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Balsamic Moon * Mystery, Death, Rebirth

Note:  I wrote this popular post several years ago and titled it “Living and Dying Under a Balsamic Moon”.  It has been copied in part onto other sites, so you may have found a link to it under that title elsewhere on the internet. Here it is again – I have changed almost none of it since its original posting, so read and enjoy! Comments are always welcome, and you may also enjoy About Silk Road Astrology Readings – for which I will be available again in the fall…

Each Moon Phase provides valuable insight into the Soul Plan as revealed in the Birth Chart. There is one Moon Phase, however, so dramatic in its impact that it often seems to be the major force behind the person’s entire Life Plan. Here I explore the profound experience of living and dying under a Balsamic Moon.

The Moon Influences All Life On Earth

The Moon has profound influence over life on Earth, probably in ways we don’t yet fully comprehend. We do know the great seas and oceans pulse in and out in accordance with Grandmother Moon’s rhythms, and it has been known since our earliest human origins that the Moon’s waxing and waning light shining down on Earth creates mini-seasons in life cycles for plant, animal and human life here on Earth. The Moon also apparently helps stabilize Earth’s axis, and there may be other influences we have yet to discover.

In the course of its monthly orbit (circle) of the Earth, the Moon goes through 8 distinct phases marked by how much light it is reflecting from the Sun:

New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Third Quarter, Waning Crescent also called the Balsamic or Dark Moon.

Each of these 8 phases equals 45 degrees of the Moon’s orbital Circle of 360 degrees which takes just slightly less than one of our calendar months to complete.

One Moon phase lasts 2 to 3 days per month and carries within it very particular energy making it a good “season” for certain pursuits and not so good for others. Gardeners are particularly aware of these seasons in the Moon’s orbit for the planting and growing cycles.

In each lifetime, we are born during one of these 8 Moon Phases, and, like other life on Earth, we seem to be affected, however subtly, by the unique energy of our Moon Phase. It is possible, though not actually known, that we incarnate in a sequence of lifetimes corresponding to the 8 Phases of the Moon. If we are born under the Balsamic Moon Phase in this lifetime, are we going to be born under a New Moon in the next lifetime?

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