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Race-Thinking and Empire * Truth Is the Daughter of Time

In a related post, I reviewed The Imperial Cruise, by Bradley James, in which the author traces the roots of American expansionism and the rise of Japanese race-thinking as key to its East Asia dominion…Here, I look at several other works which look deeply, unsparingly, into the abyss of western imperialism and race-thinking. For it seems that there is no end to the revelations of abuse endured by whole peoples in the colonial, imperial era…We place our faith in the old saying – Truth is the Daughter of Time

Imperial Reckoning: The Untold Story of Britain’s Gulag in Kenya. Here we have the first honest revelations of British genocidal policies in Kenya during the Mau-Mau War of the 1950s. This was an uprising of Kenyans after decades of already systematic brutality at the hands of the British colonial power.

Billed as just a small round-up, internment and possibly rough treatment of a few murderous rebels, it turns out that the British took a page from Hitler’s use of camps as the political instrument of terror for control as well as for the extermination of undesirable elements of the state.

The British forced a huge portion of Kenya’s population into concentration camps, subjecting them to officially-approved, systematic degradation through torture, forced labor, and starvation; at least 90,000 Kenyans died and more were terribly scarred, inside and out.

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Roosevelt, Aryanism and the Roots of American White Nationalism

It is vital that Americans, and the whole Western world, identify clearly one common driving mythology which American leaders would share with Hitler and modern neo-Nazis – Aryanism, the doctrine of white racial superiority enshrined in state power and its use to exterminate non-white peoples all over the earth.

Of all the threats to civilizations on this planet this one – systemic, rapidly (re)organizing Western racism – is the one most likely to plunge much if not all of the world into a darkness from which it is hard to imagine we might emerge as a recognizably human community. It won’t matter at all how green our planet is if it is littered with death camps and the howls of neo-Nazi, KKK or just plain white lynch mobs…

In this post I review a remarkable book which delves in the race-thinking which lay behind Teddy Roosevelt’s foreign policy which created American death camps in the Philippines, fostered Japan’s genocidal role as “honorary Aryans” in East Asia, and still echoes strongly today in the American far right. Continue reading Roosevelt, Aryanism and the Roots of American White Nationalism

The Octopus State * Putin’s FSB, Oligarchs and the War in Ukraine

We need to splash cold water on our collective faces in the West.  The invasion of Ukraine is indeed marginally related to Putin’s fear of western, NATO expansion, and it is justified through propaganda by allusions to Russian mystical destiny and the Russian Orthodox Church with its roots in Ukraine.

It may even have been launched with one eye on the expansionist model of China’s New Silk Road, and of course, the demographics of Eurasia which may see Christian Russia overwhelmed by a Muslim world. I have discussed these elsewhere as likely factors in Putin’s war in Ukraine.

But what really drives Putin’s War is the battle to extend and maintain the tentacles of the Russian octopus state into and throughout Ukraine.  The riches of Ukraine are part of the riches of Russia being siphoned off by the tentacles of Putin’s vast FSB (Federal Security Service) organizations teamed with organized crime and a vast array of fabricated “private” companies.

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The Birth Chart of Charles, Prince of Wales * William, Harry and the British Monarchy

Update:  On September 8, sometime between noon and probably 1:00 p.m., Queen Elizabeth II passed to the Other Side, and at that moment, her son became our new King Charles III. This gives his reign the vibration of Virgo, said to be alchemically linked with, part of, the Sign Scorpio under which Charles was born.

But before I post an analysis of the chart of ascension for the new Charles, as King, below we have the basic birth chart of Charles. The kingship will change him, without a doubt, but the building blocks of his lifetime are all here, in his birth chart.

His Sun Sign is in 22 degrees of Scorpio, Ascendant 5 degrees of Leo and Moon 0 degrees of Taurus.

The Sun, ruler of his Ascendant Leo (which marks off the beginning of his 1st House), rules his chart. As Leo is the Sign of Kingship, we can expect Charles to at some point, become king. And, as I note in my post on her chart, Camilla clearly has a remarkable connection to Charles, with both of their charts anchored in a 5-degree Leo Ascendant.  There is karma, most likely of a long and loving kind – and it is my psychic reading that loving Charles has, for Camilla, been in some lifetimes through being his mother.

As ruler of Leo, the Sun will rule this birth chart, though we know Prince Charles’s Sun is actually in Scorpio.  And, because his Sun is found in the 4th House it we can see his resonance to the sign of Cancer which is the Sign of the Fourth House in the archetypal, “natural” zodiac.  As a father, Charles can relate to William who is a Cancer, and might well have connected better with Diana, also a Cancer, had there been no prior – karmic – destiny with Camilla.

The 4th House rules home and family and this is where soul DNA in the birth chart can be very revealing.  Here are the physical, karmic, psychological and spiritual roots of family history going back many generations, so that we can trace here the spirit line of a family.  Here are the entertwined roots of karma, and here we can widen our vision to understand that there is much more going on in a life than what we see on the surface.

I focus initially on several “asteroid” points – Camilla, Harry, William, and London. As examples of the mystical fact of synchronicity within our cosmos I have found these points relevant in every chart in which I have used them.

Note:  As in all my astrology charts, I use the Equal House System, a very old approach to the division of the circle into 12 houses, each said to reveal key themes and issues within different areas of each lifetime.*

The first observation I’ll make here is that the placement of Camilla, William, Henry, California – where Prince Harry and wife Meghan now reside – and perhaps London itself, are quite striking.  Continue reading The Birth Chart of Charles, Prince of Wales * William, Harry and the British Monarchy