Meghan Duchess of Sussex Birth Chart * A Royal Destiny

Post Updated September 25, 2022. Queen Elizabeth II passed to the Other Side on September 8, and now Charles the III is King…

Below is the birth chart – Equal House system – of Meghan Markle, technically Royal Highness and a Princess, but known as Duchess of Sussex. Here are some preliminary thoughts:

Meghan’s birth chart is rather unusual.  It is very much a bucket style in shape, with just one major planet, the singleton Mars, above the horizon, so that it can be said to be the handle “carrying” the rest of her planets in the half of the chart below the horizon.

But in addition to this emphasis on the lower half of her chart, Meghan’s planets are nearly all in the “Eastern” left-hand side of the chart.

Note:   In Astrology we pretend we are looking at a chart with North at the bottom and South at the top – from the perspective of the viewer or reader.  Thus the “East” is to the left of the viewer and the “West” is to the right. The line between them is called the “Equator”, and where it cuts the Great Circle in the East is what we call the Ascendant – the Sign here, at the hour and minutes of birth, is called “the Rising Sign”.

Meghan’s overall set of configuratons would suggest not only a very private person whose life unfolds beyond the public gaze, but also beyond or outside most relationships. In fact, there will likely be very few close relationships in this person’s adult life and her marriage to Harry seems fated, in that she might well have chosen the single life as the only one to fit with her eventual public life.

This pattern in a birth chart emphasizes development of the Life Path very early in life – the person is aware of their own “narrative” and will have told friends or confided to a journal her strong ideals and goals in the public world.

This tension between private personality and public persona may not be the paradox it seems.  Meghan’s chart intuitively suggests a soul who has little in the way of personal achievements on her agenda, even though many see her as a very self-centered and indeed narcissistic young woman.  But there are people for whom identity is wrapped up in public goals; they can be ruthless in pursuing those goals which become like children to them, to be fiercely nurtured.

However, this path is not set in stone.  though we may think we know Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan, as the very public Duchess of Sussex and activist, it may turn out that as time rolls on, Meghan will create and maintain a very private world for herself, Harry, and their children.

The Asteroid Goddess Juno * The Troubled Wife

Meghan’s role of wife will be dominant, as her Juno (Goddess of Wifehood) is in her 4th House of home and family.  This Goddess symbol is in the strong, tenacious and enduring sign of Scorpio – so far, so good.  However, the interesting thing about Juno the Wife is that in mythology she is rather like Hilary Clinton (married to a strong, powerful male who is in many ways the perfect partner, except for issues of fidelity and trust.  So far, no signs of these issues with Meghan and Harry.

However, Scorpio can be jealous and paranoid, brooding and insecure…As time goes on, especially if the new King Charles brings Harry back into the fold, Meghan could develop jealousy and fears around Harry’s weakened need (perhaps) for her, and there could be a fracture line here.

Yet Harry, like the God Zeus (and Bill Clinton) will always need his wife, and the issue may be how much she can shape herself apart from him, yet as a partner to him.  Meghan is going to need her Scopio Juno’s reserves of personal strength and staying power to support Harry in his times of pain and fear –  her Juno is opposed by Chiron (Wounded Healer/Teacher of the Gods) in the sign of Taurus, in Meghan’s 10th House of public image and public work.

Yet Harry may bring her chronic pain in ways most of us will never see.  Something to think about as this Royal but also human drama unfolds before the watching world.

More on Chiron in Meghan’s 10th House below…

The Psychology of Meghan Markle * Becoming Duchess of Sussex

Just the structure of her birth chart tells us something fundamental about Meghan’s personality which explains – without judgement – why Meghan “failed” Royal Family and the British Monarchy experience.   Quite apart from her treatment within the Royal Family, her attempts to create a public persona which fit the role expected of her would have cost her far more than she could have realized.

It would have been one thing to create an artificial persona such as she forged for her role in Suits; in fact, escaping into such a role can be a haven for a private, introverted person. But acting is – compared to becoming a Royal – a 9-5 job.  She could retreat from her role in Suits, go home and curl up within her own safe places. On her blog The Tig, she could, from a safe private place, express herself and her desire to be a leader and influencer (Mars above the horizon).

On the other hand, having to become Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (and technically Her Royal Highness Princess Henry of Wales) was relentlessly demanding, full-time, and a total takeover of her own personality.  This role required her to create a huge, exaggerated persona which essentially buried the “Meghan” deep within an artificial tomb-like Royal Personality.  There was no escape, no reprieve, ever.

So Harry’s urge to protect Meghan and find a way out for her was truly heroic; she really could not have survived the drowning process she was experiencing.  Meghan has to find a way to marry her natural psychology with her spiritual calling to serve, but the first step was to remove her from the toxic process which was absorbing her.

