Travels With the Higher Self

This is not meditation to quiet the mind, for example, but to open the mind at the unconscious level, and to allow an innate intelligence to guide the unfolding communication between all levels of Mind.

A Lesser Known Truth In the Original Depth Psychology of Jung

Carl G. Jung’s greatest legacy was his exploration of psychological transformation as it led into spiritual growth, guided by a mysterious, organizing Presence which he observed in his own life and in the life of his patients. His experience accords with my personal and professional experience in psychic Life Readings, astrology consultations, and dreamwork groups.

This Presence, Jung believed, gathered up our life experience in an ongoing integrative and transformative process – a process in which we could consciously participate, as we opened ourselves to meditation, self-knowledge, and spiritual thought.

In The Beginning
Life brings change. As the path winds up the mountain, it gets a little narrower. The real meaning of life is a question which begins to appear in our thoughts. What is the soul, and how does the life of the soul relate to the rest of our life?

A light begins to dawn in the reading of inspirational, alternative books, like those about Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet. He gave thousands of channelled “Life Readings”, with fascinating details drawn from something he called the Akashic Records. In these Readings, his Source broke the news to Cayce, a deeply religious, Christian man that, in fact, we each live not once, but many times.

In addition, his Source described the way in which the laws of karma provided a supportive framework for the multiple lives we think of as reincarnation. Above all, Cayce described how Grace softens and expands the laws of karma through love and forgiveness.

Expanding our horizons in the literature of the world, it becomes clear that this framework – karma, grace, and reincarnation – is an ancient framework of understanding, one we were always meant to have.

But here in the West, if we pursue these beliefs and look for others who share them, the Road gets very lonely. Many cling tightly to the frameworks of belief most familiar to them. Yet we are never alone on the Road. There is one Companion who will always be there. If we listen with the heart, we sense a Presence, a luminous, numinous Higher Self from which unseen guidance flows.

Who – or What – Is the Higher Self?
Carl G. Jung, great explorer of psychological and spiritual realms, made popular the idea of a Self, or Higher Self which acts as an organizer and guide our inner life. In Hindu philosophy it is known as the Atman. Edgar Cayce – the great psychic whose channelled Life Readings have never really been equalled, spoke too of a Higher Self. This concept is wonderfully described in Henry Reed, Channeling Your Higher Self.

Sometimes the term Higher Mind is used interchangeably with the Higher Self, but my sense is that these are separate aspects of the Soul and that the Higher Mind arises more out of the Brain/Body/Mind nexus.

There are many ways to talk about the Higher Self, but those who have encountered it agree: It feels like one is meeting an intensely loving, deeply personal, individually focused aspect of God.

Jung described the Higher Self as the magnetic, unifying Center point of life experience unfolding within an ever-expanding Sacred Circle recognized in Hindu philosophy as a Mandala. This beautiful reality enfolds each of us in a highly personal, invisible and numinous “field” or container for spiritual and psychological initiation, communication, and integration.

The Sacred Circle or Mandala

Indigenous cultures around the world and stretching back into our earliest times on Earth know about the Sacred Circle as a socially necessary structure. It is a place created by sacred ceremony, usually by spiritual leaders in a community, in which personal and collective stories are told (sometimes several times), endings are accepted, beginnings consecrated, journeys initiated, gifts bestowed, transformations carried out and celebrated.

In dreamwork groups, which I led for several years, these same stories, shared transformations, and above all, shared sensing of a Higher Presence, were important features of our work together.

In the private life of a solitary seeker, the ultimate goal of the Higher Self seems to be to create awareness of one’s own Sacred Circle, as a place to “meet” the Higher Self on a regular basis.

At the same time, the Higher Self works within a larger Sacred Circle, the Mandala of our Soul’s experience as a unique spark from the Mind of God. This experience includes layers of what we think of as personality, a mysterious dimension of our beings, clearly distinct from the Soul (we think) in terms of its formation in space-time, yet deeply integral to the Soul’s self-knowledge.

So this is an amazing relationship, a remarkable journey through increasing levels of self-awareness. This is not meditation to quiet the mind, for example, but to open the mind at the unconscious level, and to allow an innate intelligence to guide the unfolding communication between all levels of Mind.

Connecting in this way with the Higher Self in a daily intimate setting helps the Soul orchestrate and facilitate the integration of all aspects of our psychological and spiritual lives into an ever-evolving, ever-enlarging Whole.

This path – travels with the Higher Self – leads into the depths of the unconscious, connects us with past identities and their unfinished business from other lives, and thus leads us to understand the existence and purpose of the Akashic Records. In this way, we are led gently into ideas of reincarnation and karma which are not only fascinating, but in time, liberating.

And here, a note of caution: This is the work of a lifetime, though often begun quite late in life. It can and will function as therapy, for numerous problems flowing from this life and other lifetimes, but it also functions as a space of development for psychic and other gifts of the Soul, Mind and Body. It is a spiritual university, one might say, a Sacred Grove one attends faithfully – if only for very short periods – each day.

Though the Higher Self is many things here are some things it is not: It is not an actual voice, much less an intrusive, nagging one. It does not intrude on daily tasks or on other relationships. There are no commands, no threats, no startling or alarming revelations about End Times or other apocalyptic themes.

The Higher Self does create from the stuff of our lives interwoven meaning…like the petals which make up the Rose of Self. The Higher Self may be using at any time some of, or all of, the following:

Dreams, meditations, synchronicities, prayer, thoughtful reflection and conversation, humor, psychology’s insights (and occasionally medication too), love, compassion, philosophy, gardening, creative work, movies, travel, astrology, tarot, I Ching, occult traditions, science, and some or all of Pagan, Wiccan, Earth, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Islamic, Hindu and other religions of the world.

Travelling Light * Spiritual Feng Shui of Letting Go
We expand our awareness to take guidance on the fly, as part of our everyday waking conscious state.

We learn to conceive and enjoy goals and plans while making adjustments as we go along – and can even leave them behind in the light of new insight.

We learn to get by without having an immediate answer to a particular question, while taking note that the answer to another has arrived today. We stop trying to orchestrate the order and pattern of our development. There is a Plan, and we did not make this Plan.

“To every thing there is a season, a time and purpose under heaven.”

Our lives do unfold in seasons, and knowing “the time” and the subtle signs when it is changing, is an important part of one’s spiritual life. Just as a note, thinking about “the Seasons” is the kind of topic which can emerge spontaneously in daily visits/meditation with the Higher Self.

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