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About Carol and Silk Road Visions

Carol At Home

This is the online home of Carol Leigh Rice, MA, psychic, astrologer, student of shamanism, former academic (political science) and of course, an Aquarian.

I live in beautiful Victoria, BC, enjoying occasional bouts of retirement which do not seem to last very long!

As I describe in Silk Road Visions: Back Here On Earth, I see our many lifetimes on Earth through the metaphor of the ancient Silk Road, journeys repeated but never the same, always moving through the shifting, sifting sands of a History we all make together.

As addicted, manipulated consumers of social media, we live in the West in a culture mired in cheap, transitory entertainment framed by the pursuit of material goods and “wealth management” – as if these had ever provided humanity with peace and strength for the Great Road of life.

It seems to me that the world is in need of some Light in Dark Times. We might all benefit from a return to the spiritual seeking and finding so many of us lived through as Baby Boomers in what, looking back, was indeed the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

So though I have been known in my city as a psychic, and elsewhere as an outspoken academic, I created this blog mostly to talk about the ancient, yet still new to the West, philosophy of reincarnation, with its teachings about karma, grace, and gradual growth.

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