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Silk Road Visions * Back Here On Earth

Jolting along this ancient Road, I listen to the rhythm of the caravan drum.  Lost in the far horizons, swaying high above the drifting sands, I close my eyes and dream of Home…

Kitaro, Silk Road (From Silk Road Suite) Live in Madrid

The Silk Road * Memories, Dreams and Visions
How I have loved the ancient Silk Road and all that it has meant for humanity. The shimmering horizons, vast peaks rising far away, ancient rhythms, ancient wisdoms, the sands and the grasses flowing. I fold myself into this river of time, of human life. Though its physical form lies buried in the shifting sands, it lives on as a metaphor for our history, our life here on Earth.

Today, there is a new Silk Road, one envisioned and being built to span the globe itself. This creation flows from the dreams and visions of a modern, ambitious China, and has very little in common with the free, spontaneous and open Silk Road of history. Time alone will tell if the new Silk Road will be all China now dreams it to be…Time alone will tell if it will open up the world, as did the old Silk Road, or close it within the iron grip of global grasp.

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