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Word Deeds * Shamanic Power Of Speech

Many people live, work – and play – in what are actually abusive environments. Increasingly, we find ourselves assaulted, especially in western televisions shows, movies and on social media, by coarse, mocking, harsh, potty-mouth language.

The sounds and meanings of this language are harsh and harmful to speakers and listeners alike.  It is hard to escape the impact, and all too easy to succumb to social pressure so that our own speech descends to these levels.

Words have Shamanic power – they are Deeds – where they have gone they leave the Dark, or the Light.  Wherever the Dark appears, its goal is to debase our humanity.

We should remember that the presence of the Dark, what we call Evil, can always be recognized by the way it degrades through use of mockery; there is almost always an unnatural, heavy-handed focus on the sexual and on the coarser of body functions.

The goal of the Dark is to cut us off from the higher levels of our Humanity – Mind and Spirit – and thus block out the Light.

Torture does this to the body; coarse, mocking, obscenity-laden speech does this to the personality and spirit, but also leaves its negative, harmful imprint on the body, because our DNA is a language itself, and has the unique ability to “record” all it hears on all vibration levels.

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