Spiritual DNA In The Birth Chart

Astrology and DNA

We are all familiar nowadays with AncestryDNA and tracing our ancestry in a living web of relationships. DNA, as a language and perhaps the code of creation itself, is a sacred mystery each of us carries within us.

There is another kind of DNA, just as importantThe task of the Karmic – and Spiritual – Astrologer is identifying some of the key Soul DNA patterns shown in the birth chart.  We help attune – even initiate – the client to the higher purposes and meanings within this lifetime. Seeing and naming are powerful tools in breaking out of negative patterns and finding new pathways for joyful self-expression.

And this kind of spiritual astrology can be undertaken by anyone who is willing to set out on the study of astrology as a personal tool of self-knowledge. There are books to help the beginner and lovely software to actually cast the chart and identify key points so that the journey of interpretation can begin very early.

Soul-DNA In the Birth Chart

Many of us are becoming familiar with exploring ancestral lines through our biological DNA sent off for testing. And the birth chart seems to be written in a very similar Soul-DNA, one which carries the coding of our Akashic Records.

These records hold, in vibrational form, all our thoughts, intents and deeds – a matrix of possibility out of which events in our personal and collective world emerge.

The Akashic Records have always been seen and described as the source of what we call Karma – relationships which arise out of our attachments to others, based on past experiences and choices. Reincarnation, coming back here to Earth, gives us opportunities to engage (and re-engage) with these people and to face experiences which test our learning.

Like our physical DNA, Soul-DNA is infinitely complex and capable of self-transformation as well as combining and recombining in new ways – like the elements of a language. It has actually been proposed that our physical DNA is not only a language complete with grammar (and a form of Spell-Check) but may be the Master language of the human race from which all of our spoken and written languages arose.

DNA is a language which resonates with symbols and archetypes of human personality and behavior which in turn are symbolized by the way the birth chart embeds all these patterns present in the heavens at the hour, day, month and year of our births.

In the many lifetimes we live, we build up spiritual and psychological tendencies within our “Soul-DNA” which then imprint upon and organize the DNA we select in the womb from both our parents. We choose from the available biological DNA those elements which match our most relevant, most active, Soul-DNA.”

In this way we choose elements which will set up certain frameworks for the working through of karma in general, but we also maintain psychic as well as physical links with our ancestral families and their descendants. We share with them stories containing group karma, and in working on our private stories/karma in this life, we are also helping contribute toward group development.

The Birth Chart seems to focus on the Soul-DNA most pertinent to this lifetime. This makes sense, because often our own karmic work has to fit in with that of many others who are being born into the same space-time framework that we have chosen.

In many cases, we are here to help complete or work through the karma of someone close to us – perhaps one or more parents, whether adopted or biological much can be done with the biological parents through spiritual connections and processes of psychological evolution). Indeed we have a special part of the birth chart which deals specifically with karma and the Ladder of the Family Tree going back into many generations.

When we understand the revelations of our birth chart, we have a much bigger picture as the context for the way our life has been unfolding. Our expectations of ourselves, our frustration when plans seem to stall, the way we seem to be picked up and placed in certain situations, the way we meet people in ways we could never have predicted – all these realities are prefigured – though not fated – in the birth chart.

These things are not “fated” because there are always choices in how we handle situations and these choices flow back into the matrix (or mix) of possibilities from which Karma arises.  It is like the great and vast DNA code we carry within our bodies – there is a possiby infinite number of combinations and choices in the way our DNA expresses itself.

Karma is what we need to learn, what is needed to provide balance, what we feel we owe another, and sometimes it is a destiny to which we are called – but in almost all cases of Karma, there is an element of Will, of Desire. Karma exists where we are still deeply attached by some inner cord of vibration, be it love, guilt, passion, interest, and so on.

Karmic ties can be built upon in positive ways – and the birth chart often shows pathways which achieve this.  Karma can be reduced, changed, and even eliminated sometimes through conscious changes in our inner universe. Seeing an old negative path, we can resolve to watch ourselves, to do the opposite of certain drives or pull, and so on.

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