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Roosevelt, Aryanism and the Roots of American White Nationalism

It is vital that Americans, and the whole Western world, identify clearly one common driving mythology which American leaders would share with Hitler and modern neo-Nazis – Aryanism, the doctrine of white racial superiority enshrined in state power and its use to exterminate non-white peoples all over the earth.

Of all the threats to civilizations on this planet this one – systemic, rapidly (re)organizing Western racism – is the one most likely to plunge much if not all of the world into a darkness from which it is hard to imagine we might emerge as a recognizably human community. It won’t matter at all how green our planet is if it is littered with death camps and the howls of neo-Nazi, KKK or just plain white lynch mobs…

In this post I review a remarkable book which delves in the race-thinking which lay behind Teddy Roosevelt’s foreign policy which created American death camps in the Philippines, fostered Japan’s genocidal role as “honorary Aryans” in East Asia, and still echoes strongly today in the American far right. Continue reading Roosevelt, Aryanism and the Roots of American White Nationalism