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Selves and Soul * Karmic Choices In Space and Time

As the Soul sends forth its Selves, it is creating and weaving together its experience within a magical Web known as the mandala. The Soul’s experience thus unfolds in distinct physical lifetimes, drawn together into karmic patterns as thematic designs emerge.

These lives are all interconnected, though literally thousands of years in Earth time may lie between them. For long periods, a Soul may investigate life through one civilization, reincarnating there many times.

The experiences may focus on any number of themes, and sometimes can revolve around the comfort of remaining with one’s Soul Group - which may - but may not - coincide with nations, races and geographies.

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Karma and Reincarnation * Mandala In Space and Time

The concepts of karma and reincarnation have been with humanity from the beginning of all thought recorded here on Earth. Despite its ancient pedigree, and recent resurgence in Western New Age culture, it has lost favour in post-New Age focus on willing and thinking our way to happiness, health and prosperity.

Yet I think it premature to abandon the great framework of karma and reincarnation, particularly as it has evolved in western thought, divorced from eastern notions of caste and fatalism. Karma and reincarnation make sense of questions for which the Abrahamic religions have no answer except a judging and capricious god. 

Only the spiritual growth and psychological maturity of souls acquired in many lifetimes explains the wise and mature among us, while allowing us to see the selfish and violent among us as newcomers to life in the human community.  Only the framework of reincarnation, given structure and meaning in the laws of karma, explains life here on Earth with its mysterious mix of peace and war, joy and sorrow, inspiration and degradation.

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Schoolhouse Earth * Why the World Does Not Get Better But We Can

Reincarnation is the one philosophy which makes sense of life on earth, in all its drama, horror, and beauty. Without this framework of understanding, we are doomed to either the dull pessimism of conservative views -or the continual disappointment of failed liberal and neo-New Age dreams promoting a power to change and control events on Earth.  

This is a power we simply don’t have. We have something better – the great laws of the Universe – especially those of karma, grace, and reincarnation, within which humanity is enfolded.

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Karma Dreaming * The Alchemy of Memory

It is well-known that we repeat and revise old patterns of cause-and-effect (Karma) through reincarnation, our many voyages into Time, Space, and Matter – or as I think of it, journeys on the great Silk Road.

There are forms of Karma Dreaming, however, in which we can work with Karma, reviewing and revising here and now, in this life. This can be quite advanced spiritual practice – as in shamanic journeys through Symbol as we go deeper into meditation. Here, we often drift among our own Akashic Records; here, we may sometimes engage in changing the templates from which arise the repeating patterns of Karma.

The gift of Memory is truly a miracle. It is readily available for all, and it allows us, indeed encourages us, to live not once, but many times within the same lifetime. More remarkably, Far Memory allows us to enter and relive many events from other lifetimes.

And each time we pass our experiences through the alchemy of Remembrance, they are altered in ways we cannot anticipate, but can record. As we change through spiritual and psychological growth, that which we pass through Memory changes also.

In time, much of what we review in Memory is – surprisingly – seen through the generosity of Love.

Beginnings * First Psychic Pictures

Long  before my parents’ psychic “sittings” at Hillshore, and long before I read Edgar Cayce or gve professional psychic readings, I was blessed with my own revelation, which would last a lifetime. I didn’t know it then, but this was my first personal experience with something remarkable called Active Imagination, and it would one day be the psychic channel through which I gave professional psychic Life Readings.

Hillshore, my home c. 1952 on the Bay of Quinte, Prince Edward County, Ontario

I was no more than ten, sitting on the back steps that led into the old extra room, really a storage shed, tacked onto the farmhouse at Hillshore. In there, we kept our piles of chopped wood for the ancient black cook stove, “Beulah”. It was also the place where Rocket, our large bullmastiff, used to sleep with Patsy, the small black spaniel cross, tucked close to Rocket’s tummy for warmth. Our stolid bodyguard, a cat named Sir Pook of Quinte, would ensconce himself on Rocket’s back and in this fashion the trio would settle in for their night’s sleep.

The day came, however, when Dad tore down the old shed with its step, and we could go directly across the small gulley to the larger apple orchard. Rocket was allocated his own suite of rooms in the barn for winter, Patsy was given hers close by, and Sir Pook of Quinte had by then inveigled himself into becoming a House Cat….

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