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Beginnings * My First Psychic Pictures

Hillshore on the Bay of Quinte, c. 1954

I was no more than ten, sitting on the back steps that led into the old extra room, really a storage shed, tacked onto the farmhouse at Hillshore. In there, we kept our piles of chopped wood for the ancient black cook stove, “Beulah”.

It was also the place where Rocket, our large bullmastiff, used to sleep with Patsy, the small black Labrador cross, tucked close to Rocket’s tummy for warmth. Our stolid bodyguard, a cat named Sir Pook of Quinte, would ensconce himself on Rocket’s back and in this fashion the trio would settle in for their night’s sleep.

The day came, however, when Dad tore down the old shed with its step, and we could go directly across the small gulley to the larger apple orchard. Rocket was allocated his own suite of rooms in the barn for winter, Patsy was given hers close by, and Sir Pook of Quinte had by then inveigled himself into becoming a House Cat….

But the old steps and shed were still there when I settled in that evening in the late fall after supper. It was almost dark, and a light mist had fallen over the Bay. It was quite usual for me to find an odd spot to ponder things. I was a thoughtful, only child, very interested in the deeper questions of life.

Bay of Quinte shores, southern Ontario

So as I sat there on the old steps, I was fascinated by the large auras of mist around the trees that lined our waterfront along the beautiful Bay of Quinte, and stood in groups in our apple orchard.

I felt myself merging with those misty apparitions, and as I gazed at them, a series of pictures began to form in my mind.

I know now that such pictures are a form Active Imagination, a kind of dreaming, during which the conscious mind and therefore the Ego both remain awake, participating in the spiritual, clairvoyant, and often psychological revelations of the Higher Self (and sometimes of one’s spirit guides). These pictures or images “come in”, one might say, like a text message.

These were the pictures that, in the future, would always be there on request when I gave professional life readings. They enter my mind spontaneously as I pore over my clients’ birth charts.  These were the pictures that would light my Path in the darkest of times.

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Karma Dreaming * Advanced Shamanic Astrology

I have studied Astrology from many perspectives – history, new psychics, the language of DNA, symbol and psyche, pychology, prediction, past lives, and so on. Underlying all of these is the theme of Shamanism, and the way it brings the birth chart alive.

A shaman in indigenous cultures means one who is a “bridge between worlds”.  Shamans travel across time and space, linking minds, bodies, souls, and animals in a healing, transformative way.  In Astrology, the shamanic element lies in connecting spiritually with the karmic patterns shown in the birth chart, thus connecting with the client’s Akashic Records. It is very likely that we carry our Akashic Record is encoded – as a spiritual DNA – within our physical DNA – but more on that in another post!

In perceiving and describing Karmic patterns in the birth chart, the Shamanic astrologer initiates the client into what I call Karma Dreaming for it is through the power of naming that we bring the karma of the client within transformative range of his or her Higher Mind.

I’ll talk more about Karma Dreaming below…

In Shamanic astrology, we assume that the Circle of the birth chart is a field of energy which, among other things, contains the field of experience which has opened up for this lifetime.  The birth bhart also reveals how this field of experience is emerging from a deeper field of experience in other lifetimes.

So the birth chart is recognized as that great symbol, the Mandala, for its power as an organizing and transforming “limit” which keeps expanding – from a sacred Center – as we grow.

In reading the birth chart, the Astrologer pushes the buttons of its symbols to swing open the great doors of a Library – the Akashic Records. Here, the key stories of the Soul’s many lifetimes rest, coiled in Memory. These stories are highly personal, but often are poured into the mould or template of an Archetype – one could have a strong Cinderella theme in one’s life, or be caught up in roles like that of Lady MacBeth.

As we awaken spiritually, we begin to sense and to see how these powerful symbolic stories match up to patterns across our lifetimes, and especially in this, the current lifetime.  As part of that awakening, we become aware of the Higher Self, always within us, always watching, always offering the intuitions, alerting us to synchronicities, inspiring us to something better, out of the blue.

When we engage with our birth charts, we are opening to an Initiation begun by the Shamanic Astrologer.  We are becoming our own Shaman, which is another way of saying that we are becoming consciously connected to, and able to participate in directing, the knowledge, grace and power of our Higher Self. We can create symbols, and interact with them to alter Reality.

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Travels With the Higher Self

There are many ways to talk about the Higher Self, but those who have encountered it agree: It feels like one is meeting an intensely loving, deeply personal, individually focused aspect of God.

In The Beginning
As the path winds up the mountain, it gets a little narrower. The real meaning of life is a question which begins to appear in our thoughts. We find ourselves less interested in old activities and the goals we used to pursue. We find fewer around us who share our concerns for the Soul. Yet something, Someone, is calling, and this call cannot be denied.

We become disenchanted with the doctrines and rituals of formal religious traditions. They have competed for our loyalty, casting aspersions on other paths. Yet we grow doubtful of their truth claims.

So much history has been great battles for our souls by those who built small idols and called them God. It may come to us early or late in life, but at last we leave behind the politics of the Tao, knowing that if the Way has a name, it is probably not the Way.

On our own, we may drift for a time in various spiritual waters. Glancing at titles of popular books, we see that others have wandered here before us – books abound about discovering spiritual life not framed by formal doctrine, institution, or rules of membership.

Older books resurface, such as those on Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, with his thousands of channelled readings from the Akashic Records. His Source said that, for each one, Mind is the Builder, that we live not once, but many times, and that each is on a voyage of self-discovery as a part of discovering God.

We wonder, at first, if this spiritual path will be lonely, but there are many who have walked it before.  We reach out to them, across time and space, finding companions in other centuries, other cultures, and sometimes – for awhile, on the path right beside us.

Then we learn that even when we find ourselves alone on the path, we are never alone. For if we listen with the heart, we sense a Presence, a luminous, numinous Self from which an unseen Guidance flows. In time, we learn this is the Higher Self – and that we walk on a path lit with Light.

Who – or What – Is the Higher Self?
Carl G. Jung, great explorer of psychological and spiritual realms, made popular the idea of a Self, or Higher Self which acts as an organizer and guide to inner life. In Hindu philosophy it is known as the Atman. Edgar Cayce spoke too of a Higher Self (Henry Reed, Channeling Your Higher Self).

Note:  Sometimes the term Higher Mind seems used interchangeably with Higher Self, but my sense is that these are separate aspects of the Soul and that the Higher Mind arises more out of the Brain/Body/Mind nexus. (In astrology, for example, Mercury rules the ordinary mind, and Uranus rules the Higher MInd).

Carl G. Jung, the great psychiatrist student of alchemy, archetypes, syncronicity, and – at times – astrology!

Jung’s personal experience and observation of the Higher Self in clients accords with my own personal experience as well as in psychic Life Readings and leading dreamwork groups.

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