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The Birth Chart of Catherine, Princess of Wales

As heir to the throne of his father, King Charles the III, William is now the Prince of Wales, and his wife Catherine is the new Princess of Wales. As hard as it is to grasp it, that title no longer belongs to Diana, Queen of Hearts.

And like Diana, though in a much different way, Catherine seems destined to be the beating heart of what must become the people’s royalty – if the British Monarchy is to survive at all.

It has always been Williamthe man – for Catherine, a woman who wanted a home in the country, a fancy AGA range cooker, kids, dogs and gardens.  Her Venus in Aquarius tells us that she would follow her heart, whether it led to a cottage or a throne. Yet whatever William or Kate may have thought when they first met, Kate turned into Catherine, a wife who was also born to be a queen.

And if we are to be scrupulous in our astrological analysis, it must be noted that Kate’s Capricorn Sun would have noted with approval that a throne happened to come with this man…

We can see it all in Kate’s birth chart (equal house).  It starts with an Ascendant at 19 degrees of the royal sign of Leo, raised to new heights of authority with a Sun in Capricorn, topped off most tenderly with a Moon in Cancer.  Add to this her Venus and Mercury in Aquarius, and you  have that slightly unorthodox, not quite predictable lady of fashion, royal family photographer, modern, edgy interests, and a lady with her heart in tune with the masses of Britain and, somewhat reservedly, the people of the world.

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The Birth Chart of Charles, Prince of Wales * William, Harry and the British Monarchy

Update:  On September 8, sometime between noon and probably 1:00 p.m., Queen Elizabeth II passed to the Other Side, and at that moment, her son became our new King Charles III. This gives his reign the vibration of Virgo, said to be alchemically linked with, part of, the Sign Scorpio under which Charles was born.

But before I post an analysis of the chart of ascension for the new Charles, as King, below we have the basic birth chart of Charles. The kingship will change him, without a doubt, but the building blocks of his lifetime are all here, in his birth chart.

His Sun Sign is in 22 degrees of Scorpio, Ascendant 5 degrees of Leo and Moon 0 degrees of Taurus.

The Sun, ruler of his Ascendant Leo (which marks off the beginning of his 1st House), rules his chart. As Leo is the Sign of Kingship, we can expect Charles to at some point, become king. And, as I note in my post on her chart, Camilla clearly has a remarkable connection to Charles, with both of their charts anchored in a 5-degree Leo Ascendant.  There is karma, most likely of a long and loving kind – and it is my psychic reading that loving Charles has, for Camilla, been in some lifetimes through being his mother.

As ruler of Leo, the Sun will rule this birth chart, though we know Prince Charles’s Sun is actually in Scorpio.  And, because his Sun is found in the 4th House it we can see his resonance to the sign of Cancer which is the Sign of the Fourth House in the archetypal, “natural” zodiac.  As a father, Charles can relate to William who is a Cancer, and might well have connected better with Diana, also a Cancer, had there been no prior – karmic – destiny with Camilla.

The 4th House rules home and family and this is where soul DNA in the birth chart can be very revealing.  Here are the physical, karmic, psychological and spiritual roots of family history going back many generations, so that we can trace here the spirit line of a family.  Here are the entertwined roots of karma, and here we can widen our vision to understand that there is much more going on in a life than what we see on the surface.

I focus initially on several “asteroid” points – Camilla, Harry, William, and London. As examples of the mystical fact of synchronicity within our cosmos I have found these points relevant in every chart in which I have used them.

Note:  As in all my astrology charts, I use the Equal House System, a very old approach to the division of the circle into 12 houses, each said to reveal key themes and issues within different areas of each lifetime.*

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Shamanic Astrology * The 12-House Mandala Of the Birth Chart

In Shamanic Astrology, we see the Birth Chart as a Mandala, drawing all elements of Life and Psyche toward the Center. The Center is the Temple we find ourselves in when we meditate on the Chart.

The Mandala as key to evolution of consciousness and self-understanding. At the center is the Higher Self. Spiritual and psychological growth unfolds within a mandala pattern and process. Psychiatrist pioneer Carl G. Jung discovered this as part of his “shamanic” personal explorations”.

The Mandala reminds us also of the Journey around the Circle, which is where the Experience and Explorations occur. Without such creative activity, there could be little to draw towards the Center.

So the Mandala is a mystical symbol of the Philosophy of Going Out and Returning, and the Wheel is not, therefore, a burden, but a gift.

The Circle and the Cross
The birth chart is divided horizontally by the equator or Ascendant-Descendant Axis, and vertically by the Midheaven-Nadir Axis. These divisions make it that most ancient of symbols – the Circle enclosing a  Cross which divides it into the four sacred quadrants.

The cross inside a circle is said to symbolize the Self (as Ego and Personality) in the crucible of matter, time and space, journeying through the mystical cycles of life, death and rebirth. The Soul – in the form of the Higher Self, stands at the Centre of the Mandala, exchanging energy with the Ego/Self as it moves through the four quadrants.

As the Wheel turns, the Higher Self distills and integrates the fruits of each phase through which the Ego passes. This whole process is enfolded within an even larger version of the Higher Self – the Soul. Thus as it moves through life experience, the Ego receives sustenance and illumination from the Higher Self which, in turn, is the point of Light emanating from the Soul.

What follows is a delineation of the twelve houses and their life themes understood through the lens of a planet and the Sign it is said to “rule”…

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Connor McDavid’s Birth Chart * Uranus In Aquarius, Jupiter and Neptune Presiding

It’s that time of the year – the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and the Edmonton Oilers are going to the Western Conference Final.  All the buzz is about the Oilers’ captain, Connor McDavid – widely acclaimed as the “best player on the planet” and his phenomenal accomplishments.

CaveatWhat We Don’t Have For This Birth Chart

First, I have used the public information as to Connor McDavid’s month, day and year of birth so my analysis is only as accurate as that information.

Second, as we do not have his exact time of birth, McDavid’s birth chart below has been calculated using “Noon”.   So we don’t have the true Rising Sign or Ascendant which would mark off the First House in one of the Signs of the Zodiac, at the left, on the horizontal axis.  With a true Ascendant and its Sign on the First House, the computer then sets up the chart with the next 11 Houses each assigned a Zodiac Sign in the usual sequence we see in popular astrology beginning with Aries and ending with Pisces.

Third, my approach to a birth chart involves past lifetimes and karmic patterns, and this is known as Karmic Astrology.  I also engage in Shamanic Astrology depending on what I see and am inspired to do.  Here, with Connor’s birth chart, I would not attempt to discuss “karma” except in a very tentative manner, since we don’t have the exact time of birth.

Here is the 12-House, 12-Sign, 12-Planet “Natural Zodiac, Natural Birth Chart”. It is the template for understanding the meaning of Signs, Houses, and Planets as they “rule” each other. Each person’s chart is usually a variation of this template. It is a guide to the astrologer for the “Code”.

Finally, when we don’t know which Planets and Signs go with which Houses, we lose something very interesting to a Life Plan – whether or not the bulk of one’s planets are above or below the horizontal axis (the horizon).

Nor do we know if they are largely in the left- or righ-hand side of the chart.  Both these features give important insights as to a client’s efforts to “put themselves out there” in terms of a career, for example.

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