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Shamanism * Plant Medicine In Meditation

From within the Garden of the Higher Mind, we can choose and use any plant medicine that we need, for ourselves, or sent to another in a healing Journey.

In The Secret Teaching of Plants , Stephen Buhner reminds us that plant teachings are the foundation of modern discoveries in both medicine and plant foods.  Gathering of such knowledge directly from the wildness of the world is known as biognosis—meaning “knowledge from life.”

Buhner asserts that this is an aspect of our humanness inherent in our physical bodies and is therefore something that each of us has the capacity to develop.

It seems likely that, in the beginning at least, almost all original discoveries of plant medicine came from communication of the world’s shamans with the plant life here on Earth. This communication is part of the training of the Shaman in all indigenous cultures, and in the transition to new western shamanism, we need to remind ourselves of this natural school of learning and healing.

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Shamanic Transformations * Healing Tears In Meditation

I suddenly remembered my mother’s trance work at Hillshore in the early Sixties, along the Bay of Quinte…and her guide saying matter-of-factly – “You see, only when the tears actually flow, are there deep changes in the cells themselves…” Thus does deep healing – shamanic transformation – take place.

The alchemists of old marvelled at the dissolving of salt in water which happens with our tears. Research shows that their appearance – when not for show or petulant “on cue” dramatics – marks a turning point deep within the psyche.

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A Mystical Rose For Healing

At Hillshore, my country home in southern Ontario, my mother and father found themselves holding psychic “sittings” with a British couple dedicated to research in such matters. I was not part of their group, which met weekly, but she later confided in me, and showed me her binder of manuscripts which she had transcribed from their taped sessions.

From these group sessions – filled with fascinating material about reincarnation, karma, healing, gifts of the spirit, and so on – flowed my mother’s private, personal work in a special kind of meditation. She passed all this along to me, my most precious legacy from her.

I describe the form of meditation elsewhere here at Aquarian Reflections, but here I offer a short, simple method mom was shown early on in her personal healing work, the creation of a beautiful image to replace – literally, neurologically, tape over – ugly, painful, fearful ones.

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Karma Dreaming * The Alchemy of Memory

It is well-known that we repeat and revise old patterns of cause-and-effect (Karma) through reincarnation, our many voyages into Time, Space, and Matter – or as I think of it, journeys on the great Silk Road.

There are forms of Karma Dreaming, however, in which we can work with Karma, reviewing and revising here and now, in this life. This can be quite advanced spiritual practice – as in shamanic journeys through Symbol as we go deeper into meditation. Here, we often drift among our own Akashic Records; here, we may sometimes engage in changing the templates from which arise the repeating patterns of Karma.

The gift of Memory is truly a miracle. It is readily available for all, and it allows us, indeed encourages us, to live not once, but many times within the same lifetime. More remarkably, Far Memory allows us to enter and relive many events from other lifetimes.

And each time we pass our experiences through the alchemy of Remembrance, they are altered in ways we cannot anticipate, but can record. As we change through spiritual and psychological growth, that which we pass through Memory changes also.

In time, much of what we review in Memory is – surprisingly – seen through the generosity of Love.