Prince Harry Duke of Sussex * A Royal Death In the Tenth House

It only took me about one minute to see the truth leaping from Prince Harry’s birth chart.  It could not be more clear if it had been written in letters a foot high.  Harry’s birth chart turns upside down the popular myths about Harry’s weak, struggling personality and about the nature of his and Meghan’s relationship; it rearranges our understanding as to the fate which this young prince brought into the world, and about the role he is to play in the Royal House of Windsor.

The young Duke of Sussex has a birth chart which shows remarkable strength as well as a dramatic element of karma linking his 12th, 10th, and 8th Houses in a tale of kingship, isolation, mystery and conspiracy, with Pluto at the top of his chart, symbolizing a “Royal Death In the Tenth House”.

Below is Prince Harry’s birth chart (Equal House System).  I can only offer a brief chart analysis here, but I invite you to pay close attention to the  placement of Pluto and Venus in the public, 10th House.  They are part of a Double Sextile (or Partial Grand Trine) which unites Prince Harry’s Jupiter/Neptune in the 12th House and his Mercury/Vesta/Juno in the 8th House.  This configuration of the Double Sextile indicates a deep, fated pattern which offers almost the only path out of conflict and struggle within a birth chart.

Thus in Prince Harry’s chart, we find the very public death (Pluto in the 10th) of Princess Diana, Queen of the World, (Venus in the 10th) is actually experienced by Harry as an event resonating through one sextile to Jupiter – symbol of Royalty – in his 12th House of past lives, seclusion, isolation, and unconscious.

His Jupiter here would represent his own sense of isolation within the Royal Family, his helplessness in relation to Pluto – symbolizing his mother’s “Royal Death In the Tenth House.” But Jupiter also suggests Higher Law – and justice, the drive for which I believe will motivate Prince Harry all his life.

His other sextile from Pluto leads to the karmic 8th House of Death, Mystery, Conspiracies and Power.  Here we find Pluto contacting the dimensions of the Feminine – Vesta the Sacred Virgin and Juno the Wife – which are impacted directly by Pluto’s contact.

These aspects of the Feminine are embedded within mystery, intrigue and even coverup based on their location in the 8th House, and emphasized even more by their connection to Pluto, ruler of the 8th House, which sits in the 10th House.  These “Goddess Asteroid” aspects of the Feminine suggest that while the world saw the death of a Venus in Diana’s passing, for Harry it was that, and even more devastating as it was a blow to his image of the Sacred Feminine as a whole – wife, mother, Anima – or spiritual goddess.

It is worth noting here that Meghan’s Sun in Leo falls just inside the cusp of Harry’s 8th House, so his worries about her health and well-being while trapped within the Royal Family and its secret workings while they lived in Kensington Palace would arise from his subconscious fears of the power, control and deception which characterize some aspects of the 8th House.

Recall that this is the  House ruled by the Sign of Scorpio and its ruler Pluto, so it carries within it life’s darkest, most intense experiences, nagging mysteries, and issues of sex, power, and money.  It especially is concerned with groups and the power which comes from combined resources, tradition, and ritual which hides inner realities.  All of these are features of the British Monarchy….

And here, in the 8th House, is where Harry’s Virgo ruler Mercury sits, beside Vesta and Juno – and deeply involved in the communication of secrets found in the 8th House – all things which the world considers “Taboo” and worthy of burying beneath deception and brokers of power.

These in turn are driven by the karmic influences of his 12th House, where Harry’s past lifetimes as a King, Soldier, and Monk fuel his drive for justice, honor and the power to make these happen. It is Prince Harry’s fate – his destiny – to explore and resolve the injustice, mystery, and perhaps crime of a royal death in the 10th House, that of Diana, Princess of Wales.  This fate will lead him – in the fullness of time – to power and prominence once again within the British Royalty.

Because Pluto’s mystery includes the Rebirth that follows Death…So we must keep in mind that this Pluto, high in the 10th House, must stand for Prince Harry’s transformation of high office – likely the Royal House of Windsor and its form of Monarchy, as much as it stands for a real death – the tragic death of his mother, the Princess Diana.

