The Mysteries of Neptune * Illusion, Healing, and Travels in Time

While Pluto tends to bring experiences which grind ever more deeply down into the depths of our being, Neptune soothes our pain and lifts us up like a spiritual balloon. This provides us with new vision, a larger view of our life and of its challenges. When Neptune is nicely aspected in a chart, or receives a visit by transit of a planet such as Jupiter, it can seem as if we are floating high above the Grand Canyon or the Rain Forest and finally see the grandeur of life itself.

Neptune influences in our lives bring psychic gifts such as mediumship, clairvoyance, and esoteric healing arts.

It is true that Neptune can be a “hot-air balloon” and our elevation won’t last long if we are filled with unrealistic and somewhat wishful thinking and fake self-images.

Neptune has a reputation for creating fine, spidery webs of deceit which are so subtle yet so all-embracing that one can be lost inside before realizing that every thread in this web is a lie. We may be lying to ourselves, or to others, or we may have wandered into someone else’s web of deception, and if so, it will take drastic actions to extricate ourselves.

Neptune in the history of our solar system may play a remarkable role, one which fits with its strong influence in the birth chart, especially in certain placements (such as near or at the Ascendant).

Zecharia Sitchin holding a large-scale replica of an important Sumerian clay tablet. In the left upper corner we can see the solar system, including “the 12”.

For Neptune was described in the ancient tablets of Sumer long before “we” discovered this beautiful blue planet. Its appearance was correctly described in the tablets but there was also a remarkable piece of information included.

It appears that Neptune exerted a hypnotic, trance-inducing force-field and this in some way halted the Sun from creating more planets and it also exerted a “calming effect” over each of the planets and this held each in its orbit within our solar system.

This remarkable bit of ancient lore tells us that there had been a massive disturbance which had unsettled the planets, and caused, for example, the planet Uranus to flip onto its side and to take up a new position within our solar system, as did Pluto.

So Neptune’s association with the oceans may actually be less to do with our briny Blue down here, and more to do with a massive Cosmic Sea from which our solar system was born, over which Neptune had, and continues to have, a controlling, stabilizing influence.

Thus the place we find Neptune in the Birth Chart becomes highly significant, for in some way, we are channelling that primal, original hypnotic energy/force into our lives, a force with mysterious properties among which we include all those which tranquilize – but also which in some sense “know the code” for an Order of which we are unaware.

It is therefore not surprising that Neptune is associated with forms of anesthesia – and again, how quickly this can turn to self-medication with alcohol or drugs – but there are times and places where a little judicious soothing and smoothing is very necessary in all of our lives.

Hypnosis for past-life regression and other forms of healing within an altered state such as meditation, are associated with Neptune and again, if Neptune can exert a exert force over Space (as in planetary orbits) then it can also influence Time, since Space and Time are dimensions of each other.  This truly does involve Neptune in the more ocult and mysterious reaches of our “Far Memory” – the ability to recall not only the details of this timeline (present lifetime), but at least the outlines, and smetimes details of other lives.

I will call this “Turtle Dreaming” as I cannot find the Aboriginal Australian artist whose wonderful work this is…Still looking and will try to attribute as soon as possible!

Neptune also rules fantasy, that most wonderful and somewhat miraculous ability of the human being to visualize that which does not (yet) exist in our material plane. This is no small faculty.  Our ability to visualize is the beginning of all creativity, and the beginning of the world we create around us. We need to understand that this creation of Reality is subtle and long-term.

There is usually a time-lag between our creative imaginings and their appearance in concrete Reality, perhaps a difference in the quality of time-space in Mind as opposed to its qualities in the material world.  This gives us a certain degree of latitude – perhaps time to change our mind and realize it is not truly what we would wish for – the Cosmos is rather forgiving in these matters!

Neptune in the Birth Chart shows healing, divine inspiration, and imagination. It rules Pisces, the 12th Sign and final Twelfth House in the Mandala of the Birth Chart. When we get past spinning webs of illusions, we find the heavens opening up to mysticism, selfless giving, and wonder…

Neptune, like Uranus, is a lovely blue – the color of healing – and both have rings which may be part of the strong influence both planets exert over mind – with Uranus influencing Higher Mind (higher octave of Mercury) and Neptune influencing the Unconscious Mind and its direct access to the Soul.

Jupiter and Saturn have rings as well – so Neptune’s rings are by no means unique.  And we cannot say for certain how the rings of any planet might affect human consciousness or physical life. However, they are believed to have a magnetic effect which could play a significant role in our lives.

Note that Neptune is considered the higher octave of the planet Venus; where Venus is about personal love and attraction, Neptune widens our vision, moving us from personal (sometimes rather selfish) love up and out into love of humanity, of the Earth, and of the beauty and goodness of higher realms.

Something within us “turns on” to Neptune’s mysterious hypnotic power which is apparently a special energy or force which holds our solar system in its unique configuration and the planets in their orbits.  We are no doubt attuned to this energy field in ways we do not yet understand.

Thus Neptune becomes a form of power in our lives, related to shamanic dreaming and healing – but we need to tune in to Neptune in meditation to see it – and to be taught – about its remarkable nature and how it is affecting us personally.

When reading a birth chart, it is easy to overlook the power of Neptune, seeing it as an outer, slow-moving planet with diffuse and faint influene. This would be a mistake. There is a world of information about yourself or your client when you ponder the position, sign, and aspects of Neptune. This includes how it links to Venus, given that it is a “higher” manifestion of Venus and may point to healing methods for the stresses, strains and pain that Venus in the birth chart may signal.

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