that he is not always as honest and straightforward as his Aquarian indignant protestations would have us believe.

Just a note of caution here, because Gemini has wonderful qualities but is known for the gift not only of gab but of “double-speak” through its ruler Mercury…Gemini is a “dual” sign and can often marry twice, have two different careers, and two positions on the same debate; when affected by Pluto’s influence, these gifts can be misused, particularly so with an Aquarian who will justify dishonest rhetoric as means justified by the ends.

Uranus is the major, modern ruler of Aquarius and is also considered the higher octave of Mercury, ruler of Zelenskyy’s Ascendant Gemini. These relations confer extraordinary eloquence and persuasiveness on his speech. The near-channeled inspiration of his Uranus higher mind easily flows through his physical being via the Ascendant into spoken or written word. Note that Uranus is indeed trine Zelenskyy’s Mercury so we see here a great karmic accumulation of gifts from many lifetimes as a writer, orator and teacher/leader.

The influence of Pluto on his Mercury and thus Uranus must, however, be taken into account. Pluto in this context can point to a past life as a religious or political demagogue stirring the masses  toward negative goals or beliefs…

But Pluto throughout Zelenskyy’s chart will come into play more and more as Pluto (in the present skies above) is transiting through his Eighth House and about to enter his Sun Sign of Aquarius.  There, Pluto will come in deep, personal contact with Zelenskyy’s Sun and his Venus thus entering his life purpose directly. For that reason, there may be at the very least a kind of “purging” of Zelenskyy’s life of all that might be in any way dishonest or tinged with the corruption which haunts Ukraine as well as Russia, especially as the Eighth House rules group and therefore National history and karma.

In this, we may see the hand of Fate, of Zelenskyy’s destined role in cleansing perhaps not only his own life but that of all of Ukraine of that which it needs to break with. And Pluto will then bring Rebirth.

Zelenskyy’s Eleventh House * Chiron in T-Square With Sun and Mars

Aquarius rules the Eleventh House in the Natural Zodiac and thus rules the masses and large-scale social vision, grass-roots rebellions and human potential movements of all kinds.

It is very interesting to note that his Chiron resides in the Eleventh House and forms a T-square with Mars and his Sun. Chiron is lame, and symbol of the wounded healer, of a long-running wound which never heals, and also of the Teacher.  This suggests the masses are Ukraine’s own people, now blessed with a leader to guide them in their endurance of suffering which never seems to be fully cured.

The nature of the T-Square is one of tension between two opposites and 2 squares.  Each point in the T-Square constantly prods the other points (often intensified by transiting planets through the years).  With Chiron square to both Mars (war) and Zelenskyy’s Sun, we can see a fated role for Zelenskyy as Chiron – possibly as part of his own personal karma – being the suffering, deeply engaged leader of a long war fuelled by grass-roots resistance and conducted through Eighth House resources, possibly from a place in hiding over many years.

That Mars is opposing the Sun in this T-Square means that war itself (Mars) will be the defining focus of Zelenskyy’s political Eighth House life plan. And hard as it is to imagine now, it is entirely possible that this T-Square might involve later opposition from his son (Mars as young male rather than as War), due to political or other deeply held views.  This relationship struggle would become a constant “thorn in the side” of Zelenskyy, and a chronic unresolved wound. I do not see this as likely, however. Mars is most likely to manifest as another, younger, man who will challenge him for leadership of Ukraine or make a strong play for Zelenskyy’s wife…

Saturn/Moscow Trine Jupiter * Are Zelenskyy and His Family Safe?

Pluto, ruler of the Eighth House and all things concerned with Death, IS currently transiting Zelenskyy’s Eighth House in the last degrees of Capricorn.  Pluto will be entering Aquarius more or less in the next year or so (with a retrograde slowing this down) and it will be there until 2044.  At the very least this will mean enormous emphasis on secrecy and hiding for Zelenskyy and his family, especially wife and son – perhaps for years to come.

However, Zelenskyy has two strong indicators in his chart which may be a sign that he will survive the dangers of his chosen path.

The first not only inspires him but is known as the Great Protector.  As mentioned above, Jupiter is closely conjunct his Ascendant in the Sign of Gemini, in Zelenskyy’s First House. This House represents the early years of life and also the physical body.

Jupiter here can bring an inflated ego and the pursuit of plans beyond one’s grasp…In Gemini it can lead to great, inspired speeches, with a tendency if not careful towards grandiose claims. It also confers humor (Zelenskyy was a comedian by profession) and a happy, positive, outgoing personality in which spiritual faith of a universal kind pervades his life endeavours. Jupiter is of course not an infallible sign of physical safety, but very reassuring to find in the chart of one so vulnerable in his political nation-leading role.

Saturn Father of Time, Law and Karma

There is a second and surprising factor which may keep Zelenskyy and his family safe.  While Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, Saturn is still the traditional ruler of both Aquarius and Capricorn.   Saturn is the ruler of time, judgment, and thus karma, as well as representing father, authority and government and all structures as ruler of the Tenth House.

Moskva, Saturn and Zelenskyy’s Jupiter * An Old Karmic Debt Called In?

