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The Mysteries of Neptune * Illusion, Healing, and Travels in Time

While Pluto tends to bring experiences which grind ever more deeply down into the depths of our being, Neptune soothes our pain and lifts us up like a spiritual balloon. This provides us with new vision, a larger view of our life and of its challenges. When Neptune is nicely aspected in a chart, or receives a visit by transit of a planet such as Jupiter, it can seem as if we are floating high above the Grand Canyon or the Rain Forest and finally see the grandeur of life itself.

Neptune influences in our lives bring psychic gifts such as mediumship, clairvoyance, and esoteric healing arts.

It is true that Neptune can be a “hot-air balloon” and our elevation won’t last long if we are filled with unrealistic and somewhat wishful thinking and fake self-images.

Neptune has a reputation for creating fine, spidery webs of deceit which are so subtle yet so all-embracing that one can be lost inside before realizing that every thread in this web is a lie. We may be lying to ourselves, or to others, or we may have wandered into someone else’s web of deception, and if so, it will take drastic actions to extricate ourselves.

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On the Sacred Path * Solitary Shamanism and Peony Medicine Healing

I am discovering more a new “essential” Shamanism can be practiced, particularly here in the West through meditation on a solitary path. This practise  includes invoking the unique nature and use of certain plants through visualizing them, and deploying their magical potential, in Symbol, rather than in their actual, physical use.

In The Secret Teaching of Plants , Stephen Buhner reminds us that plant teachings are the foundation of modern discoveries in both medicine and plant foods.  Gathering of such knowledge directly from the wildness of the world is known as biognosis—meaning “knowledge from life.”

Buhner asserts that this is an aspect of our humanness inherent in our physical bodies and is therefore something that each of us has the capacity to develop.

It seems likely that, in the beginning at least, almost all original discoveries of plant medicine came from communication of the world’s shamans with the plant life here on Earth. This communication is part of the training of the Shaman in all indigenous cultures, and in the transition to new sestern shamanism, we need to remind ourselves of this natural school of learning and healing.

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Active Imagination, the Higher Self, and the Spiritual Life

The Meditative Process * Not Silence, But Active Imagination, a Faculty of the Soul.

(Please see note at the end of this article on the possible negative effects of various kinds of meditation.)

There is a unique meditative state which for lack of a better term, many have called Active Imagination. It is not imagination in the sense of conjuring up something fanciful, or unreal.

Active Imagination has been known to humanity as a distinct and rather esoteric state for a very long time.  The Shaman almost certainly lives within it at times continuously, and Carl Jung experienced it as a lively personal inner world of events, debates and conversations.  It is a state of being in which we enter a realm between conscious and unconscious, between waking and dreaming.

In ancient Arab and Iranian philosophy the term Imaginal Realm was coined to describe a space which bridged the worlds of matter and spirit – a place referred to in most world cultures, and associated often with being a causal plane, one in which changes made in the imaginal dimension of mind could effect changes in the material plane.

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Healing Tears In Meditation

I suddenly remembered my mother’s trance work at Hillshore in the early Sixties, along the Bay of Quinte…and her guide saying matter-of-factly – “You see, only when the tears actually flow, are there deep changes in the cells themselves…”

The alchemists of old marvelled at the dissolving of salt in water which happens with our tears. Research shows that their appearance – when not for show or petulant “on cue” dramatics – marks a turning point deep within the psyche. Without these tears, many “journeys of healing” may be only imaginative explorations of one’s inner and other worlds, falling short, however, of actual healing. What we are looking for is a deep, permanent transformation within the body’s cells and those of the still-physical, but much less dense body – the personality or psyche.

The meditation process described here, leading to the release of old trauma, seems to be authored by one’s Higher Self and to center on guided, spontaneous, and transformational imagery. It is a unique form of meditation filled with practical, spiritual teaching and above all, deep, personal healing. This is an alchemical, and thus Shamanic, form of meditation.

The state of mind is very close to what Carl Jung called active imagination. This is very similar to the hypnagogic state just as you drift off to sleep and just as you are first vaguely awakening, when you have flashes of images and thoughts which seem almost like waking dreams. These are very receptive states and thus present an opening into the Unconscious and other realms of the Psyche. Here, at any point on the Circle, you are connecting with the Higher Self, the Shaman within who will take you on your journeys Within and teach you the gift of self-transformation.

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