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Libya Dreaming * Travels In Far Memory

Are all the genes and histories of Lybia later additions to those of a much earlier people – the warriors and settlers of the half-remembered Atlantis?

Far Memory…made famous by Joan Grant…Memories of another lifetime are a gift; sometimes they are meant to help with the here and now, with insights about one’s life patterns, love and family; sometimes they come through the veil of Time for comfort, to ground us in a larger Self for whom death is truly only a doorway into other rooms.

My Life Readings always spoke of my clients’ other lifetimes, and always with the message that they were relevant to this life. So when I have glimpses of my own Far Memory, I am always thrilled.

In that vein, sometimes I find myself Libya Dreaming, following a trail of old maps, histories, and feelings, till I arrive, at last, in the golden sands of Far Memory…Because there is – there was – a Libya I know better than the city here in which I have lived for almost 50 years.

But why do I remember Libya with such poignant, sudden longings? Familiarity, perhaps, and more good times than those in other lives, in different times and different places…Are there lessons, or more likely, memories of love?

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