Connor McDavid’s Birth Chart * Uranus In Aquarius, Jupiter and Neptune Presiding

It’s that time of the year – the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and the Edmonton Oilers are going to the Western Conference Final.  All the buzz is about the Oilers’ captain, Connor McDavid – widely acclaimed as the “best player on the planet” and his phenomenal accomplishments.

CaveatWhat We Don’t Have For This Birth Chart

First, I have used the public information as to Connor McDavid’s month, day and year of birth so my analysis is only as accurate as that information.

Second, as we do not have his exact time of birth, McDavid’s birth chart below has been calculated using “Noon”.   So we don’t have the true Rising Sign or Ascendant which would mark off the First House in one of the Signs of the Zodiac, at the left, on the horizontal axis.  With a true Ascendant and its Sign on the First House, the computer then sets up the chart with the next 11 Houses each assigned a Zodiac Sign in the usual sequence we see in popular astrology beginning with Aries and ending with Pisces.

Third, my approach to a birth chart involves past lifetimes and karmic patterns, and this is known as Karmic Astrology.  I also engage in Shamanic Astrology depending on what I see and am inspired to do.  Here, with Connor’s birth chart, I would not attempt to discuss “karma” except in a very tentative manner, since we don’t have the exact time of birth.

Here is the 12-House, 12-Sign, 12-Planet “Natural Zodiac, Natural Birth Chart”. It is the template for understanding the meaning of Signs, Houses, and Planets as they “rule” each other. Each person’s chart is usually a variation of this template. It is a guide to the astrologer for the “Code”.

Finally, when we don’t know which Planets and Signs go with which Houses, we lose something very interesting to a Life Plan – whether or not the bulk of one’s planets are above or below the horizontal axis (the horizon).

Nor do we know if they are largely in the left- or righ-hand side of the chart.  Both these features give important insights as to a client’s efforts to “put themselves out there” in terms of a career, for example.

Below, in Connor McDavid’s chart, his planets are shown high in the chart which would normally mean great ease of access to a public life.  But if we had his proper time of birth, it might turn out that his large “stellium” (group) of planets is really down in the lower half of the chart, and this would be really a different story!

What We Do Have

What we do have, however, is the position of each Planet (measured in degrees) in the correct Sign. This means we also have their mathematical – or angular – positions to each other, and that, for many astrologers, is the vital “code” – quite enough to tell a client important things about their Life Plan, written in the “stars” at their birth.

The Moon is the exception here; it moves so quickly that the time of birth can potentially change the Moon’s Sign, so we tend to ignore the Moon when we don’t have the exact time of birth.

Connor McDavid’s Birth Chart Overview

In Connor’s case, there are several major features which stand out in terms of the Planets, their Signs, and their relationships to each other.  We can see from the chart that some planets are very close to each other (Conjunct, empowering each other) and some have a long red line between them (the Opposition – challenges) and some have blue lines, long (Trine) or short (Sextiles) and rather beneficial.

For me, the outstanding feature here in terms of what makes Connor McDavid so gifted, would be the huge planet Uranus, known for its electrifying, boundary-breaking impact. First, it is exalted in the Sign it rules, Aquarius. This alone would give Connor the skills which some describe as “other-worldly.”  This term is very typical of Uranus and its association with Higher Mind, speed of thought, insight, and action.

Uranus sits close to Jupiter, which in turn is conjunct Connor’s Sun.  In fact, depending on which House(s) these planets actually reside in, my inclincation as an astrologer would be to consider Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, and the Sun all “conjunct” here, despite the Uranus being in Aquarius while the other planets are in Capricorn (Connor’s Sun Sign).

While Uranus is the electrifying “higher octave of Mercury” giving  Connor his unusual kind of speed and hockey “IQ”, its influence is vastly magnified by the giant Jupiter it is so close to – 5 degrees apart. Jupiter is the planet of good luck, travel, recognition, higher learning, and perhaps most important for this young man, a natural leadership which comes to him as part of who he is.

And Jupiter, in turn, is just over 4 degrees from His Sun, so this grouping would be the heart of the “DNA codes” in McDavid’s brith chart.

Beautiful Neptune, planet of Illusion, Magic, Empathy, Healing, psychic gifts.

There are two other planets here in this grouping that really tell a story.  One is Neptune – planet of imagination and fantasy.

When Neptune contacts the Sun so closely, the individual is gifted with intuitive and empathetic skills which would account for the bonds Connor seems to forge with everyone who meets him and watches him play. Neptune rules psychic gifts as well, and those close to him may have noticed that his sixth sense is always in play….

There is a truly “magical” aura around Connor McDavid, because we are seeing 3 extraordinary planets flanking his Sun – Uranus, gifts of pure genius, Jupiter, with its sense of kingship and leadership not to mention expectations of public recognition, and Neptune, planet of entertainment, higher love, and indeed, a diffuse aura of spirituality.

Ceres Mother Goddess, whose daughter is abducted by Pluto...

It is fascinating to see dwarf planet Ceres (Asteroid Goddess Mother) here right next to McDavid’s Sun and Neptune.  Ceres is an ancient Mother Goddess, but also the mother who must part from her child early because she (or he) is abducted by Pluto, a child for whom she longs all her life, though can see her/him for part of each year due to the intervention of Jupiter/Zeus.

Connor and his mother were, of course, separated early by his young hockey career, and indeed it must have seemed to her that he disappeared into a world from which she was excluded.  This is perhaps unexplored pain for both of them…Just a thought..

On the other hand, Connor’s mother and he do appear remarkably close, and with Neptune right next to Ceres, I suspect it is from her he gets the “DNA” code of Neptune’s magic, playfulness (at times)  and intuition.

And, lest we forget, the energy of Capricorn is grounding all of Connor’s energies – with the exception of Uranus, boldly showcased in its own natural sign of Aquarius.  Connor may be somewhat serious and of course hard-working as a good Capricorn, but Uranus is strongly placed here in Sign and position next to key planets.

Saturn, teacher, authority, Lord of Karma, restrictions,

There is an interesting Opposition between Connor’s Mars on the one hand, and his Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) and possibly his Moon depending on time of birth.

This may point to real tension and challenge between Connor as a young man and the older men in his life….it may simply refer to the ongoing challenge between himself and coaches all his young life, and even some strong parental “coaching” which at times has been felt to be a burden.

Mars and Saturn are both in fairly beneficial relationships to Pluto, but where Pluto is involved, we can expect tensions and often very significant secrets, around power, authority, and freedom.  The price of teaching and support for his life ambitions may be Saturn’s constant restrictions and Pluto’s hidden pressures or “deals” which gnaw at his desire for a life as free as his Uranus in Aquarius would need.

It is a question of balance, perhaps.  All things considered, I would bet that Aquarian energy – through the medium of its ruling planet Uranus – will dominate much of Connor McDavid’s life.  Sooner or later, he will throw off early life constraints and live a life designed completely by himself – and life mate.

I expect him to do things which will startle and surprise all of us in new areas of his life – perhaps a major, sudden, change in life direction, a regmarkable career yet to be discovered in another area of life.  We shall see…

One thing is for sure, Uranus in Aquarius means Connor McDavid will surprise himself as much as us, whatever new roads he may take….And, with Jupiter presiding, whatever he does, it is sure to amaze and entertain the world.

© Carol Leigh Rice 2022

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