Great Ship of the Desert * The Higher Self

Never Lost, Never Alone, Always Loved.

When I first set out on my Silk Road Journey, I used to walk, leading my Camel, and He patiently plodded in rhythm behind me. Yet at last I saw this to be unwise, for He was the Great Ship of the Desert, built by God for the Journey. I saw that He had always known the Way, softly brushing my back when I led us through drifting sands.

I came to know that my Camel was my Higher Self, whose other name was Soul. It was easy, then, to mount my Camel and trust completely, for on this Journey, His great heart would never fail.

The new arrangement works very well. As each new Dawn turns into Day, I hear His tinkling bell…His sand-wise feet now trace the Road in measured, swaying time. As Day fades quickly into Night, He rests with me by cool waters, in the shadow of the Palm.

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