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Shamanic Astrology * The 12-House Mandala Of the Birth Chart

In Shamanic Astrology, we see the Birth Chart as a Mandala, drawing all elements of Life and Psyche toward the Center. The Center is the Temple we find ourselves in when we meditate on the Chart.

The Mandala as key to evolution of consciousness and self-understanding. At the center is the Higher Self. Spiritual and psychological growth unfolds within a mandala pattern and process. Psychiatrist pioneer Carl G. Jung discovered this as part of his “shamanic” personal explorations”.

The Mandala reminds us also of the Journey around the Circle, which is where the Experience and Explorations occur. Without such creative activity, there could be little to draw towards the Center.

So the Mandala is a mystical symbol of the Philosophy of Going Out and Returning, and the Wheel is not, therefore, a burden, but a gift.

The Circle and the Cross
The birth chart is divided horizontally by the equator or Ascendant-Descendant Axis, and vertically by the Midheaven-Nadir Axis. These divisions make it that most ancient of symbols – the Circle enclosing a  Cross which divides it into the four sacred quadrants.

The cross inside a circle is said to symbolize the Self (as Ego and Personality) in the crucible of matter, time and space, journeying through the mystical cycles of life, death and rebirth. The Soul – in the form of the Higher Self, stands at the Centre of the Mandala, exchanging energy with the Ego/Self as it moves through the four quadrants.

As the Wheel turns, the Higher Self distills and integrates the fruits of each phase through which the Ego passes. This whole process is enfolded within an even larger version of the Higher Self – the Soul. Thus as it moves through life experience, the Ego receives sustenance and illumination from the Higher Self which, in turn, is the point of Light emanating from the Soul.

What follows is a delineation of the twelve houses and their life themes understood through the lens of a planet and the Sign it is said to “rule”…

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New Physics, the Living Web and Synchronicity * Science and Shamanic Astrology

As a professional astrologer, I have concluded that we need new directions in astrology – and I believe these will lead to a remarkable relationship between astrology, physics and shamanism…Take what I offer here as informed, even channeled speculation – but it is by no means more than a beginning.

The New Physics As A Larger Theoretical Framework
Why does Astrology work? Almost everyone who has ever truly studied Astrology has concluded that it does. The explanation as to why and how seems may be found in other observed relationships such as weather, economic and sociological cycles.

These cyclical relationships point to a basic concept in astrology – the idea that human and planetary phenomena of our solar system, indeed that of our Milky Way galaxy, are all intertwined, embedded in one vast living energy field.  What affects one element affects all the others in a variety of patterns which can be discerned and charted over time.

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Shamanic Astrology, Edgar Cayce and the Living Biosolar System

The signs of the Zodiac are Karmic Patterns; the Planets are the Looms; the Will is the Weaver (Edgar Cayce Reading #3654-L-1).

What I write on Shamanic Astrology is in large part channeled material – it forms a contribution to what I call Theoretical Astrology. I find it a little intimidating in its scope, I must say, and I do not suggest I have all the answers. But I share these psychic insights along merged with my own reflections, as a beginning, at least, of something new.

I have written a companion piece to this, exploring a new scientific and philosophical framework for Shamanic Astrology – the Lacy Web – as well as ancient Chinese understanding of Humanity at the Center, linking Heaven and Earth – see Cycles, Archetypes, I Ching, and the Lacy Web * Exploring Shamanic Astrology

Flight Of Aquarius by Josephine Wall

Towards a New, Shamanic Astrology
Astrology matters – it may ultimately become a science which links together the spiritual and philosophical and healing traditions of reincarnation and karma, shamanism, yoga, and depth psychology.

But we need a new Astrology – one based on a Shamanic understanding of the BioSolar System in which we are embedded. There are glimpses of this Shamanic Astrology in ancient Egyptian writings which resember the channelling of Edgar Cayce on Astrology.  Both sources link our many lifetimes and karmic patterns to the living energy of the solar system, with each planet, as well as Earth, playing a role in our overall spiritual evolution.

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Balsamic Moon * Mystery, Death, Rebirth

Note:  I wrote this popular post several years ago and titled it “Living and Dying Under a Balsamic Moon”.  It has been copied in part onto other sites, so you may have found a link to it under that title elsewhere on the internet. Here it is again – I have changed almost none of it since its original posting, so read and enjoy!

Each Moon Phase provides valuable insight into the Soul Plan as revealed in the Birth Chart. There is one Moon Phase, however, so dramatic in its impact that it often seems to be the major force behind the person’s entire Life Plan. Here I explore the profound experience of living and dying under a Balsamic Moon.

