The Birth Chart of Charles, Prince of Wales * William, Harry and the British Monarchy

Below is the birth chart of Charles, the current Prince of Wales, first in line of succession to Queen Elizabeth, his mother.

His Sun Sign is in 22 degrees of Scorpio, Ascendant 5 degrees of Leo and Moon 0 degrees of Taurus.

The Sun, ruler of his Ascendant Leo (which marks off the beginning of his 1st House), rules his chart. As Leo is the Sign of Kingship, we can expect Charles to at some point, become king.

And, as ruler of Leo, Prince Charles’s Sun is even more than usually dominant.  His Sun is found in the 4th House of home and family and this is where soul DNA in the birth chart can be very revealing.  Here are the physical, karmic, psychological and spiritual roots of family history.

As the “home” of his chart ruler the Sun, the 4th House becomes extremely important, as does the Sign of Cancer which rules this 4th House in the Natural Zodiac.  Cancer was the Sun Sign of Princess Diana, and of course if the Sun Sign of Prince William, so we can see already the entertwined roots of karma, the “spiritual DNA of the birth chart” playing out here.

I focus initially on several “asteroid” points – Camilla, Harry, William, and London. As examples of the mystical fact of synchronicity within our cosmos I have found these points relevant in every chart in which I have used them.

Note:  As in all my astrology charts, I use the Equal House System, a very old approach to the division of the circle into 12 houses, each said to reveal key themes and issues within different areas of each lifetime.*

The first observation I’ll make here is that the placement of Camilla, William, Henry, California – where Prince Harry and wife Meghan now reside – and perhaps London itself, are quite striking. 

Prince William in consultation with advisors in Duchy of Cornwall, vast farming estates traditionally given to each heir to the throne of England, along with the title of Prince of Wales.

Prince William In His Father’s 1st House

The Asteroid “William” falls into Prince Charles’s First House, showing him to be (and become) extremely close to Charles in terms of the physical and emotional space the Prince likes to be given and can tolerate.

And we are indeed seeing Prince William move deeply into his father’s orbit.  William, once so reluctant to ever be king, now seems keen to inherit and nurture his father’s Cornwall estates which will become his, along with the title of Prince of Wales, when Charles becomes King.

May 10, 2022, Prince Charles replaces his mother Queen Elizabeth, opening of British Parliament, flanked by both Prince William and Queen-to-be wife Camilla.

Recently, when Prince Charles sat in for the Queen and gave her speech to open the British Parliament, Prince William attended as well, sitting on the other side of the Queen’s throne.

None of this is surprising, given that the asteroid “William” falls precisely between planet Saturn (Father) and dwarf planet Ceres (Mother separated from her child) with Pluto right beside Ceres.  Here we see clearly that William’s mother, Princess Diana, is shadowed, as in the archetype of Ceres, by Pluto, Lord of Death (of all kinds), but also transformation and thus regeneration and rebirth of all kinds.  William is finding a way to reinvent himself, “rise from the ashes” of his tragic youth, and by clinging to Saturn, his Father, finds his path.

Of course, there are other forces driving William’s rather sudden embrace of his father and his life work.  This may have as its immediate cause his rift with brother Harry, Duke of Sussex, and sister-in-law Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. It certainly appears that William (and Kate) are copying Harry and Meghan’s warm and personal touch with everyday people.

And they can use their royal privilege and image to out-do Harry and Meghan, to replace them in the public’s affections by winning the social media and public press war.  His coming role as a popular king gives William the great advantage here, and he is using it to ruthlessly drive Harry into total exile.

Yet this “victory” is really Harry’s – one might say.  For in leaving the British Monarchy behind, Prince Harry (and outcast wife Meghan) are driving a historic process – they are single-handedly bringing to fruition Princess Diana’s attempt to change and to humanize the Royal Family.

Prince Harry in His Father’s 8th House

How fitting, then, that we should find the asteroid “Harry” in the 8th House of Prince Charles, his father.  Even before examining all the various angles between the planets in this chart, key dynastic and royal house features are being revealed.  The 8th House is the most powerful, secretive, karmic, and fated House in the birth chart – never more so than when it has significant planets or other solar bodies within it.

