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About Silk Road Astrology Readings

Note:  I am in semi-retirement, but available again in the fall for your readings!

Should you invest the time and money in an astrology reading – and if so –  are my Silk Road Astrology Readings right for you?  Good questions, both, and I’ll offer some insights here for you to ponder…

First, let me assure you – I don’t offer “canned” versions which can be had very cheaply and automatically through various astrology software programs and their companies.

Each of my readings is a labour of love, and I spend a great deal of time meditating on each birth chart and in writing my own scientific and psychic interpretations of what I see, what I feel I am “shown”.

Psychic Versus Astrologer?

Yes, I do use my psychic abilities in the total evaluation of a birth chart.  This question arises because there are many astrologers who are outraged and outspoken at the idea of a psychic claiming to do astrology.  They seem unable to grasp how the two approaches can mesh beautifully – or possibly they do understand and fear a sort of unfair competition.

However, those like myself who are both psychic and astrologer must politely but firmly insist that psychic intuition is actually a wonderful enhancer of astrological insights; indeed one could argue it is necessary (and almost always brought into play) in order to pinpoint the very fine shades of meanings and inter-relationships – of all the possible technical combinations that can arise in a client’s birth chart.

In fact, without these intuitive, psychic flashes of insight, without opening to higher inspiration, the formal, nonpsychic astrologer is likely to fall back on what astrologers call “cook-book” readings – the kind that computer programs can and do produce automatically.

At the same time, psychic insights take their direction from those abstract symbols which fill the birth chart.  In that sense, astrology keeps the psychic gifts within bounds, tied to a Center which allows for channeling that tells a Story, one so important that the very stars in the heavens wrote this Story on the day and at the time you first drew breath.

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Saturn and Uranus * Great Rulers Of Aquarius

Meet the two giants, Saturn, the second one in the picture next to simply enormous Jupiter, and Uranus (turquoise) third in the picture, next to lovely blue Neptune. These four dwarf the other planets of our solar system. What makes Saturn and Uranus so interesting is that they are the co-rulers, in a very strange partnership indeed, of the Sign of Aquarius.

Since we are moving into an Age of Aquarius this Sign concerns us all, not to mention the fact that each of us also has the Sign of Aquarius somewhere in our Birth Charts.  The House Aquarius falls in or demarcates will be a place of experimentation, rebellion, creativity, a source of depression and frustration – and perhaps also of visionary leadership.

Likewise, we all have the planetary rulers of Aquarius – Saturn and Uranus – in our Birth Charts, in mathematical relation to each other as well as to other important features of our charts.  So, depending on the position of these powerful planets, and the House Aquarius falls in, some folks may actually be more Aquarian than the Sun Sign they were actually born under.

And Saturn and Uranus are an odd couple indeed – Saturn so uptight, rigid and habit-driven, Uranus such a free, rebellious spirit for whom habit is a kind of death.

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The Mysterious Powers of Pluto * Death, Regeneration, and Transformation

In some scientific circles, Pluto is still considered, despite recent controversy, a legitimate planet. You can see it in the image here, the farthest planet out, and very tiny. Yet I find it to be one of the most intriguing of the planetary influences in the Birth Chart.

Jeff Green, founder of Evolutionary Astrology, has built an entire theory, and school, of astrology, around Pluto in the Birth Chart as the key to reincarnational history.

Pluto is not used in Classical and Medieval Astrology in the West, nor in Hindu Astrology in the East, based on the belief that Pluto has never been part of traditional astrology. There is some evidence, however, that the so-called Outer Planets – Pluto, Uranus and Neptune – were indeed known in ancient times, such as in Sumer.  Sumerian tablets translated by Zecharia Sitchin tell of a cosmic event within our solar system which – among other great happenings –  knocked Pluto from its orbit sending it into its present cold, outermost location.

Other texts describe the remarkable events leading to Uranus’ turning almost onto its side – a state which still mystifies modern physicists; and how Neptune became the “tranquilizer” of our planetary system, somehow holding all the planets within their given orbits.

The key words to Pluto are:  Extreme Experiences, Fear, Betrayal, Sexuality, Mysteries and Mystery, Transformation, Power, Death and Regeneration.

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Animal Allies and Helping Spirits * When Shamanism Enters Your Life

In Shamanism found around the world in indigenous communities, a psychic connection with particular animal spirits called allies is considered essential.  These are sources of power and creative energy which protect, sustain and guide the Shaman in his or her own life, as well as assist the Shaman in working with others.

The indigenous Shaman also makes use of spirits who may be dead family members, other shamans in this world or in other dimensions, and even higher-level shamans who visit this world only occasionally over millennia, to elevate the vibrations of the world in a kind of Christ-like mission. Shamans, in other words, do not work alone; they receive help from entities living and dead who populate the many realms and dimensions of creation.

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