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About Carol and Silk Road Visions

Carol Leigh Rice, BA MA, Victoria, BC

Welcome to Silk Road Visions. I have always loved the Silk Road – its history, the fabulous traffic along its many different pathways, including the Silk Sea Routes. And I see it as a metaphor for our life here, a magical Road we set out on with each of our new births, here on Earth.

I created this website partly as a memoir of my own life, the part of the Silk Road I have travelled, and the lovely things I have encountered on my many different journeys. Above all, though, I have wanted to record here as much as I can all the learning that has come to me through my development into a professional psychic, and then into a solitary shaman.

The themes which tie together all my experiences in these areas are karma, grace, and reincarnation. These ancient teachings were given to me before I was 10, in what I call my first teaching pictures.  I regard them as the greatest gifts of my lifetime.

Whatever else is true, or not true, these have been my rock of faith for all of my life. I would love for the world to see their truth, their simplicity, and the logic which flows from them – of equality, mercy, and justice which could be ours here on earth.

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Planting the Seed Deed * Practical Steps To Manifesting Your Dreams

How much time do we spend thinking and talking about issues in our lives and how much more time do we spend coming up with possible – but only possible – goals that might change things for the better?

Many of us try to attract a variety of goals into our lives through prayer, creative visualization and repeated affirmations. And indeed, what we meditate on, what we focus on (and what we obsess about) will find us, one way or another, somewhere in Time – in this lifetime or another.

But there is something immediate and  practical we can do to bring new things into our lives. We need to link our mental act of intention to a physical act, one which sets our mental image into the world.

I am talking here about planting a Seed Deed, a simple, physical act with metaphysical, creative power.  It occurs when we act spontaneously – yet with conscious focus – into the world around us with a small, practical act which symbolizes our larger goal.  Such a Seed Deed generates a field of energy which keeps expanding, as all deeds placed into matter must, into eventual fruition.

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Word Deeds In the World Temple * Know the Shamanic Power Of Your Speech

They say the Dark is jealous of the Light, and will try to steal from it…

“The Word is the most powerful tool we have as humans” from The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, Shaman

Increasingly, we find ourselves assaulted, especially in western televisions shows, movies and on social media, by coarse, mocking, harsh, potty-mouth language. While some find this language unpleasant, most have not considered that it carries power and force – as does all speech – with the power to harm not only listeners, but also speakers.

How often did a Star Wars Sith mock his adversary as the prelude to destruction?

A common theme of coarse and mocking language, for example, is to debase, to degrade, to place a crack in the vase, a blotch on the painting, a blight on someone’s self-image.

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Psychic Readings, Accuracy, and the Mind as Builder

There Is a River, The Story of Edgar Cayce. This is a book I highly recommend.

When the legendary seer, Edgar Cayce, was in his trance/sleep state and was asked to give a “reading” of the soul-record for an individual, he found it very difficult to determine whether the soul had thought of doing something or had actually done it.

I can attest to this as a psychic myself.  I gave “Life Readings” very similar to those of Edgar Cayce here in Victoria BC for over 30 years. There were times when what I so clearly “saw” at the time of the reading had not happened, or did not happen – at least not for a very long time – in the physical world.

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Karma Dreaming * The Alchemy of Memory

It is well-known that we repeat and revise old patterns of cause-and-effect (Karma) through reincarnation, our many voyages into Time, Space, and Matter – or as I think of it, journeys on the great Silk Road.

There are forms of Karma Dreaming, however, in which we can work with Karma, reviewing and revising here and now, in this life. This can be quite advanced spiritual practice – as in shamanic journeys through Symbol as we go deeper into meditation. Here, we often drift among our own Akashic Records; here, we may sometimes engage in changing the templates from which arise the repeating patterns of Karma.

The gift of Memory is truly a miracle. It is readily available for all, and it allows us, indeed encourages us, to live not once, but many times within the same lifetime. More remarkably, Far Memory allows us to enter and relive many events from other lifetimes.

And each time we pass our experiences through the alchemy of Remembrance, they are altered in ways we cannot anticipate, but can record. As we change through spiritual and psychological growth, that which we pass through Memory changes also.

In time, much of what we review in Memory is – surprisingly – seen through the generosity of Love.