Chiron, Teacher of the Gods, Wounded Healer

Chiron in the 10th House

Chiron represents chronic suffering arising from a deep inner pain which cannot be healed, though it can be alleviated through serving and teaching others.

As I discuss above, Chiron is important in Meghan’s chart because of its subtle yet vital connection via an opposition to asteroid goddess Juno.

Yet Chiron – The Wounded Healer and Shaman –  is important because of its location in Meghan’s 10th House of public image, career, and governments.  So the political and the personal are entertwined for Meghan, and there is chronic, unfixable suffering embedded in both public and private life.

Chiron is the only other significant body besides Mars which stands above the East-West horizon of Meghan’s chart, and it is in the most prominent House – the 10th –  in anyone’s chart.  Chiron vies with Mars to be the real “Handle” of her whole chart, particularly when we realize that Mars is in the 12th House of isolation, associated with hospitals, prisons, and monasteries – does this not sound like Harry, before his rescue by Meghan?

So Meghan has the right idea – she needs to serve – and it will always cost her some degree of suffering.  However, she is right to insist, with Harry, that service can be done in many ways, not simply as a “working Royal” as laid down by the Palace powers that be. In that sense, her Mars in the 12th House shows her at work, but in the sanctity of her home.

A Word About the 12th House

While we are looking at Mars in the 12th House, remember that this House is one of the 3 Karmic Houses (along with the 8th and 4th).  Karma is not about crime and punishment, but about experiences and how they balance our perspective and growth.

Mars here tells us of past lifetimes most likely as a soldier, adventurer, sports or adventure enthusiast, possibly involved with engineering.  It can represent as well a lifetime in prison as well as a monastery – Meghan’s compassion is rooted in her own past-life experiences as well as those of this life.

What is interesting here is that Prince Harry’s Mars is also in his 12th House, and this really confirms their link, particularly in lives as males together, but also sharing the absolute need to have a private retreat in which to recover from public exposure.  While Prince Harry may have thought he dealt better with this exposure than Meghan, it is likely that his acute suffering as a “trapped” Royal stemmed very much from having no way to explore, affirm, much less express his personal identity. Tellingly, the closest he came, and he knew this, was in the Army, so expressive of the Mars energy.  So while he was rescuing Meghan from a public identity made of straw and bricks, she was rescuing him as well.

Mars is square to Saturn (and other heavenly bodies) in the 3rd House, so no surprises that every fibre of her being is opposed to the law-governed, tradition-bound authorities represented by Saturn, upholder of hierarchies and of course, the patriarchy.  She will have fought for freedom from such strictures in more than one life, through pen and sword, and takes up her battle station in this life as a natural position.

Note that the Asteroid California falls here, in her 12th House.  It always amazes me how these seemingly randomly-named asteroids fall so uncannily into predictive places within a birth chart.

But how fitting that Meghan found her retreat from Public Incarceration in the truly private “isolation” of a home in California.  It is very unlikely that she will ever give up this state as a home base, and although London will call her back, London is also in her 3rd House tightly conjunct Saturn, Moon, and Jupiter – all of which are square to her Mars.  These are all symbols to which she is deeply opposed – Charles, Harry’s Father (Saturn), Harry’s Grandmother and also Mother’s Memory (Moon), and the Royalty/Monarchy itself (Jupiter).

The 3rd House is about Extended Family – and clearly her Mars is squarely opposed to much of the Royal side – but the 3rd House also rules immediate neighbourhood, village-style.  This tells us that in some way, Meghan will still find her “neighbourhood” in London, as much as a private sanctuary in California, though there may be many battles yet waged before a formula is found which can make both Extended Family and Extended Living Space in London work.

In fact, Prince Harry may have to forge a new dimension to the Royal House – one which may see the Monarchy divide into a triparte form – Britain, the Commonwealth, and perhaps a new royal position linking Washington and even Europe somehow into the Crown.  His own birth chart suggests a strong drive toward some form of his own kingship, however strange that may sound at this time.

As I write, the world is changing rapidly, the West sees itself unexpectedly but potentially under attack by two powers; there may come a time when the Atlantic Alliance will evolve – must evolve – to create a united front, with survival at stake.

Meghan’s Sun in Leo * Karmic Bonds With Camilla, Charles and Kate

The first thing we have to note here is that Meghan belongs to the Royal British Firm.  Her Sun in Leo is at around 11 degrees which means it lands (by overlay) in the vital First Houses of Charles, Camilla, and Duchess Catherine (Kate).  So before we even look at the strong features of a Leo Sun, we can see there is an intense, pervasive karmic linkage here among the 3 women and Prince Charles.

Far from being an “interloper,” the astrology of the British Royal Family clearly shows intense relationships among the key women, and their relationships with the future King Charles.

