Psychic Readings, Accuracy, and the Mind as Builder

There Is a River, The Story of Edgar Cayce. This is a book I highly recommend.

When the legendary seer, Edgar Cayce, was in his trance/sleep state and was asked to give a “reading” of the soul-record for an individual, he found it very difficult to determine whether the soul had thought of doing something or had actually done it.

I can attest to this as a psychic myself.  I gave “Life Readings” very similar to those of Edgar Cayce here in Victoria BC for over 30 years. There were times when what I so clearly “saw” at the time of the reading had not happened, or did not happen – at least not for a very long time – in the physical world.

I took great pride in my integrity as a psychic.  I always included comprehensive comments about the person’s past (in this life) and present situations so that later, when the reading was finished, I could verify with the person that at least those events had occurred. That, I used to say, told me I had gotten the right “file” from the Akashic Records. The readings did not deal in vague generalities.  They were quite extraordinary and precise in describing a world unique to that individual.

Even when, the pictures I received pertained specifically to past lifetimes, people very often confirmed for me (after the reading, when we held a discussion) that amazingly, what I saw in those lifetimes resonated amazingly with their strongest passions, interests, and life work.

Because of my accuracy on the known past and present, I was quite confident that in most readings, what I foresaw for the future and the advice coming through for the present would be accurate and helpful.  The feedback over many years and returning clientele indicated that this was true.

However, there were also times when the feedback indicated disappointment, that what I had foreseen had not happened, even years later, and this is the case with most psychics who are honest about their work. It must be noted as well, however, that many people told me they had forgotten much of the channelled hour of information, and only when listening to the tape several years later did they immediately identify much of what I had seen and predicted as being remarkably, unexpectedly, accurate.

As A Man Thinketh by James Allen. This is another classic, well-worth keeping beside your favourite chair or in the car!

What we are left with is indeed what Cayce found about thoughts and deeds appearing to be the same things. Perhaps this explains Jesus’ admonition that adultery in one’s heart is the same as committing it in deed. It seems evident that in the deeper levels of consciousness – which a psychic will access if he or she is truly gifted – thoughts and actions both present results which look the same, that is, they look like solid events appearing in the real, physical world. .

We should not be surprised. Since Edgar Cayce’s time we have learned a great deal more about the Mind-Body connection, the power of visualizaton and intention, and even the possibility of changing past events through shamanic and yogi advanced training. It turns out that Mind is where it all begins, and there is a continuum along which events move. They may or may not move into our shared reality, and even if they do not, they are taking place in some kind of reality which does and will affect us as spiritual, psychological, and physical beings.

Some scientists now believe that this universe is a vast Mind; it has been shown that space and time are dimensions of each other, and it seems time travel is just around the next scientific corner.  We already move with Mind through both space and time when we practise shamanism.

As Edgar Cayce put it, “Mind is the Builder.” This is empowering, but it is a warning too. For if we create reality – whether in faint or final form – in the deepest recesses of our minds, we need self-knowlege. What in fact are we trying to create, and for what purposes?  Until we go deep within to find the roots of deepest yearnings and deepest fears, our efforts to “manifest” – a popular theme these days – may not bring us quite what we were expecting.

For our thoughts are rarely clear to us; our vision is often narrow and shallow; and our real motives often remain an unexplored country.  For these reasons we have been given the great Laws of Karma which guide and shape us so that causes and their effects are played out in daily drama before our fascinated eyes. Only when we can say “I’ve looked at both sides now” are we coming to know ourselves, and in that knowledge, coming to know the cosmos we live in.


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