But Who Is Prince Harry? A Karmic Window

Harry’s 12th House contains not only Jupiter, but his Neptune and Mars.  The 12th House, like the 8th House, is a House of Karma, and here we see the influence of past lives, his Jupiter here suggesting strongly that Prince Harry has already been a King in another life. His Mars here suggests the memories of power and authority from that lifetime are still strong, barely contained by an upbringing forcing him to see himself as the “nuisance spare.”

Dreamy, Psychic Neptune

Neptune here rules the 12th House is its influence is marked; when so close to his Ascendant it denotes strong psychic gifts, almost painful personal empathy. It also shows spiritual idealism and likely indicates more than one past life as a monk or nun, or as a repentent Knight Templar (Mars the soldier here in the 12th) exiling himself to the life of a hermit in penitance for sins committed in battle.

I find it significant that Prince Harry’s Neptune is mathematically considered to be in the 29th degree, which is thought to indicate a turning point in one’s karma around key issues.

As we know, Harry has reprised his life as a solder here in this life, albeit in a limited, short-term way.  His devotion to those wounded in war likely reflects a level of sorrow and repentence for war itself. His life of public service reflects a vow, at some level of his Soul, to begin the great Journey away from war and aggression, pursuing healing and higher realms of Light.

Jupiter and Neptune share Prince Harry’s 12th House, but while Jupiter is in Capricorn, Neptune is in Sagittarius but Sagittarius is the SIgn which actually rules Neptune, so these two planets are deeply intertwined in Prince Harry’s chart – and karma.  Combined here in the 12th House they show at least one past life as a spiritual “royal” such as a Pope or Archbishop.  His urge to teach and to uplift while based within a large political and social platform like the Royal House or a Church come naturally to him.

What we learn from Harry’s 12th House is that his family’s dismissal of him as a childish trouble-maker, a weak “extra” hanging around the fringes of his father’s and his brother’s royal entitlement, could not be more mistaken.

Harry understands kingship, and in fact, I suspect he has a sense that it belongs to him.  In other times, might well have claimed the throne for himself through fair means or foul. In some sense, it is his karma (in the educational, corrective sense) that in this life he lives in different times, and power is not up for grabs by the strongest contender, as it might have been in other times.

So the first point here in Harry’s chart would be that he has the memories and drives of a man accustomed to power and authority.

The second point I want to make is that the fundamental structure of Harry’s personality suggests that he has the character and strength and durability to assume such power and authority in some royal capacity, one which he may be instrumental in creating as a new form of British monarchy.

Prince Harry’s Personality Structure:

Harry’s Sun in Virgo:  This is situated in the 9th House of Overseas Travel, Higher Education/Philosophy, and International Organizations. Note that the asteroid London is placed here as well, indicating that whatever happens in Harry’s life, his political home will be in London. However, note here that the asteroid California resides in Harry’s 7th House of contractual relationships and marriage, underlining the importance of his marriage to Meghan and what may turn out to be his and Meghan’s political and social contracts. His California asteroid falls in the Sign of Cancer, symbol of home and family, so those who rather maliciously doubt his relationship with Meghan is solid and enduring will have to think again…

The placement of Harry’s Sun in the 9th House denotes a continuing, enduring public presence – in the British Isles/England in his own right, as well as public visibility in foreign lands, not only the USA (asteroid California) but on the world stage. Asteroid Washington is in the 3rd House of “neighbourhoods and extended family” so may well refer to the special relationship between Great Britain and the United States, and a new political, royal role which Prince Harry might accede to once he returns to his royal destiny, as this chart indicates he certainly will…

The Virgo nature of his Sun is important.  This is a Sign which can be underestimated as low-key, private, picky, critical, an edgy partner in friendship and love, never quite satisfied with the status quo,  However, Virgo is also a strategist, well able to plan out the long game, and a capable leader who is able to weigh all points of view and refine them down to their essential features.

Prince Harry can cut to the heart of a matter not only because he has a high emotional IQ like his mother Princess Diana, but because he has the Virgo quality of insightful clarity. He is good with language and communication because his Mercury (which rules Virgo) is also in Virgo, so he can fall back on his mother’s example to him of empathy and intuitive connectedness, but can also express himself in precise, even poetic language.

