Dreams and DreamWork * Silk Road Journeys

Much of our dream life we hardly remember, but without these visits to the Temple of Dreams we could not survive here in the Outer World. Though experienced on a different plane of reality, dream life is as real as our waking lives. In fact, our dream life is much more creative and transformative than most of our waking life. Through dreams we embark on shamanic journeys and encounters within our own psyche and beyond.

This is Part 1 of my Dreams and DreamWork Series (Note that the featured image here is Flight Of Aquarius by the wonderful artist Josephine Wall).

Dreaming and the Higher Self: A Spontaneous Balancing Process
When we sleep we enter the Temple of Dreams, and here we become in some way different – the Dreaming Self, the Observer. We seem to play many roles, but to retain a vantage point – the “I” who reaches conclusions and makes choices in dreams.

At the same time, however, there seems to be a larger Self behind the scenes, one Who keeps track of all one’s dreams, picks up their themes in meditation, and relates them to our life through other events in the mysterious events we call synchronicity. This wonderful presence is the Higher Self, and as Carl Jung observed, its whole purpose appears to be to help keep all of our experiences – conscious and unconscious – within a Circle, and then to move them toward the Center as we become aware of their patterns of meaning.

The Higher Self is this bridge, then, to the Soul, and the Circle of Meaning is the archetypal Mandala. I think of this magical process as part of the Road in our spiritual Silk Road Journey.

Dreaming is essential to the healing and psyche-balancing process which goes on all our lives. It is not a mistake that the unconscious is unconscious. There are reasons concerning mental, spiritual, and physical health which make the unconscious accessible to our everyday conscious selves only in rare states.

Seth and Framework 2 * A Vast Creative Dimension For Individual and Mass Events
In our dreams, we are told, we often build the coming events of our life.

According to Seth, a spirit guide channelled for so many years by Jane Roberts, we all have access to what Seth called Framework 2 (our experienced world of reality being Framework 1), and in this hidden dimension we collectively engage in the choices from which our public and shared world emerges, as well as those of our private world. This all seems to ring true intuitively, but also logically.

Human beings are not a collective entity as such, but we are incredibly interconnected, most certainly we create and access a kind of meta framework of Mind. We have a great deal of information from various sources, including modern physics, to suggest the existence of something called the Akashic Records, a vast library of information generated by the universe.

It makes sense, then, that we might visit and meet with others in that great layer of consciousness many times, in many ways, especially in this mysterious process called dreaming.

As our understanding of karma becomes deeper, we see that not all life events are created and/or chosen before birth. Some karmic patterns are no doubt fixed, but others are not; many options open up “as we go along” – as our personal (and group) karmic matrix evolves.

In the dreaming state, we can preview the matrix in-process, preview and evaluate a choice and its outcome before hitting the “Send to Reality” button. In some instances, we would be participating in a group decision, and depending on a host of factors (and our choices in light of options) we might – or might not – choose to be part of a group experience. In other cases, as with karma in general, we could not avoid the consequences of a group choice, yet our own input would be recorded, and responsibilty for outcomes graded accordingly.

The Aboriginal peoples consider themselves living channels, one might say, of a magical dimension called The Dreaming, or DreamTIme.  Asleep or awake, their group and individual activities are considered rituals which celebrate and sustain The Dreaming. If, as I suspect, we all are part of The Dreaming, even in non-Aboriginal cultures, then as we dream – and engage with our dreams in the waking state, all human beings not only help create, but help sustain the World as a natural living entity.

If Seth is right, in dreams, through Framework 2, we participate in many of the world events of our times. We also sustain those we love in faraway places, whose bodies and faces are unknown to us, but whose Souls are personally dear to us, whose personalities we have come to know and with whom we have shared other lives. We care about nations and whole peoples too. Tonight, we may be involved in the events that will make the news headlines tomorrow.

If we need proof that the DreamWorld is a universal , collective, creative realm we need look no further than this remarkable sample of research and creative insights presented in dreams: DNA shown as a spiral staircase to scientist James Watson; James Cameron’s “fever dream” in Rome in which he “saw” the Terminator; Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight characters; and so on…

The Dream World and Our Social Life
Apart from being a matrix of creative energy, the Dream World is also a busy, social place. In the dream world we commune with higher beings — angels, guides, and Others — from whom we receive so much help and support. We often visit with those who have passed on and remain close to us, and we visit with old friends who did not incarnate this time around when we did. We also connect intimately with ourselves in ways completely unique to the Dreaming Self as the work of personal creation and integration proceeds.

