Shamanic Astrology, Edgar Cayce and the Living Biosolar System

The signs of the Zodiac are Karmic Patterns; the Planets are the Looms; the Will is the Weaver (Edgar Cayce Reading #3654-L-1).

What I write on Shamanic Astrology is in large part channeled material – it forms a contribution to what I call Theoretical Astrology. I find it a little intimidating in its scope, I must say, and I do not suggest I have all the answers. But I share these psychic insights along merged with my own reflections, as a beginning, at least, of something new.

I have written a companion piece to this, exploring a new scientific and philosophical framework for Shamanic Astrology – the Lacy Web – as well as ancient Chinese understanding of Humanity at the Center, linking Heaven and Earth – see Cycles, Archetypes, I Ching, and the Lacy Web * Exploring Shamanic Astrology

Flight Of Aquarius by Josephine Wall

Towards a New, Shamanic Astrology
Astrology matters – it may ultimately become a science which links together the spiritual and philosophical and healing traditions of reincarnation and karma, shamanism, yoga, and depth psychology.

But we need a new Astrology – one based on a Shamanic understanding of the BioSolar System in which we are embedded. There are glimpses of this Shamanic Astrology in ancient Egyptian writings which resember the channelling of Edgar Cayce on Astrology.  Both sources link our many lifetimes and karmic patterns to the living energy of the solar system, with each planet, as well as Earth, playing a role in our overall spiritual evolution.

According to my channeling sources, there exists an as yet unknown, dynamic relationship between Planet Earth and the remarkably arranged Solar System – including the Constellations – in which Earth and Humanity are embedded . It is most accessible when we enter Higher Mind, and this is admittedly not as easy as it sounds – but we all can make a start by clearing away some old structures which block the Path.

A new Astrology will be based on a spiritual, psychic, and Shamanic (karma-transformative) interaction with the heavenly bodies and their vibrational – mathematical – relationships to each other flowing out of the Time-Space of the individual’s birth. What this will evolve into, as a new Shamanic Astrology, I cannot fully see. But it means abandoning the dead-letter, 2-dimensional concept of birth chart and the mere analytical meaning of the symbols of planets, and other astrological signifiers. It will also move the Astrologer into the role of Shaman.

It seems to me that Astrology must find its way back to expressing the sacred connections between Heaven and Earth, recognizing ourselves to be enfolded within a BioSolar System. Into this living framework each Soul projects holograms of itself with focused awareness as an individual Psyche or Self. Shamanism can contribute to this new Astrology through its unique understanding of “travel and transformation in Time-Space through Symbol.”

Astrology * The Karmic Wheel?

Coming Back In * The Karmic Living Tree

In Edgar Cayce’s Readings we find many references to Astrology, but always in a larger context – that of reincarnation and karma. Cayce’s Readings explained that each of us is working towards higher consciousness through a process of many lifetimes.

Each of these lives is given both meaning and structure by means of cosmic laws which taken together form the matrix of cause-effect that we call karma.  Both karma and reincarnation are embedded within the laws of quantum physics which support synchronicity so that events which we connect with are filled with personal meaning; they also seem to embody a form of morality, at the summit of which is pure (selfless) Love.

In Cayce’s Readings, the physical body is considered to be – literally – an objectification of the soul pattern, the projection into Matter of a Pattern which, at the time of birth, is a reflection of the “individuality of the soul.” This understanding makes the First House and the Ascendant extremely important, and, as we shall see, the Fourth House as well.

When the Soul seeks rebirth to continue its learning, it is drawn in a “karmic” movement towards parents whose combined and now intermingling energies echo, duplicate, challenge or otherwise accommodate these karmic themes. The resonance of karmic patterns provides – within the possibilities of karmic law – for the individual soul to find a point of vibrational entry into the material world.

The “formula” here arises from a combination of energies too mysterious and complex for us to ever fully grasp. However, they are often revealed in considerable detail once we begin to think seriously about our lives and are drawn to consider our “family roots.”

