Psychic Readings and Crystal Visions Of The Coming Dark Times

The Four Horsemen Of the Apocalypse

Images Of Dark Times In Psychic Readings

I really do not like making predictions about so-called Dark Times. It seems rather medieval and unenlightened, especially in these times where positive thinking is a mantra, and almost its own spiritual path.

But in ways I most likely don’t understand, we need to have some sense of what lies ahead; peoples of all times and places endure very difficult times, and there must be meaning in all our experiences here on Earth.  So here goes…

Many years ago, I gave hundreds of Life Readings to clients in Victoria BC. Most were like those of Edgar Cayce, and dealt mainly with current life situations, difficulties and challenges, with roots of explanation and advice often said to be deeper in other lifetimes.

But gradually, over the years, something new began to enter into these readings. A time was coming, it was said, that had to do with more general, even global political events, which would, at some point, affect my clients.  The Guides began to talk about a period they called Dark Times.  These seemed as much as 30 or more years into the future, but important enough to be mentioned as part of the reading.

Some images of the Dark Times involved doctors – all over the world, it seemed – innoculating large groups of people, especially children on islands. These all looked like survivors, some were orphans, in what had been rising or flood waters. I wondered if they were even man-made islands in the sea – not concentration camps, but certainly refugee camps. I could see images of war, mudslides, volcanoes, and other natural disasters.

In fact, from what I could see, geography and climate – as much as war – would cause a deep darkening of the public world; there was a suggestion that the desperate times would call for many soldiers to transform from killers into rescuers, and that would do wonders for their karma.

That was almost the only good thing that one could say about the Dark Times, that people might pull together in what appeared to be times of great chaos and fear, for the sake of a common humanity, and even put war aside.

So when Covid, with its world-wide push for vaccines and the resulting societal divisions and hostilities, I was reminded of my readings, and began to see the outlines of a Dark Times that was now upon us…Indeed, many people say that they have not recovered fully from the darkening of their spirits visited upon us during Covid by most governments. Even those convinced of the need for severe social isolation techniques realize that these changed them, in ways it seems none of us could anticipate.

But Much  Earlier, I Had A Dream

Today, reflecting on a world moving into World War III, tearing itself apart in violence at all levels of societies, and observing the endless ecocide of our planet, I ponder images of a Dark Times which began to figure in my professional psychic readings.

But most of all,  I am remembering what I once saw in a dream which had all the signs of being not a dream, but a prophecy. And there, the images were much more than Dark Times – they seemed closer to what so many have feared – the aftermath of nuclear war…

It was February 1969, and I was 21, not aware, as yet, that I was what people call a psychic.  In my dream I was looking for a long time into what I was holding in my hands, a crystal ball.  At some point, I began to “prophesy” aloud about world events. I could not recall later what they were, but powerful emotions brought tears to my eyes.

Just then, a tall man in a plain brown suit came to the doorway to ask if I was alright. I would see this man in several more strange dreams in future years.

In this dream, he seemed to know that the act of prophesying was taking a toll on me and he was concerned. Somehow, I signalled to him that I was fine, and he quietly closed the door and left.

And then it began…I saw an image of Earth, as a round planet in space, and it was bathed completely in massive clouds of black smoke and bright orange flames.  I could not believe what I was seeing, because the carnage appeared total.

I remember forcing myself – and it took courage – to keep looking into the crystal ball, and I knew I was supposed to see around a bend in what I sensed was the tunnel of time.

At last, I seemed to make the turn around tha corner, and the image of smoke and fire had cleared. In its place I saw something wonderful and quite unexpected – our beautiful planet was whole once again, with great white puffy clouds swirling above the clear blue of our skies and oceans.

John F Kennedy – Was he reborn in 1969?

And then, I left that room, and came outside.  Beside the doorway, I saw a book stand with several narrow shelves, holding small books like the Hallmark gift books we used to see (I still have several)…

Dramatically, each small book (there must have been 25 ) had the identical title: John F. Kennedy, 1969.  I have never been able to decode that cryptic reference to a man known as much for his dreams and visions as for his martyred death. What is his relationship to the prophecy in my dream? Was he reborn here on Earth in 1969?

And can we change before this Crystal Ball Vision comes to pass?  It may still be perhaps, possible. But we may not be able to avert these coming Dark Times; in fact, we may not survive them. Still, somehow, in some way, and this I did not see, our Home Planet will be rescued from a darkness which seems likely to have been of our own making.

And then we may be brought here once again, as we were of Old, to begin life anew in the Garden…

© Carol Leigh Rice 2024

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