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Race-Thinking and Empire * Truth Is the Daughter of Time

In a related post, I reviewed The Imperial Cruise, by Bradley James, in which the author traces the roots of American expansionism and the rise of Japanese race-thinking as key to its East Asia dominion…Here, I look at several other works which look deeply, unsparingly, into the abyss of western imperialism and race-thinking. For it seems that there is no end to the revelations of abuse endured by whole peoples in the colonial, imperial era…We place our faith in the old saying – Truth is the Daughter of Time

Imperial Reckoning: The Untold Story of Britain’s Gulag in Kenya. Here we have the first honest revelations of British genocidal policies in Kenya during the Mau-Mau War of the 1950s. This was an uprising of Kenyans after decades of already systematic brutality at the hands of the British colonial power.

Billed as just a small round-up, internment and possibly rough treatment of a few murderous rebels, it turns out that the British took a page from Hitler’s use of camps as the political instrument of terror for control as well as for the extermination of undesirable elements of the state.

The British forced a huge portion of Kenya’s population into concentration camps, subjecting them to officially-approved, systematic degradation through torture, forced labor, and starvation; at least 90,000 Kenyans died and more were terribly scarred, inside and out.

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