The genetic codes contained in the DNA of eggs/sperm of the natural parents are balanced with the “life Plan codes and Soul Patterns” of those who will receive the baby as its parents when it arrives in the world. When one is adopted, there is thus a most fascinating double-layer of vibrational energies, and these “hidden codes” are what makes finding one’s biological roots seem – often suddenly and overwhelmingly – so instinctively important.

In actual fact, whether adopted or not, the biological roots and family dynamics going back generations are part of the Soul’s final choice for rebirth.

The Family Tree is truly a Living Tree which correlates to the DNA and to karmic patterns and learning shared by entire groups in many – though not all – cases. In Karmic Astrology, we have traditionally looked to the Fourth House (Parents, Home, Family, and Genealogy) for signs of these patterns. Planets in this House, and the chart location and vibrational energies of the planet that rules the Fourth House will often have a real “tale to tell”…

The Story of Edgar Cayce: There is a River by Thomas Sugrue

And there are many other karmic stories which can be seen within the birth chart, for while the parental vibrations help set the “trajectory” of birth, Cayce’s Source suggested different, new karmic scenarios unfold as life goes on (hence astrologers are interested in transits and progressions of a birth chart). In the Story of Edgar Cayce: There Is a River,
Cayce’s biographer records:

“The incarnations which influence the personality reflect their patterns in the person’s life. Sometime they intermingle: a child’s parents may re-create the environment of one experience, while his playmates re-create the environment of another. Sometimes the influences work in periods: home and childhood may re-create the conditions of one incarnation, school and college those of another, marriage those of a third, and a career those of a fourth…The karmic problems are presented to him as he is prepared to meet them.

In fact, the Birth Chart is a gold-mine of Soul information. According to Cayce’s in-trance Source, the stars and planets are patterns of temperament, personality and mental attunement: The signs of the Zodiac are Karmic Patterns; the Planets are the Looms; the Will is the Weaver (Edgar Cayce Reading #3654-L-1). Thus Astrology is the natural, most reliable spring-board for information about why and how we have come to be back here on Earth. Our time here is not a punishment or exile – but the lessons can be “hard” just the same, especially for those who resist them (as we all are tempted to do) and perhaps cheat on their exams…

The planets in the Astrology birth chart are more than mere metaphor and symbol. They do not, however, represent master forces directing a carved-in-stone Fate. The birth chart reveals a living, transformative relationship we are immersed in – some of this relationship is formed by “semi-fixed pillars” for this life, our choices of the Archetypes as Constellations – our Sign – for example.

Yet as we know from chaos and systems theory, these are choices for open-ending, endlessly self-designing Forms and Templates whose essence remains the same while their manifestations in Matter may transform in countless ways. These are the brilliant, artistic designs of Karmic Law interwoven with and transformed through Free Will.

From Information to Transformation
Thus Astrology is more than a source of information for life guidance – it is also a point of departure for transformation and thus enters the realm of Shamanic Astrology.

The Cayce readings tell us that all the planets play key roles, before, throughout, and in-between our lifetimes on Earth. it is repeated often that we have a living relationship with each planet, and some more intensely than others. Indeed, in a given life, one planet is often truly “the key”. We visit all the planets in what Cayce called “sojourns” for different learning, often for long periods between lives.

Cayce’s teachings are scattered through many readings, and it is not always clear what he is saying, but it seems that we also remain within a particular planet’s “teaching and shaping” orbit while here on Earth. This would be an ongoing relationship which is alive and very personal, unique to the Soul. Through immersion in a given planet’s energies, we are transforming over time. Throughout our lives, we also apparently continue to make visits to different planets and stars, notably within dreams.

Cayce also said that in addition to the planets, Souls sojourn on stars and within constellations and other bodies as well. A visitation to some, such as Arcturus, indicates that a Soul is quite highly evolved. Most interestingly, the Cayce Source spoke of the planet “from which the Soul took flight” meaning the last plane of consciousness where a sojourn was spent just before returning to birth. Stephen Arroyo says that in his extensive work with the Cayce archives, the planet placed highest in the birth chart seems to correspond with this planet – the last one of great influence – that Cayce is speaking about.

