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I have studied Astrology from many perspectives – history, new psychics, the language of DNA, symbol and psyche, pychology, prediction, past lives, and so on. Underlying all of these is the theme of Shamanism, and the way it brings the birth chart alive.

A shaman in indigenous cultures means one who is a “bridge between worlds”.  Shamans travel across time and space, linking minds, bodies, souls, and animals in a healing, transformative way.  In Astrology, the shamanic element lies in connecting spiritually with the karmic patterns shown in the birth chart, thus connecting with the client’s Akashic Records. It is very likely that we carry our Akashic Record is encoded – as a spiritual DNA – within our physical DNA – but more on that in another post!

In perceiving and describing Karmic patterns in the birth chart, the Shamanic astrologer initiates the client into what I call Karma Dreaming for it is through the power of naming that we bring the karma of the client within transformative range of his or her Higher Mind.

I’ll talk more about Karma Dreaming below…

In Shamanic astrology, we assume that the Circle of the birth chart is a field of energy which, among other things, contains the field of experience which has opened up for this lifetime.  The birth bhart also reveals how this field of experience is emerging from a deeper field of experience in other lifetimes.

So the birth chart is recognized as that great symbol, the Mandala, for its power as an organizing and transforming “limit” which keeps expanding – from a sacred Center – as we grow.

In reading the birth chart, the Astrologer pushes the buttons of its symbols to swing open the great doors of a Library – the Akashic Records. Here, the key stories of the Soul’s many lifetimes rest, coiled in Memory. These stories are highly personal, but often are poured into the mould or template of an Archetype – one could have a strong Cinderella theme in one’s life, or be caught up in roles like that of Lady MacBeth.

As we awaken spiritually, we begin to sense and to see how these powerful symbolic stories match up to patterns across our lifetimes, and especially in this, the current lifetime.  As part of that awakening, we become aware of the Higher Self, always within us, always watching, always offering the intuitions, alerting us to synchronicities, inspiring us to something better, out of the blue.

When we engage with our birth charts, we are opening to an Initiation begun by the Shamanic Astrologer.  We are becoming our own Shaman, which is another way of saying that we are becoming consciously connected to, and able to participate in directing, the knowledge, grace and power of our Higher Self. We can create symbols, and interact with them to alter Reality.

Through reading the symbols of the birth chart – the Signs, Planets,  Houses, and the mathematical angles which connect them, the Shamanic astrologer helps identify and bring into the Light of awareness our dissociated personality fragments.  These are parts of ourselves which have broken off, gone dark, due to various forms of trauma, usually traceable to a word or deed event in time and space – in this or other lives.

Strangely, when these small “personalities” come into the Light they are healed, dissolve gratefully back into the Whole. The process is called Soul Retrieval and in many forms is an essential part of all Shamanic traditions.

These fragments hold the keys to many gifts, and to the solving of many mysteries in our lives. We can see where they may have competing agendas, and we see why and how some of our goals seem strangely frustrated.  Shamanic Astrology plays a unique role in working with the inner world of the personality and its relationship to the Soul (of which the Higher Self is part).

The Alchemy of Naming
Shamanic Astrology opens the doors of Karma Dreaming in Higher Mind.

I call this process Karma Dreaming because it is exploratory and respectful of the Soul’s own purposes. It unfolds within the Laws of karma, creativity, grace, and reincarnation. The Shaman waits humbly for the Path to open up, for Doors to open, for Spirit Guides and Animal Allies to appear and to guide him or her on the Journey

As we deliberately name, awaken and perceive our own or another’s karmic patterns, we open them to alteration, for naming is a form of alchemy. In naming something, we bring it into the Light, and within transformative range.

Since Karma originates in various levels of Mind, it can be revisited through the windows of Higher Mind – a level of mind which opens to the Higher Self. As we pass old events and traumas through the Light of recognition and understanding, we name their essential features, pulling them out of the karmic matrix and transforming them in a moment of clear realization. This process is what I have come to call Karma Dreaming.

Karma Dreaming

I have taken the cultural liberty of imagining the concept of Karma Dreaming from the Dreaming – sometimes called the DreamTime – of Aboriginal Australia. This is a very special kind of dreaming, not quite what we do when we are asleep.

For the Indigenous Australian peoples, the Dreaming is a sacred process of Creation which began long ago and continues into the Present. We are part of the Dreaming at all times, but become an active partner with its continuous creativity through sacred states of mind and ritual. Thus we dignify and sacralize the most ordinary of activities and also endow them with transformative, creative power.

So when I speak of Karma Dreaming, as I often do here at Silk Road Visions, I mean that we enter into the living matrix of Karma which is our own Record in Time and Space. We become one with it, bringing the power of Higher Mind into its Center. It is this connection at the Center of something – the point of Beginning and thus of possible Change – which is the essence of Shamanism. It is what changes the ordinary analysis of Astrology into Shamanic, transformational Astrology.

Karma Dreaming Each Symbol * Imagination, Waking Dreams, Psychic Visions, Writing Poetry

It goes without saying, of course, that in Shamanic Astrology, the Astrologer must give up all reliance on “cook-book” formulations as to the meanings of Symbols of Planets, Houses, Signs and other heavenly bodies.

Shamanic Astrology involves feeling and sensing the poetic vibrations of the Symbols of the Planets, and the images which arise from them. It involves imagining what each House in the Natural Zodiac, with its Sign and ruling Planet, is all about, and then imagining how this is altered by the way the client’s Chart places different signs on the Houses than those in the Natural Zodiac.

We ask: “Why is my client’s Venus in that Sign – and House – at all?”, rather than merely combining features of Venus with those of the Sign or House we find it in.

In Shamanic Astrology we let the imagination and dreaming faculties open up, then follow their lead as they move in vibration pathways throughout the Mandala of the birth Chart. Each birth chart is laid out in its own unique ways – the Life Plan to unfold from birth onwards – but the compact language of Symbols in Sign, House and Planets pick up and transmit the meanings carrying over from other lives.

This is the essence of all karma dreaming – we learn to see, feel, and experience Karma not as single cause-effect, but as a vast DreamTime of possibilities, open to the transformations of Higher Mind at all times.

©Carol Leigh Rice, M.A. 2021

Spiritual DNA In the Birth Chart


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