The Moon Influences All Life On Earth

The Moon has profound influence over life on Earth, probably in ways we don’t yet fully comprehend. We do know the great seas and oceans pulse in and out in accordance with Grandmother Moon’s rhythms, and it has been known since our earliest human origins that the Moon’s waxing and waning light shining down on Earth creates mini-seasons in life cycles for plant, animal and human life here on Earth. The Moon also apparently helps stabilize Earth’s axis, and there may be other influences we have yet to discover.

In the course of its monthly orbit (circle) of the Earth, the Moon goes through 8 distinct phases marked by how much light it is reflecting from the Sun:

New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Third Quarter, Waning Crescent also called the Balsamic or Dark Moon.

Each of these 8 phases equals 45 degrees of the Moon’s orbital Circle of 360 degrees which takes just slightly less than one of our calendar months to complete.

One Moon phase lasts 2 to 3 days per month and carries within it very particular energy making it a good “season” for certain pursuits and not so good for others. Gardeners are particularly aware of these seasons in the Moon’s orbit for the planting and growing cycles.

In each lifetime, we are born during one of these 8 Moon Phases, and, like other life on Earth, we seem to be affected, however subtly, by the unique energy of our Moon Phase. It is possible, though not actually known, that we incarnate in a sequence of lifetimes corresponding to the 8 Phases of the Moon. If we are born under the Balsamic Moon Phase in this lifetime, are we going to be born under a New Moon in the next lifetime?

Even if, as many now believe, our lifetimes may be simultaneous, it is likely there is still a bio-vibrational connection through Space-Time which allows a sequence to unfold, albeit in ways we cannot quite comprehend…

In the Birth Chart the Moon Phase is identified by determining how many degrees ahead of or behind the Sun our Moon’s position is found. Some Astrology software identifies this for us, but manually we can find the Moon Phase by counting backwards or ahead of the Sun through the Signs (30 degrees per Sign) to find our Moon.

Each Moon Phase provides valuable insight into the Soul Plan as revealed in the Birth Chart. There is one Moon Phase, however, so dramatic in its impact that it often seems to be the major force behind the person’s entire Life Plan.

I am talking about the Final Phase, the last Sliver of Silver – the Balsamic Moon, associated mainly with Winter, Scorpio, and Pluto along with Capricorn and Saturn. This Moon Phase affects people who have it in their birth chart more than any other Moon Phase I have seen.

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Karma Dreaming * Advanced Shamanic Astrology

I have studied Astrology from many perspectives – history, new psychics, the language of DNA, symbol and psyche, pychology, prediction, past lives, and so on. Underlying all of these is the theme of Shamanism, and the way it brings the birth chart alive.

A shaman in indigenous cultures means one who is a “bridge between worlds”.  Shamans travel across time and space, linking minds, bodies, souls, and animals in a healing, transformative way.  In Astrology, the shamanic element lies in connecting spiritually with the karmic patterns shown in the birth chart, thus connecting with the client’s Akashic Records. It is very likely that we carry our Akashic Record is encoded – as a spiritual DNA – within our physical DNA – but more on that in another post!

In perceiving and describing Karmic patterns in the birth chart, the Shamanic astrologer initiates the client into what I call Karma Dreaming for it is through the power of naming that we bring the karma of the client within transformative range of his or her Higher Mind.

I’ll talk more about Karma Dreaming below…

In Shamanic astrology, we assume that the Circle of the birth chart is a field of energy which, among other things, contains the field of experience which has opened up for this lifetime.  The birth bhart also reveals how this field of experience is emerging from a deeper field of experience in other lifetimes.

So the birth chart is recognized as that great symbol, the Mandala, for its power as an organizing and transforming “limit” which keeps expanding – from a sacred Center – as we grow.

In reading the birth chart, the Astrologer pushes the buttons of its symbols to swing open the great doors of a Library – the Akashic Records. Here, the key stories of the Soul’s many lifetimes rest, coiled in Memory. These stories are highly personal, but often are poured into the mould or template of an Archetype – one could have a strong Cinderella theme in one’s life, or be caught up in roles like that of Lady MacBeth.

As we awaken spiritually, we begin to sense and to see how these powerful symbolic stories match up to patterns across our lifetimes, and especially in this, the current lifetime.  As part of that awakening, we become aware of the Higher Self, always within us, always watching, always offering the intuitions, alerting us to synchronicities, inspiring us to something better, out of the blue.

When we engage with our birth charts, we are opening to an Initiation begun by the Shamanic Astrologer.  We are becoming our own Shaman, which is another way of saying that we are becoming consciously connected to, and able to participate in directing, the knowledge, grace and power of our Higher Self. We can create symbols, and interact with them to alter Reality.

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