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Spiritual DNA In The Birth Chart

Astrology and DNA

We are all familiar nowadays with AncestryDNA and tracing our ancestry in a living web of relationships. DNA, as a language and perhaps the code of creation itself, is a sacred mystery each of us carries within us.

There is another kind of DNA, just as importantThe task of the Karmic – and Spiritual – Astrologer is identifying some of the key Soul DNA patterns shown in the birth chart.  We help attune – even initiate – the client to the higher purposes and meanings within this lifetime. Seeing and naming are powerful tools in breaking out of negative patterns and finding new pathways for joyful self-expression.

And this kind of spiritual astrology can be undertaken by anyone who is willing to set out on the study of astrology as a personal tool of self-knowledge. There are books to help the beginner and lovely software to actually cast the chart and identify key points so that the journey of interpretation can begin very early.

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