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The Birth Chart of Charles, Prince of Wales * William, Harry and the British Monarchy

Below is the birth chart of Charles, the current Prince of Wales, first in line of succession to Queen Elizabeth, his mother.

His Sun Sign is in 22 degrees of Scorpio, Ascendant 5 degrees of Leo and Moon 0 degrees of Taurus.

The Sun, ruler of his Ascendant Leo (which marks off the beginning of his 1st House), rules his chart. As Leo is the Sign of Kingship, we can expect Charles to at some point, become king.

And, as ruler of Leo, Prince Charles’s Sun is even more than usually dominant.  His Sun is found in the 4th House of home and family and this is where soul DNA in the birth chart can be very revealing.  Here are the physical, karmic, psychological and spiritual roots of family history.

As the “home” of his chart ruler the Sun, the 4th House becomes extremely important, as does the Sign of Cancer which rules this 4th House in the Natural Zodiac.  Cancer was the Sun Sign of Princess Diana, and of course if the Sun Sign of Prince William, so we can see already the entertwined roots of karma, the “spiritual DNA of the birth chart” playing out here.

I focus initially on several “asteroid” points – Camilla, Harry, William, and London. As examples of the mystical fact of synchronicity within our cosmos I have found these points relevant in every chart in which I have used them.

Note:  As in all my astrology charts, I use the Equal House System, a very old approach to the division of the circle into 12 houses, each said to reveal key themes and issues within different areas of each lifetime.*

The first observation I’ll make here is that the placement of Camilla, William, Henry, California – where Prince Harry and wife Meghan now reside – and perhaps London itself, are quite striking.  Continue reading The Birth Chart of Charles, Prince of Wales * William, Harry and the British Monarchy