Human Beings * Living BioSolar Systems
Edgar Cayce also suggested in his Life Readings that the information in the Birth Chart mirrored at least part of the Akashic Records.

It is possible, even likely, that there exists a set of correlations between planets, chakras, endocrine glands and after-life realms. In addition to the work of Edgar Cayce, we have the great astrologer Dane Rudhyar who has actually written a quite informative article about this extraordinarily complex and esoteric subject.

There is great debate within the fields of astrology and various occult branches of study as to whether or how such correlations can be made at all, given that the chakras (there may be at least 3 systems within the body) and their role in self-transformation, are associated with Eastern philosophy, and poorly understood in the West on the whole.

However, I believe we now have enough information about DNA to begin to make these important connections at least in outline form as follows:

The Chakras, corresponding to the endocrine glands, form a living, physical bridge between ourselves and the planets in our solar system. The energies of these Friendly Giants appear to be “stepped down” (simplified to work with our vibrations) through the chakras so that their energy is usable by our physical and psychic nature. This must be a two-way bridge such that in some way, we may actually send out energy (“stepped up” by the Chakras) which affect the planetary bodies themselves.

The nervous system which encases the spinal column in its alternating sympathetic and parasympathetic channels is a powerful conducting and transformational system interwoven with the activity of the Chakras. This was brilliantly depicted by the Aquarian Barbara Hand Clow in her book (one of many) Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets. There, Barbara shows the Uranus/Saturn framework within which the energy of Chiron is flowing…analogous to the parallel columns of the nervous system running along both sides of the spine…

Through the Chakras, our DNA is then linked in a communication system with the planets – again, this must surely be a two-way bridge, a two-way flow.

And if, as now seems obvious, our DNA holds the codes and karmic building blueprints of our personal Akashic Records, then our relationship with the planets becomes highly personalized indeed. It is conducted in the language of DNA, in turn reflecting the themes of our Akashic Records which are activated “in their seasons” by planetary energy.

This is a radical departure from the prevailing view in Astrology that the planets are “symbols” with correlative but not causative Archetypal meanings. We are now entering the realm of the Shaman, where “symbol” is a living entity, a dimension of energy with which we engage in meaningful, transformational ways. In Shamanic Astrology, the astrologer is not merely “reading symbols”. The symbols in a client’s birth chart are open psychic windows into the matrix of karmic energy – the Akashic Records – which actually resides within the client’s DNA.

In a special form of Active Imagination,* the Shamanic Astrologer may be able to engage images arising from the chart. It seems it is possible for the Shamanic Astrologer to join the karmic dialogue – as a transformational agent – between the client and the planets from which he or she has most recently sojourned, and on which he or she may next be located.

Thus I believe we are enfolded in a living BioSolar System which we become aware of as we evolve. What this leads us to, in terms of a healing paradigm, is a form of Reiki we might call Astro-Reiki or Solar-Reiki. Yet because it implies the transformation of karmic patterns in the fourth dimension (where symbol is a living bridge), we are also speaking of universal Shamanism. For in the blend of chakra/endocrine and kundalini forces with shamanic journeying into the fields of planetary (and star) energies, Shamanic Astrology is born.

The Shamanic Astrologer brings together within his or her own being the fields of energy of the planets with those of the individual whose chart we engage with. In Shamanic Astrology we open to Channel, as well as to Journey. This is not a light undertaking, and goes well beyond the usual challenges of Astrology as a profession. In true Shamanic Astrology, depth psychology cannot help but be invoked, and this calls for a commitment to personal growth, perhaps in new ways, on the part of the Shamanic Astrologer.

© Carol Leigh Rice 2015 and 2021

Further Reading

A recent article in Astrology News suggests that my thinking here, especially about the role of DNA, is at least on the right track: Is Science Wrong About Astrology?

Active Imagination is a remarkable tool* of personal depth psychotherapy. I found I was using it, quite spontaneously, during nearly 30 years of giving psychic Life Readings. On a personal level, it has been a major part of my morning meditation for over 40 years, and indeed, it was the bridge to my own Shamanic identity.

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