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Solitary Shamanism * A New Path In the West?

One day we find ourselves spontaneously entering states which can only be understood in terms of the dramatic journeys and transformations unique to shamanism.

Going Where the Path May Lead
The path of the shaman is a calling, one with its own forms, its own practices. And it is not always what it seems. Indigenous cultures have a long tradition of shamanism, with its unique and dramatic forms.

But shamanism in the West may not look like traditional shamanism. It may arrive in someone’s life, as it did mine, quite apart from a group, a community, or a course of any kind. Western shamanism may take place entirely in the Mind – the Higher Mind – and under the tutelage of one’s Higher Self and spirit guides as well as the surprising, loving presence of animal allies.

Yet it is the traditional shamans themselves who tell us – “it is all Symbol, it is all Mind.”

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