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Planting the Seed Deed * Steps To Manifesting Your Dreams

How much time do we spend thinking and talking about issues in our lives and how much more time do we spend coming up with possible – but only possible – goals that might change things for the better?

Many of us try to attract a variety of goals into our lives through prayer, creative visualization and repeated affirmations. And indeed, what we meditate on, what we focus on (and what we obsess about) will find us, one way or another, somewhere in Time – in this lifetime or another.

But there is something practical we can do which is step two – or part two – in the creative visualization and manifestation process.

I am talking here about the Seed Deed, a simple act with metaphysical, creative power.  It occurs when we act spontaneously – yet with conscious focus – into the world around us with a small, practical act which symbolizes our larger goal.  Such a Seed Deed generates a field of energy which keeps expanding, as all deeds must, into eventual fruition.

Before going any further, a word of spiritual and psychological caution! I learned through over 30 years as a professional psychic that our present lives are neither beginnings nor endings.   We come here, as part of a Journey – and so we need a bit of faith along the Road.  Faith that we came with a Plan, faith that we are cradled by the Laws of the Universe, and above all, faith that each of our lives is unique, and has its own special place in the larger life of the Soul.

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