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Saturn and Uranus * Great Rulers Of Aquarius

Meet the two giants, Saturn, the second one in the picture next to simply enormous Jupiter, and Uranus (turquoise) third in the picture, next to lovely blue Neptune. These four dwarf the other planets of our solar system. What makes Saturn and Uranus so interesting is that they are the co-rulers, in a very strange partnership indeed, of the Sign of Aquarius.

Since we are moving into an Age of Aquarius this Sign concerns us all, not to mention the fact that each of us also has the Sign of Aquarius somewhere in our Birth Charts.  The House Aquarius falls in or demarcates will be a place of experimentation, rebellion, creativity, a source of depression and frustration – and perhaps also of visionary leadership.

Likewise, we all have the planetary rulers of Aquarius – Saturn and Uranus – in our Birth Charts, in mathematical relation to each other as well as to other important features of our charts.  So, depending on the position of these powerful planets, and the House Aquarius falls in, some folks may actually be more Aquarian than the Sun Sign they were actually born under.

And Saturn and Uranus are an odd couple indeed – Saturn so uptight, rigid and habit-driven, Uranus such a free, rebellious spirit for whom habit is a kind of death.

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Ukraine Destiny * Birth Chart of Volodymyr Zelenskyy

In this post, I am going to look at the birth chart of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the current president and hero of Ukraine.  There are some remarkable features here, and we can see why Zelenskyy is truly a man of destiny, called to serve at a time in history with which his karma and character seem so remarkably aligned.

Birth Chart of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, Aquarius Sun in Eighth House, Gemini Rising, Moon In Leo – Note Venus Conjunct Zelensky’s Sun – his wife’s Sun is in Aquarius too!

The Eighth House * Power, Destiny, Death and Rebirth

Perhaps the most important feature of Zelenskyy’s birth chart is that his birth date of January 25, 1978 places his Sun in Aquarius conjunct Venus in Aquarius and both planets are in the power-oriented Eighth House.  In the Natural Zodia the Eighth House is rule by the Sign of Scorpio with its ruling planet Pluto.  This House is secretive, and its dealings may well defy convention, cross the lines into societal taboos.

It is often called the House of Death, and very much a focus of older schools fo astrology for that reason.   Not surprisingly – Zelenskyy’s destiny thus seems to have placed him within the realm of a possible early “untimely” death. This, of course, is not yet known…More on the subject of Zelenskyy’s safety below.

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Writing In the Skies * Mysteries In My Birth Chart

Here, I open up my birth chart, with some observations as to how interpretation of a chart works, and also how we can identify mysteries which are foretold in a birth chart. Sometimes they are quite starkly revealed but unless the astrologer is open to such mysteries and “dark secrets” these mysterious clues will be missed.

Each chart is unique; each person’s life begins before birth and is profoundly affected by the choice of parents and birth circumstances.  Very often, the mother’s choices and life patterns are as clear in a client’s chart as are those of the client.

As always in the astrology of family history – one of the ways we can talk about DNA in the birth chart – we look for the placement of Pluto, Saturn and Neptune.  These can refer to deception, betrayal, and denial as part of the childhood; Uranus too must be considered because here is where sudden shocks, revelations and even blows of emotional or physical kind can be foretold.

The Ascendant (or Rising Sign), for Vedic and Medieval Astrologers, has always been the focal point of the chart, regardless of Sun Sign.

In my case, the Sun, Moon, and Mercury are all in Aquarius, and my life and personality clearly reflect this. But I have Libra Rising, and when someone gets close enough to see (not easy with an Aquarian) it becomes evident that in my everyday preferences, clothes, decor, handling of situations, etc, I really express the qualities of Libra more than Aquarius. You have to poke and prod quite a bit before “the Aquarian” comes out in full view and when it does, it can be a revelation to those around me, but also to myself…

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Stranger In a Strange Land * Aquarius In Love, Community and Friendship

The message Aquarius offers in relationship is that the Love is free…and that Love can only ground itself in something larger than itself – which for Aquarius, is our common world.

Note: It is important to find out if you actually are a Sun-Sign Aquarius since the Sign often begins as early as January 19th and especially if you are born on that day, the actual time of day or evening will be vital to know. Many people spend their lives thinking they are Capricorn, but if you are born on January 19th or 20th, do check your birth chart details at where you can fill in your place and time of birth to get your whole chart.

Wherever you have Aquarius in your birth chart, this is the area in your life where Aquarian attitudes and feelings (and karma) will manifest. If you have your Moon in Aquarius, your entire emotional world – and your approach to motherhood, memories and spirituality – will be suffused with Aquarian feelings and their other-worldly attunements.

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The Age of Aquarius * Archetype, Origins and the Coming Transformations

The constellation and archetype of Aquarius has been heralded as the forthcoming Age  No one can be sure exactly when the Age of Aquarius began, but we do know this:  Pluto, planet of profound transformation, moves into Aquarius in 2023, and will stay there for almost 20 years.  Its influence will compound all that Aquarius means:  Focus on humanity, planet earth, revolution, transformation, upheaval, conflict and technological leaps undreamed of. 

Aquarians have a reputation for being impractical visionaries, yet they tend to excel as inventors, often in science, medicine and technology, and to continue the Enki paradigm of making the Earth into a Garden in which Humanity can cultivate itself beginning with comfort, safety and health for the unique human body.

Aquarius remembers that while we carry the genes of the early humans within us, we take our Image from those who came from the Stars – out there. These memories convey a keen sense of destiny beckoning us toward the starry heavens. We feel them awaken in astrology, astronomy, NASA, science fiction, Star Trek, Star Wars, and in our longing hearts as we look upwards on a clear night.

The Aquarian Archetype reminds us collectively of our destiny as Humanity, beloved creation, beloved part of the Whole. We are not forever earthbound, but will become a song of Life on the solar winds. Just as ancient space travellers like Enki helped to carry out the Creator’s plan, so we too will carry ourselves, as the Seed Children, to other planets, other systems, other worlds.

Here I explore the Archetype of Aquarius, for if it is true that we have entered into the Age of Aquarius we have little choice but to live through its wild uncharted energies…We need also understand that this Age is not a gentle age of harmony despite our fondest hopes from the Sixties.  Within Aquarius lie explosive, irreversible energies.  There will be no going back, no stuffing of the genie back into the bottle.

And now, a new layer has been added:  the Age of Aquarius is almost certainly about to enter a new phase when Pluto, the karmic and evolutionary planet par excellence, moves into Aquarius in 2023 and remains there through 2043.  Pluto is a take-no-prisoners kind of planetary vibration/energy, corresponding to Scorpio and the number 8. It will stir up darker, violent, and conflict-laden features of archetype Aquarius that are often ignored in astrology and popular culture.

And if, as I note below, the Age of Aquarius was somehow hijacked, squandered, subverted, we need to ask “By whom?” We must find our way back, we who came here as the Baby Boomers, hopeful messengers of a New Age.

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