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The Mysteries of Neptune * Illusion, Healing, and Travels in Time

While Pluto tends to bring experiences which grind ever more deeply down into the depths of our being, Neptune soothes our pain and lifts us up like a spiritual balloon. This provides us with new vision, a larger view of our life and of its challenges. When Neptune is nicely aspected in a chart, or receives a visit by transit of a planet such as Jupiter, it can seem as if we are floating high above the Grand Canyon or the Rain Forest and finally see the grandeur of life itself.

Neptune influences in our lives bring psychic gifts such as mediumship, clairvoyance, and esoteric healing arts.

It is true that Neptune can be a “hot-air balloon” and our elevation won’t last long if we are filled with unrealistic and somewhat wishful thinking and fake self-images.

Neptune has a reputation for creating fine, spidery webs of deceit which are so subtle yet so all-embracing that one can be lost inside before realizing that every thread in this web is a lie. We may be lying to ourselves, or to others, or we may have wandered into someone else’s web of deception, and if so, it will take drastic actions to extricate ourselves.

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Libya Dreaming * Far Memory and the Sands of Space and Time

Sigh…In modern times Libya makes  news headlines for its wars and struggles to find a place in the world.  It was not always so…

Sometimes I find myself Libya Dreaming, following a trail of old maps, histories, and feelings, till I arrive, at last, in the golden sands of Far Memory…

There is – there was – a Libya I know better than the city I have lived in for 45 years.

Archaeological Site of Cyrene (Libya)

A pillar of ancient history, it was a jewel in the crown of the Roman Empire from 146 BC to 640 AD. It was prized even earlier by the Greeks, who founded Cyrene – the Athens of Africa – in Cyrenaica in Eastern Libya from which modern eastern Libya and Libyans still take their name.

The site of Cyrene was chosen – most wisely – on the advice of the Oracle of Delphi and the city would become one of the largest in the Mediterranean. The area is now a World Heritage site and is rich in mythology and history.

There is a strong possibility that the invading Greeks built their temple to Apollo for protection from Libyan Amazons and over artefacts of an earlier, more advanced culture.

In the beginning, though, it was the home of the Berbers. The earliest name given them – Libu – appears to be the origin of the word Libya, the name for most of the African continent in classical Egyptian, Greek and Roman times.

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