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Selves and Soul * Karmic Choices In Space and Time

As the Soul sends forth its Selves, it is creating and weaving together its experience within a magical Web known as the mandala. The Soul’s experience thus unfolds in distinct physical lifetimes, drawn together into karmic patterns as thematic designs emerge.

These lives are all interconnected, though literally thousands of years in Earth time may lie between them. For long periods, a Soul may investigate life through one civilization, reincarnating there many times.

The experiences may focus on any number of themes, and sometimes can revolve around the comfort of remaining with one’s Soul Group - which may - but may not - coincide with nations, races and geographies.

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Karma and Reincarnation * Mandala In Space and Time

The concepts of karma and reincarnation have been with humanity from the beginning of all thought recorded here on Earth. Despite its ancient pedigree, and recent resurgence in Western New Age culture, it has lost favour in post-New Age focus on willing and thinking our way to happiness, health and prosperity.

Yet I think it premature to abandon the great framework of karma and reincarnation, particularly as it has evolved in western thought, divorced from eastern notions of caste and fatalism. Karma and reincarnation make sense of questions for which the Abrahamic religions have no answer except a judging and capricious god. 

Only the spiritual growth and psychological maturity of souls acquired in many lifetimes explains the wise and mature among us, while allowing us to see the selfish and violent among us as newcomers to life in the human community.  Only the framework of reincarnation, given structure and meaning in the laws of karma, explains life here on Earth with its mysterious mix of peace and war, joy and sorrow, inspiration and degradation.

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