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Book A Silk Road Astrology Reading With Carol

In the Asking, the Question begins to be answered…

Astrology keeps us honest…It brings deep, hidden patterns out into the light of conscious awareness so that we can direct our life energies in a much more positive and fulfilling way. Astrology can help lift you out of a tangled and confusing pile of loose ends, stalled projects, disappointing relationships and regrets, many of which are entirely unnecessary.

My reading for you will be – I hope – just the beginning of an amazing journey.  Astrology is a wonderful hobby, a form of self-study that keeps on giving.  It can also be challenging, leading to wonder about the heavens, our place in the universe, the connections among ancient sources of knowledge…

Note:  Astrology is not a science of fate, as such, but it can help you see what is normal or likely for you, in this lifetime. Note here that my Silk Road Readings work within the framework of reincarnation and karma, and thus may conflict with your own core beliefs.  In which case, I would not recommend you have a Silk Road Astrology Reading – at least not at this time.

With this in mind, I recommend you pause here and read my post About Silk Road Astrology Readings.

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Shamanic Astrology * The 12-House Mandala Of the Birth Chart

In Shamanic Astrology, we see the Birth Chart as a Mandala, drawing all elements of Life and Psyche toward the Center. The Center is the Temple we find ourselves in when we meditate on the Chart.

The Mandala as key to evolution of consciousness and self-understanding. At the center is the Higher Self. Spiritual and psychological growth unfolds within a mandala pattern and process. Psychiatrist pioneer Carl G. Jung discovered this as part of his “shamanic” personal explorations”.

The Mandala reminds us also of the Journey around the Circle, which is where the Experience and Explorations occur. Without such creative activity, there could be little to draw towards the Center.

So the Mandala is a mystical symbol of the Philosophy of Going Out and Returning, and the Wheel is not, therefore, a burden, but a gift.

The Circle and the Cross
The birth chart is divided horizontally by the equator or Ascendant-Descendant Axis, and vertically by the Midheaven-Nadir Axis. These divisions make it that most ancient of symbols – the Circle enclosing a  Cross which divides it into the four sacred quadrants.

The cross inside a circle is said to symbolize the Self (as Ego and Personality) in the crucible of matter, time and space, journeying through the mystical cycles of life, death and rebirth. The Soul – in the form of the Higher Self, stands at the Centre of the Mandala, exchanging energy with the Ego/Self as it moves through the four quadrants.

As the Wheel turns, the Higher Self distills and integrates the fruits of each phase through which the Ego passes. This whole process is enfolded within an even larger version of the Higher Self – the Soul. Thus as it moves through life experience, the Ego receives sustenance and illumination from the Higher Self which, in turn, is the point of Light emanating from the Soul.

What follows is a delineation of the twelve houses and their life themes understood through the lens of a planet and the Sign it is said to “rule”…

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New Physics, the Living Web and Synchronicity * Science and Shamanic Astrology

As a professional astrologer, I have concluded that we need new directions in astrology – and I believe these will lead to a remarkable relationship between astrology, physics and shamanism…Take what I offer here as informed, even channeled speculation – but it is by no means more than a beginning.

The New Physics As A Larger Theoretical Framework
Why does Astrology work? Almost everyone who has ever truly studied Astrology has concluded that it does. The explanation as to why and how seems may be found in other observed relationships such as weather, economic and sociological cycles.

These cyclical relationships point to a basic concept in astrology – the idea that human and planetary phenomena of our solar system, indeed that of our Milky Way galaxy, are all intertwined, embedded in one vast living energy field.  What affects one element affects all the others in a variety of patterns which can be discerned and charted over time.

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Shamanic Astrology, Edgar Cayce and the Living Biosolar System

The signs of the Zodiac are Karmic Patterns; the Planets are the Looms; the Will is the Weaver (Edgar Cayce Reading #3654-L-1).

What I write on Shamanic Astrology is in large part channeled material – it forms a contribution to what I call Theoretical Astrology. I find it a little intimidating in its scope, I must say, and I do not suggest I have all the answers. But I share these psychic insights along merged with my own reflections, as a beginning, at least, of something new.

I have written a companion piece to this, exploring a new scientific and philosophical framework for Shamanic Astrology – the Lacy Web – as well as ancient Chinese understanding of Humanity at the Center, linking Heaven and Earth – see Cycles, Archetypes, I Ching, and the Lacy Web * Exploring Shamanic Astrology

Flight Of Aquarius by Josephine Wall

Towards a New, Shamanic Astrology
Astrology matters – it may ultimately become a science which links together the spiritual and philosophical and healing traditions of reincarnation and karma, shamanism, yoga, and depth psychology.

But we need a new Astrology – one based on a Shamanic understanding of the BioSolar System in which we are embedded. There are glimpses of this Shamanic Astrology in ancient Egyptian writings which resember the channelling of Edgar Cayce on Astrology.  Both sources link our many lifetimes and karmic patterns to the living energy of the solar system, with each planet, as well as Earth, playing a role in our overall spiritual evolution.

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