A Mystical Rose For Healing

In my mother’s work as a channel, or medium, in the very early 1960s, she and her group were taught some fascinating truths about reincarnation, karma, and dream analysis, along with techniques of healing mind and body – borne out much later by scientific and medical research.

It was in a series of early meditations – taught to her by her guides – at our country home Hillshore that my mother was first shown a short simple method to create and use a beautiful image to replace ugly, painful, fearful ones. Mom’s experience was lovely and most helpful, so I am passing it on here.

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Travels With the Higher Self

There are many ways to talk about the Higher Self, but those who have encountered it agree: It feels like one is meeting an intensely loving, deeply personal, individually focused aspect of God.

In The Beginning
As the path winds up the mountain, it gets a little narrower. The real meaning of life is a question which begins to appear in our thoughts. We find ourselves less interested in old activities and the goals we used to pursue. We find fewer around us who share our concerns for the Soul. Yet something, Someone, is calling, and this call cannot be denied.

We become disenchanted with the doctrines and rituals of formal religious traditions. They have competed for our loyalty, casting aspersions on other paths. Yet we grow doubtful of their truth claims.

So much history has been great battles for our souls by those who built small idols and called them God. It may come to us early or late in life, but at last we leave behind the politics of the Tao, knowing that if the Way has a name, it is probably not the Way.

On our own, we may drift for a time in various spiritual waters. Glancing at titles of popular books, we see that others have wandered here before us – books abound about discovering spiritual life not framed by formal doctrine, institution, or rules of membership.

Older books resurface, such as those on Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, with his thousands of channelled readings from the Akashic Records. His Source said that, for each one, Mind is the Builder, that we live not once, but many times, and that each is on a voyage of self-discovery as a part of discovering God.

We wonder, at first, if this spiritual path will be lonely, but there are many who have walked it before.  We reach out to them, across time and space, finding companions in other centuries, other cultures, and sometimes – for awhile, on the path right beside us.

Then we learn that even when we find ourselves alone on the path, we are never alone. For if we listen with the heart, we sense a Presence, a luminous, numinous Self from which an unseen Guidance flows. In time, we learn this is the Higher Self – and that we walk on a path lit with Light.

Who – or What – Is the Higher Self?
Carl G. Jung, great explorer of psychological and spiritual realms, made popular the idea of a Self, or Higher Self which acts as an organizer and guide to inner life. In Hindu philosophy it is known as the Atman. Edgar Cayce spoke too of a Higher Self (Henry Reed, Channeling Your Higher Self).

Note:  Sometimes the term Higher Mind seems used interchangeably with Higher Self, but my sense is that these are separate aspects of the Soul and that the Higher Mind arises more out of the Brain/Body/Mind nexus. (In astrology, for example, Mercury rules the ordinary mind, and Uranus rules the Higher MInd).

Carl G. Jung, the great psychiatrist student of alchemy, archetypes, syncronicity, and – at times – astrology!

Jung’s personal experience and observation of the Higher Self in clients accords with my own personal experience as well as in psychic Life Readings and leading dreamwork groups.

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A Spirit Message For Dark Times

One Message For All From Those on The Other Side
Clairvoyance, healing and other psychic gifts were my inheritance from my mother. Her guide called these the “gifts of the Spirit Line.” He said they came from the Irish side of her family, from a kind of psychic gene pool intertwined with the physical one.

The gifts – and our spirit kinship – were why, he told us, I had chosen her for my birth.  From her, I later learned a special kind of  meditation in which I developed these gifts which I was able to then share with others as a professional psychic. Surprisingly, this same form of meditation led me to solitary shamanism, or perhaps the shamanism always came first, and what mom and I called meditation was really a form of the shaman’s journey.

Yet all these gifts – though precious – are far less important to me than the larger message of my mother’s mediumship, and later of my own: “We come here many times, each with our own Plan, with lots of time to grow, to make repairs, and to change our writings in the sands of Time. We need not envy another his or her life, for we will have ones just like these in our own time, just as we must feel compassion for those with harsh lives, for we too will walk parts of the Road – our own Silk Road – that seem long and hard…

We are loved beyond imagining. We are cradled by the laws of the Creator’s Wheel and sustained by the love of the Creator’s Heart. Nothing is ever wasted or meaningless. Everything in our lives becomes part of the Plan, for it stretches in love to include all that we do. Things that we want to do over, we do over – and it all becomes part of the wisdom we store. Our birth, our Coming In, is timed precisely according to the Plan, and our Going Out is planned also, down to the last breath we take.

So may you be of good cheer as you set out in the morning of your Youth, with the Road fresh and new once again…

Or perhaps the heat of the mid-life sun is upon you, and the horizon a blur in the distance. Then sit here for awhile, review your Maps, and take some refreshment in my caravanserai…

And if your sun is sinking low and the Night close upon you, be of light and steady heart, for the longer rest – in the Great Caravanserai – will be more wonderful than you dream. Welcome it for its peace and rejuvenation, for a new Dawn will come soon, and with it will come your next journey upon the Great Silk Road.

Blessings, Light and Love, Carol

Silk Road Visions * Back Here On Earth

Jolting along this ancient Road, I listen to the rhythm of the caravan drum.  Lost in the far horizons, swaying high above the drifting sands, I close my eyes and dream of Home…

Kitaro, Silk Road (From Silk Road Suite) Live in Madrid

The Silk Road * Memories, Dreams and Visions
How I have loved the ancient Silk Road and all that it has meant for humanity. The shimmering horizons, vast peaks rising far away, ancient rhythms, ancient wisdoms, the sands and the grasses flowing. I fold myself into this river of time, of human life. Though its physical form lies buried in the shifting sands, it lives on as a metaphor for our history, our life here on Earth.

Today, there is a new Silk Road, one envisioned and being built to span the globe itself. This creation flows from the dreams and visions of a modern, ambitious China, and has very little in common with the free, spontaneous and open Silk Road of history. Time alone will tell if the new Silk Road will be all China now dreams it to be…Time alone will tell if it will open up the world, as did the old Silk Road, or close it within the iron grip of global grasp.

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