Virgos do endure, despite the pain and frustration of their ideals and high standards; they do so in part because Virgo is a sign associated with lifetimes of attempting spiritual and psychological purification, striving to leave behind the appetites of the physical and the neediness of the psychological while reaching for the world of Spirit and Refinement of Being. Sounds a bit grand, perhaps, but this is the higher calling of Virgo, and Harry’s Neptune in his 12th House conjunct his Ascendant (Body) reinforces this deep inner push.

Goddess Hesta (Vesta) Keeper of the Hearth – and the Holy Status of the Home and City

It is noteworthy that not only is Harry’s Virgo Sun accompanied by Mercury in Virgo, but Juno (Wife Meghan) and Vesta (Inspirational, Sacred Feminine – Princess Diana) are in Virgo as well.  So Harry’s ideal women are almost Vestal Virgins in their auras, devotion to service, and other-worldly ideals, regardless of their love lives.

And because they are located in the Pluto-rule 8th House, there is a strong indication that these are women who share past lifetimes with Prince Harry, wives, mothers, nuns, and other emblems of the Sacred Feminine such as a Monk-Soldier-King might revere as his inspiration.

Most important of all – Harry learns from women, something rare in the male, and quite foreign to the royal males who surround his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

Prince Harry’s Ascendant/Rising Sign

Coming to the role of the Ascendant (the Rising Sign), we find that Prince Harry’s is in the Sign of Capricorn, the sign most suited to power and authority (though Leo may want it more intensely).  In fact, Capricorn and its ruling planet Saturn rule the 10th House of public power and office, so again, we see signs in Prince Harry’s birth chart of an inherent, natural affinity for power and authority.  Capricorn here will give Harry a strong body and a reassuring presence, despite any inner tumoil his Virgo Sun may be giving him.

We can pause to note too that Harry’s Jupiter – so close to his Ascendant – is in this strong, authoritative sign of Capricorn, doubling down on his leadership and perhaps even “will to power”.  Jupiter can contribute to great ambition, perhaps even lack of realism and perspective, and of course Prince Harry will have to guard against raw ego driving him past the boundaries of the possible and of what is appropriate to his destiny.

Again, we need to remember the role of Pluto in the 10th House and its strong link through the Double Sextile formation to Harry’s Jupiter, and its trine, in turn, over to Harry’s 8th House Mercury.  “Getting his message out (Mercury) ” is part of Prince Harry’s deepest drives.

This message – which Harry struggles to find a form for – concerns not only the memory of – and perhaps ultimately the truth about – his mother’s death (8th House Feminine).  It also includes the transformation of the British Monarchy (Pluto in 10th House of Government) that began with Diana’s death, and which may end, as a result of Prince Harry’s own transformation (his Jupiter sextile Pluto), in the radical restructuring of the Royal Crown and its presence in not only Great Britain, but in the world itself.

As we know, there are those who like to dismiss Prince Harry as the “problem child of the Monarchy”, Charles the would-be King who treats him as the difficult second son, William the moody Elder Brother who regards him as the (now) embarrassing  younger brother.  They are underestmating the strength and endurance of Prince Harry, because while his Virgo Sun may cause him a long and painful “youth” while he finds  his feet, his Capricorn Rising – and Saturn, ruler of Old Age, Wisdom, and Karma –  ensures him of a much more stable, prosperous, and successful middle and old age.

Harry’s Virgo Sun undoubtedly helped him master the manual for the Apache helicopter, but his Capricorn Rising would have helped ensure he was a successful military officer and fit in so well as a member of a team, showing strong leadership qualities, as in the Army, and as founder of the Invictus Games.

It would be important, in my view, for his life partner, Meghan, to realize that while he respects and leans on her (Leo) strength now, in time he will be his own source of strength and this may require an adjustment to the always present, often-changing balance of “power/influence” in an intimate relationship.

Huge Saturn is the planet which rules Capricorn and therefore has a powerful influence over Harry’s physical bearing and personal presence, which can be quite impressive.  Saturn is Father, and in Prince Harry’s chart Saturn is in the Sign of Scorpio – which is his father Charle’s Sun Sign, so a real connection there, not only father-son but personalities more alike than not, complete with fascination for rulership and leadership.

