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Avicenna, Carl Jung, and the Magical Dimensions of Active Imagination

We tend to associate the practice of active imagination with psychiatrist Carl G. Jung and his pioneering depth psychology and frankly psychic, occult experiences. And of course it was Jung who brought it into western thought and practise related, he believed, to the psychological and spiritual world of alchemy. I write about it because my medium mother encountered it spontaneously, as part of her psychic sittings with friends, and passed it to me as her greatest gift.

But active imagination – in perhaps its most pure form – was described at least as early as the great Islamic philosopher Avicenna who lived from approximately 980 to 1030 AD. He taught that in the trained imagination we can access a ‘nonspatial fabric’ which mediates between the empirical/sensory and the cognitional/spiritual realms”.

Old Well – Universal symbol of ancient wisdom, water hidden deep for humanity to find in its own time, but also to inherit, through the generations.

This is a very tidy and complete definition of active imagination. We note that it is active in the sense that energy here can be directed towards creation and transformation. It is imagination because it is a special kind of interaction with a realm just beyond our normal, everyday range of mental awareness. And the activity undertaken here has a specific purpose – it mediates between the empirical/sensory and the cognitional/spiritual realsm.

Now we are getting close to the world inhabited by the Shaman. Here is where, in ancient terms, true magic can take place, if by magic we mean the mysterious transformation of the world through the power of Mind.

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Planting the Seed Deed * Practical Steps To Manifesting Your Dreams

How much time do we spend thinking and talking about issues in our lives and how much more time do we spend coming up with possible – but only possible – goals that might change things for the better?

Many of us try to attract a variety of goals into our lives through prayer, creative visualization and repeated affirmations. And indeed, what we meditate on, what we focus on (and what we obsess about) will find us, one way or another, somewhere in Time – in this lifetime or another.

But there is something immediate and  practical we can do to bring new things into our lives. We need to link our mental act of intention to a physical act, one which sets our mental image into the world.

I am talking here about planting a Seed Deed, a simple, physical act with metaphysical, creative power.  It occurs when we act spontaneously – yet with conscious focus – into the world around us with a small, practical act which symbolizes our larger goal.  Such a Seed Deed generates a field of energy which keeps expanding, as all deeds placed into matter must, into eventual fruition.

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Word Deeds In the World Temple * Know the Shamanic Power Of Your Speech

They say the Dark is jealous of the Light, and will try to steal from it…

“The Word is the most powerful tool we have as humans” from The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, Shaman

Increasingly, we find ourselves assaulted, especially in western televisions shows, movies and on social media, by coarse, mocking, harsh, potty-mouth language. While some find this language unpleasant, most have not considered that it carries power and force – as does all speech – with the power to harm not only listeners, but also speakers.

How often did a Star Wars Sith mock his adversary as the prelude to destruction?

A common theme of coarse and mocking language, for example, is to debase, to degrade, to place a crack in the vase, a blotch on the painting, a blight on someone’s self-image.

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Shamanism * Journey To the West

Just as key elements of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and Zen have come in successive waves to renew a weary, post-modern West, so Shamanism has touched a chord in the Western soul. At the grass-roots cultural level in the West, it is impossible to ignore the rising tide of interest and apparent value gained in shamanic explorations.

Across the Internet, our new Silk Road, articles and websites featuring Shamanism have sprung up like flowers after desert rain. Here, from a typically Aquarian perspective - outside the box - I consider that a core, or pure shamanism exists, but has not yet been captured by neo-shamanism schools of the west.

There is – I believe – another layer of shamanism, hidden behind drums and ritual, which emanates from within Mind. Perhaps it has journeyed westward so that this ancient but somewhat obscured dimension of shamanism can be explored and shared with the world.

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