Meghan’s Sun is in Leo and this is – all by itself, a very sociable and public-loving Sign.  This is the paradox for Meghan, she has such a sunny open Sun, but it can be clouded so totally and so quickly by the fact that it is really quite isolated for genuine public support.  In order for her Leo Sun to be the dominant factor in her personality, it would need much more support from planets above the horizon, and not be “squished” into her 1st House and 1st Quadrant so tightly.

Her Sun is conjunct the Goddess Pallas Athene, which is a huge driving influence in terms of women’s rights and human rights generally.  And, her Mercury, ruler of communication in speech and written form, is here along with her North Node representing the highest aspirations of this lifetime for her – all of them in Leo like her Sun.  So if she can find a way to get her message out, she has a strong and visionary drive.

Fortunately, in this age of the internet, video-conferencing, and TV, Meghan (and Harry) can speak to the world if they choose, and still have a sense of personal identity and security.  So in this context, Meghan’s birth chart fits into a focus on home and strongly suggests that this is where the money and security details should be lavished.  Travel should be minimized and what is needed in terms of nature and beauty should be as much as possible found right there in their home environs.

And, in perfect harmony with this vision, Meghan’s Ascendant – also known as the Rising Sign, is in Cancer, ruler of home and motherhood, but also of nation.  Oddly enough, despite all that we have seen (and I have thus far written), Meghan may have a future in the British nation as Prince Harry’s wife and mother of his children. She could rise to the occasion if Prince Harry does, as I predict, forge a Return of near-mythic proportions to fulfill a role at this point not foreseen within the British Monarchy.

Meghan and Harry Royal Tour Australia Sparked Jealousy Among Other Royals – Reminders of Diana’s Overshadowing of Charles…

With the right safeguards in place – her rights ensured – Meghan could grow into such a role, as she grows into the Moon-ruled Sign of Cancer.  The British public saw her as the next Diana, that is clear; and it seems clear also that the rest of the Royal Family were jealous of this starring role which emerged so vividly on Harry’s and Meghan’s Tour of Australia, and later in other Commonwealth appearances.

Had she been empowered further by the Royal Seniors in this new role and in particular, had she been allowed, along with Harry, to reinvent the Britain-Commonwealth identity – Meghan may well have found a genuine new identity in which she could believe, and which would still preserve her unique spirit and personality.  As so many have observed, this was a missed opportunity by the British Monarchy to begin a genuine re-envisioning of its global presence.

The Influence of Libra in the Third House

All of this of course points directly to Meghan’s strong Libra skills in style, presence, personal communication gifts, and political sense.  Her Asteroid London, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto are all in Libra, and in the 3rd House of Extended Relationships and Neighbourhood, making these essential factors in her daily life.  The Commonwealth could have become that “Extended Neighbourhood” radiating from the British Centre, had it been re-envisioned as a break with the colonial past.

Meghan does have still to contend with these 3rd House influences pulling her outside her home – but it is not that far out of her comfort zone, if given appropriate meaning and if she retains control.  As the dominant vibration here, Libra blesses with its intellectual, balanced, strategizing energy which so nicely complements those elements of Prince Harry’s Virgo Sun.

The Sign of Libra is loving, non-judgmental, driven by causes, fair and analytical.  These are great qualities for one who seeks to serve with compassion and wisdom within the context of often complex issues.

Meghan will dig deeply into issues (Pluto here, albeit somewhat by itself in the 21st degree of Libra).  Saturn is actually exalted, or has special gifts, when it is immersed in the constellation of Libra.

Her ability and desire to teach will be balanced by kindness and tact, especially with her Moon in Libra as well.  Libra is an Air Sign, so will balance the Water, Emotion-Laden Sign of Cancer Rising.  She can step back, and search for justice to balance compassion and in time, learn to see right on  both sides of an issue.

All this Libra energy, as noted, confers on Meghan considerable political skills.  The Asteroid Washington is actually in the Sign of Virgo (Prince Harry’s Sun Sign) and sits in her 2nd House.  The 2nd House deals with personal resources, including money, which Venus here underlines as being in good supply for most of Meghan’s lifetime.

However, Washington here, with Venus, may point to the need for both Harry and Meghan to earn a living through running for political office within the American system.  It might also signify that both she and Prince Harry will have political roles involving Washington, but these will be as part of the Royal Family, possibly ambassadors to Washington – even part of an expanded Crown with its own presence in the United States, as noted elsewhere.

Meghan has a great deal to give, and it is to be hoped that she finds her own platform, with the help of a husband whose loving presence at her side truly seems an act of fate, from what I see in both of their charts.

There is much more to the Duchess of Sussex’s birth chart – I have only outlined key features which explain, I think, some of what others have chosen to criticize about her so unkindly.

© Carol Leigh Rice 2022

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