Note – Pluto is next to Mother Ceres and William in Prince Charles’s 1st House, so we can see the shadow of death and secrecy around William’s mother; recall that Pluto rules the 8th House where Diana’s other son is found in the asteroid “Harry.”

The current drama we see among Prince Charles, William and Harry seems clearly foretold here in Prince Charles’s chart. William has chosen the path of alignment with his father (Saturn) in the inimate inner circle of Prince Charles’s 1st House.

Harry however, is in a completely different kind of location, the 8th House.

The 8th House is one of mystery and power elites of Church and State, including major military, intelligence, and financial institutions; it evokes evidence of conspiracies, organized crime, deaths, power struggles, and sex. This is traditionally considered the house of taboos, all that polite society must not speak about or admit to doing.

Because Pluto and its Sign Scorpio rule this house in the Natural Zodiac, influences here show where painful, deep, and continual transformations must be undergone as part of one’s lifetime plan.

Here we pause to consider that Prince Charles is born under Sun Sign Scorpio, making this 8th House of extreme significance in the unfolding of his life.  Prince Harry here, shown as an asteroid which most astrologers would not use, lights up this chart immediately.  Prince Harry and his choices to go public about even some of the Royal Family and British Monarchy secrets are playing a vital karmic role in this history of this dynasty and this family.

Chiron, Teacher of the Gods, Wounded Healer

Prince Harry’s asteroid is trine the Sun (Prince Charles) showing deep love and a very strong set of karmic past-life ties.  However, it is also in a massive T-Square with Harry at the tip square to Jupiter (kingship) on the one hand, and Uranus (shock and awe tactics) on the other.

That Uranus and Jupiter are opposing each other in this classic formation makes chronic and dramatic open conflict with Prince Harry a chronic feature in this life of his father.

In fact, Chiron, the archetype of suffering healer/teacher – who cannot heal himself – sits right beside the Sun which represents Prince Charles. So although his Sun is trine Prince Harry in the 8th House, this relationship causes Prince Charles perhaps his greatest suffering.

However, we see as well that his Sun is square to the Pluto/Ceres conjunction in his 1st Hosue, so the death of Diana remains a chronic, unhealing wound, if only because her death drives his sons and shapes their lives in ways he will always be powerless to heal.

Enter Camilla * The Lady Who Would Be Queen

The asteroid “Camilla” falls into the  2nd House in the birth chart of Prince Charles. This is most appropriate, given what we know about her role in his life.  The 2nd House denotes our personal resources as we go through life, including the strength of our psychology, private/personal money sources, and in some cases, a major supporting relationship.

In the case of Prince Charles, all who know them say Camilla is his Rock, his compass, and his great comfort as a man with many idiosyncrasies and insecurities, so evident in his youth.  She is earthy, practical, and family-and-home-oriented, grounded in her own children and grandchildren from her first marriage as much as in the life of her husband Charles.

The most significant connection Camilla makes is a square to Mars and since Mars rules young men, the meaning is self-evident, borne out by history.  Neither William nor Harry has truly done more than tolerate Camilla for their father’s sake and this is unlikely to change.

Mars – with its harsh square to Camilla asteroid – is conjunct the asteroid London, making this city, the seat of Britain’s monarchy, potentially hostile to Camilla if she is a widow when William (Mars) takes the throne.  William might find himself in a position (at last) to sideline her completely.  Like his mother William is a Cancer and has a moody dark side not always held in check.

It is also quite possible that when Harry writes his “tell-all” or goes public in some other way (like commissioning a new investigation into the death of Princess Diana?) he may show Camilla in a very bad light.

Placed in his father’s 8th House, asteroid “Harry”, with his biracial wife Meghan, is positioned to be the nemesis of all the Royal Family – and colonizing British Monarchy – still stand for.

In other words, there is much more yet to come in the saga of this Royal Family.

 © Carol Leigh Rice 2022

*The Equal House system begins with the degree of the Rising Sign (or Ascendant) in the First House, and moves counter-clockwise beginning each new House with the next Sign of the Zodiac in the same degree as the Ascendant (First House) until it circles back to the 12th House just behind the First.

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