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Putin’s War: Mother Russia, Eurasia’s Demographics and China’s New Silk Road

I have elsewhere discussed what I think is the nature of a Russian “Octopus” state and its unique form. From that analysis I think it probable that Putin’s War – the invasion of Ukraine – is primarily caused by the drive to secure state assets (both Ukrainian and Russian) owned or entangled with Putin’s FSB/oligarch/mafia system which masquerades as a state.

However – there are other, at least marginally relevant reasons for the war, some of which make for good propaganda and others of which might be said to be the national interests of a normal state.

The Scope of China’s New Silk Road

Eurasia’s demographic challenge to a Slavic Russian Christian state, the call of a Mother Russia destined to restore an ancient order dating back to the Atlanteans, and the expanding power and influence of China into Eurasia, prize of the coming century, and site of a new world order centered in a Greater Eurasia from which the West would be all but excluded.

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Ancient Strategic Thought Behind China’s New Silk Road

Successful China may be, with a foreign policy which has spread its power around the globe; but China’s New Silk Road Vision is no celebration of the ancient land and sea routes linking East and West in a grand exchange of goods, innovations and philosophies.

Instead, it perfectly illustrates how China continues to carefully and successfully use its unique forms of strategic thought to navigate in military, economic and political spheres of a world in which it is now supremely at home.

Comparative Strategic Culture and the Use Of Force, Space and Time In International Relations: Chinese Foreign Policy As Protracted War

My Master’s thesis was written in 1992 and time has shown it to be as relevant now as it was then. You can visit the link above and view/download in PDF at the University of Victoria lnk above.

At that time, I made the point that Mao’s strategic thought, rooted in ancient Chinese philosophy only slightly updated in Leninism-Marxism, was the key to China’s military and economic success.

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