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Shamanism * Journey To the West

Just as key elements of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and Zen have come in successive waves to renew a weary, post-modern West, so Shamanism has touched a chord in the Western soul. At the grass-roots cultural level in the West, it is impossible to ignore the rising tide of interest and apparent value gained in shamanic explorations. Across the Internet, our new Silk Road, blogs and websites featuring Shamanism have sprung up like flowers after desert rain. Here, I consider that a core, or pure Shamanism, underlies ancient forms found in the East, and suggest that this great tradition has begun at last its journey to the West.

What do we mean by Shamanism? This is a question which often divides western practitioners of Shamanism from each other, and sets them at odds with traditional or indigenous shamanic cultures. In my view, taken from the words of indigenous shamans, there is a core Shamanism which is rooted in Mind and its ability to manipulate reality through manipulating Symbol.

Shamanism, quantum physics and the emerging medical field of neuroplasticity blend together as we find not only our Universe, but its Source, and connect to it in the subatomic lives of our DNA, of our very cells. In what has been called the Divine Matrix, in The DreamTime, and in quantum physics ancient and modern, East and West cosmologies now meet. In its journey to the West, it may be that traditional Shamanism is finding a way to articulate its ancient, magical truths to a world that is finally ready to understand them in universal terms.

In its journey to the West Shamanism has encountered depth psychology and quantum physics.  This encounter opens the way for western minds to understand Shamanism as a powerful paradigm forming a bridge between mind and body, between psychology and spirituality, and above all, linking humanity and the cosmos. 

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