In Zelenskyy’s chart Saturn sits next to asteroid Moskva and both are in a nice helpful trine to his Jupiter at the Ascendant. What can this mean? Moskva represents of course the Russian capital we spell Moscow and Russia’s government, at this point personified as Vladimir Putin.  The trine is the best possible connection or aspect between planets that you can have, and it normally confers an easy relationship – with Jupiter and a figure of authority such as Saturn, one might assume that Russia’s authority (Putin) would in some way protect Zelenskyy. Why would that be?

Our first thought is cynical and practical – Putin would realize that Zelenskyy’s death in this Orthodox Christian part of the world would make him not only a martyr but also a saint.  On the other hand, we know that Russia secret police could easily arrange for Zelenskyy’s death later on in ways which could never be traced back to Putin, so this scenario – that Putin wants to protect Zelenskyy – seems quite unlikely.

Mother Russia

But what if Saturn here is acting as the Lord of Karma, and what we are seeing is Zelenskyy’s past-life as perhaps a founder of Russia, in the early days of Kievan Rus in the 800s or later…What if Zelenskyy fought and died in the Siege of Stalingrad in WW II, when the whole world held its breath and prayed for the brave citizens of that great city – like we do today for Kyiv and Ukraine?

In other words, today we see Zelenskyy as the leader of Ukraine fighting to stay free, but as an Aquarian, it is likely this is a repeated role for him throughout many lives, and Mother Russia may own much to him – Jupiter at the Ascendant can refer to past lives as a king or ruler – and its trine with Saturn can indicate a great law-giver as well as king.  It would be interesting to hear what Zelenskyy himself felt intuitively about such possible “memories”.

The Minor Grand Trine * Neptune Trine Moon With Both Sextile Pluto

This set of aspects in Zelenskyy’s chart are sometimes called a Minor Grand Trine because they do involve a trine with two sextiles or half-trines.  They create a small flattish triangle seen in blue near the bottom of Zelinskyy’s chart. In his case, the point of the triangle, the focus planet, is Pluto which is in turn sextile to the Moon on the one hand, and Neptune on the other.

These 3 form an energy bundle all their own, though as noted, Pluto is also squaring Mercury, so that this whole formation – the minor grand trine – does in fact spread outward to affect Zelinskyy’s great gift of communication through his Mercury, which in turn rules and expresses his Gemini Ascendant.

Beautiful Neptune rules the arts,hypnotism, illusion, dreams, the 12th house and places of isolation, and confers spiritual values and psychic gifts.

Neptune rules the arts but also religion and idealism, while the Moon can be one’s mother, Memory, even the nation that one loves as a mother. Pluto’s impact on these vital elements of Zelinskyy’s life path indicate that he is in some way working through a handicap. He may have suffered a painful disillusionment and rejection of religious faith.

Or someone has not been honest with him during his early years – there are possibly family secrets of which he is vaguely aware, though unable to pinpoint or name. He likely has found many such secrets which amount to deceptions along his pathway, so that mystery and uncertainty cloud or have clouded friendships and other working relationships.

Neptune’s connection with both Pluto and the Moon bless him with many psychic gifts. Looking back, he might feel that these have been almost forced upon him as a result of his having to strain  to understand his environment, especially when young.  He also likely has inherited many psychic abilities through his mother’s line.

This minor grand trine is actually thought to convey a degree of protection and blessing upon its owner, and this is enhanced by the very spiritual, other-worldly aspects of Neptune and the deep mystic though at time frightening qualities of Pluto.  The Moon of course is the Great Mother and associated with far-memory, or past-life recall as well as an intuition that rarely fails him.

So as we move through Zelinskyy’s chart, we begin to see Pluto emerging as the dominant planet with its major themes starting with natural zodiac rulership of the Eighth House where so much of Zelinskyy and his family “reside”…And of course the current transiting of Pluto through that Eighth House conjuncting his Sun and Venus will bring deep transformations to his Life Plan itself as well as to those whom he loves most dearly.

Pluto’s new residence in the Sign of Aquarius from 2023 to 2044 will affect not only Aquarian Volodymyr Zelinskyy but the whole world as it engages more fully with the Age of Aquarius.  Pluto will darken this New Age so that it will be fraught with many grass-roots wars, civil wars and  social conflicts, for Uranus is not a gentle bringer of change, nor is Saturn kind to those it judges – and these are the planets which give Aquarius its vision and its power.

Pluto also brings issues of nagging mysteries, secrecy, forms of deception, intensity of mission and high stakes up to and including life and death.  There are long shadows which may rise from Zelinskyy’s past lives as well as from his present and future and these could endanger the idealism, goals, safety and success of this man suddenly elevated to world prominence in the dramatic – very Aquarian – cause of freedom.

Copyright © Carol Leigh Rice 2022

Note:  I can only go over the high-lights here; I can not attempt channeled work on his chart, which would begin a process of “telling the Story” of Zelenskyy’s Life Path as it emerges from other lifetimes and the karmic Akashic Records. He has not asked for this, and I could not provide it without such a request, and then only in confidence to him.

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