First, there are our other “reincarnational” selves with whom we sometimes connect – across the Wheel of Time and Space – to exchange knowledge, strength, inspiration, encouragement, and even talents. These can be quite dramatic and rare, when one of these selves may be someone well-known from another time, or quite frequent and recognizable only by the strong characteristics of another time period or another culture.

These connections may not be fully understood, but have their own validity, and may come into focus more through events when we are awake, such as the synchronicity of “accidentally” tuning in to a TV program the next day in which that period of history is featured.

Then, there are the smaller “fragments” of ourselves in this life, lost or left out of our current conscious awareness. Carl Jung identified these fragments as subpersonalities and I myself encountered the same kind of fragment-selves in Life Readings. As I had not read Jung till much later, I felt my Life Readings were quite confirmatory of his observations.

In dreams we make efforts to connect emotionally with these lost aspects. They do not tend to appear as known characters, such as a neighbour, friend, relative or co-worker – these often represent character traits or tendencies within us, but will not be as substantial as the real “personality” of a fragment. .

These fragments are real energy essences, usually a stunted sort of personality, and will need to be given full recognition of this status in order for integration and healing to take place. This area of dreaming touches on “soul retrieval” which is common to both modern depth psychology and shamanism.

Peace-Making and Settling of Accounts
In dreams we also commune with people outside ourselves – real people who are not parts of ourselves or symbols of various aspects of ourselves. A dream encounter may involve a person from whom we are separated, whether by death, geography, karmic barriers, or difficulties in a family or other relationship. We can often communicate important feelings and truths to the other party, if they are more open in the dream state than they are – or were – in waking life.

This doesn’t mean we are to cling to departed or absent ones, nor does it mean that we can fix everything in our relationships through dreams. But it does mean that when two or more souls want to maintain or initiate contact, they can do so, even when physically separated, and even when the outer, everyday selves are not able to work things out. Prayer opens us up to this possibility, and prayer for another may assist them in dream-working a relationship that has been intractable in waking life.

Enter The Physical Self * Faithful Vessel of the Avatar
In addition to our various subpersonalities, selves from other lifetimes, people representing aspects of ourselves, and of course, The Higher Self, there is another Self surprisingly present in our dreaming – the Physical Self. Early Greek physicians observed that the waking Physical Self appeared to be a watcher – absorbing and recording on numerous levels the whole of our life as we live it, and then commenting on our lives, with reviews and predictions, while we sleep!

Curiously, a similar acknowledgment of the Physical Self always opened my Life Readings. It was always promised that its presence, knowledge, and sensibilities would be honored and its boundaries respected during the Reading. The Physical Self was addressed as a “personality essence” – compared to a loving bodyguard or faithful guard dog.

It has occurred to me that the Allies which come to the Shaman from the Nature World are in some way a magical manifestation of the Physical Self, empowered for the Journey.

The Physical Self may change itself at the DNA and other levels in our dreams. It will certainly be participating as we rewire and reconstruct past events in which our physical selves participated. In the conscious recall and reworking of our dreams we enhance this remarkable avenue of physical healing, for dreams are not entirely completed until they are “known again” by the conscious mind.

In the new science of neuroplasticity – The Brain That Changes Itself – we realize that it really is “all in the Mind”…

Eastern knowledge enters Western as we come to see how Mind is seated in the cells of our toes as much as those of our brain. The “watching Physical Self” is not a separate vehicle we get into to ride around each day on Earth. It is actually the physical dimension (and part of the Avatar of Personality or Self) which is projected by the Higher Self into the physical world of appearance.

It is subtly withdrawn back up into the Soul at the hour of death, with only the “clay” that housed the Physical Self left behind. Hence the many world-wide doctrines suggesting that indeed “the body will be resurrected” and this may indeed be true, though based on an understanding of the body quite different from our ordinary thinking.

The Higher Self is present in every breath we take – in the Physical Self as well as in the levels of Mind and consciousness. We take calls from our Higher Self literally on our body’s cell phones. In Islam, it is said that Allah is as close to us as our jugular vein – and this is more true than we understand. At night, when we dream, the Physical Self is as deeply involved in dream life as are the other dimensions of the Higher Self…and together, these aspects of the Higher Self form the Dreaming Self.

When we close our eyes, we are setting sail for a place of creativity, learning, and healing. We enter our own magical, creative DreamTime, and from there, we enter the universal DreamTime of the World. We travel through Time and Space, meeting and exchanging with parts of ourselves, with those we love, and with nations and peoples whose history and thus karma we share.

Through it all, we are not alone. As we drift off to sleep, and then, as we drift back to the harbour of our Home-Selves in the morning, the Dreaming Self – our Higher Self – remains near, a whispering presence holding us close in Love…

©Carol Leigh Rice 2022



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