Scorpio is, as already noted, the Sign which has rulership over the 8th House, along with planet Pluto, so this brings in Harry’s Saturn and Charles as a Scorpio into Harry’s his Double Sextile topped by Pluto in his 10the House of government and public affairs.

Saturn, associated with the Laws of Karma as well as with Law in general has the potential, in the deep, intense, brooding Sign of Scorpio, to be quite tyrannical and inclined towards “the letter of the law” – impatient with grey areas.  Let’s be honest here:  Prince Harry may be a loving man with a sense of humor and his mother’s compassion, but fixed thinking, thoughts of revenge, and inability to forgive are going to be issues for him.

Trust will aso be very difficult for him, especially since, underneath the insecurities, he has a tough abiding trust only in himself – a legacy in part from growing up in the secretive, double-dealing world of the British Monarchy.

But Saturn has great strengths in a chart as well as warning signs.  Saturn is in Harry’s 11th House – the People’s House, one might call it, ruled by Aquarius in the Natural Zodiac.  This House deals with visions, hopes and dreams, grass-roots movements, and mass trends.  Saturn here speaks of the “Teacher” – with a message really for the whole world.  We know this is how Harry sees himself, and his chart supports both the self-awareness and the vision.

So Prince Harry is a man with a potentially very strong character who will will mature into a man of great influence in the public realm. Yet influence alone may not be enough for him for his chart shows a deep, karmic drive for power and authority.  A Capricorn Ascendant is tied to the rulership elements of the 10th House, and this binds his strength to Pluto there, a death tied to an unsolved mystery – the death of Princess Diana, the Royal in the Tenth House.

Prince Harry’s Sun In Virgo Trine Moon and Ceres In Taurus 5th House

To emphasize still further Prince Harry’s karmic relationship with women – and very much with the sanctity of motherhood – we find that his Sun in Virgo is in a strong, inspirational trine with his Moon in Taurus, sitting close to his Ceres, also in Taurus.  These are both in the 5th House which is known for children, and the karma which comes to us through our children.  Taurus is a strong Earth sign, and works very well with Harry’s Earth Sun Sign of Virgo.  It suggests he will be as much Mother as he is Father to his children, and that parenthood for him is vital to his growth and happiness in this lifetime.

We also see however that the Moon – image of Mother and Memory – is somewhat afflicted by the Asteroid Goddess Ceres.  In the myth of Ceres, she is torn from her daughter (which may symbolize a child of any gender) through a cruel abduction by Pluto – Lord of the Underworld – a crime which was ultimately only partially redressed through the “Royal” influence of Zeus/Jupiter.

In her lifetime, Diana was often separated from her boys due to duty and marital conflict, but most of all, she was separated from Prince Harry and Prince William by a death which many still regard as an unsolved mystery – perhaps a crime. (Note asteroid William sits tightly beside Ceres at the 29th degree – indicating some kind of dramatic event or destined outcome hinges on his actions ).

Here, the “Royal” influence – like that of Zeus for Ceres – did not serve to redress or even address this untimely death; it encouraged, even forced her children to move on as if nothing had happened to change their worlds.

Prince Harry’s Virgo Sun is (stubbornly) trine this Moon/Ceres conjunction; he has not moved on.  His belief that he has a deep spiritual connection to his mother, that she watches over him, is confirmed here in his chart.

Furthermore, his Sun in the 9th House sits next to the London asteroid, and he will have the political position within British power structures which Diana would have believed to be his proper inheritance as her son.

With his strong Sun-Moon/Ceres trine, Prince Harry is tied by Memory as well as Mother to the Ceres tragedy of Princess Diana’s death, and he will not rest until he finds a way to talk about this death (Mercury in the 8th House of Death/Mystery) in a very powerful, influential way.

Together with his Double Sextile linking Pluto, Jupiter and Mercury, Prince Harry’s karma as a former King and his dominating trine from Sun to Moon/Ceres tell us that Fate – or Destiny – is at work in the life of this young Prince.  He is no ordinary man, and he will not go quietly into anyone’s good night.

© Carol Leigh Rice 2022

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