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About Carol and Silk Road Visions

Carol At Home

This is the online home of Carol Leigh Rice, MA,  devoted mom, semi-retired psychic and astrologer, solitary shaman, and former academic (political science).

I am also an Aquarian, and very typical indeed of this Sun Sign. I work best alone, though my focus tends to always be on others – whether indivdiuals, nations, societies or communities…

With Uranus as the ruler of Aquarius, I shock and surprise myself as much as others with my interests, choices and decisions. Having Libra Rising, however, makes Venus the ruler of my chart, and these influences soften – over time – much of the drama which predictably but unexpectedly comes into my life. I write a lot about Aquarius and its dramatic Age here on Silk Road Visions.

I am blessed – and deeply challenged – with a Balsamic Moon in my birth chart, and I discuss this extraordinary life influence in one of my most detailed and popular posts.

In fact, this whole blog is really my book, the one I have yet to write, the one everyone has told me to write for most of my life.  Somehow, though, it seems more natural to let the chapters on all these different dimensions of spiritual life simply unfold here – so much is channelled – for each visitor to find what appeals to them at this moment in their lives.

And, like the Silk Road, over which travelled everything from silk and spice to books, philosophy and medicine, my blog here covers many topics, from astrology to shamanism, personal healing and the political world which we all share…

I have explored and self-trained in a new shamanism which seems to bridge both East and West; the vital link between psyche, symbol and transformation was first shown me in meditation and further revealed in the life readings which followed.

I have worked for psychiatrists and psychologists as an office manager/secretary; as a mature student and single mom I obtained a BA and MA in political science; along the way I spent over 30 years in part-time and  full-time work as a medical transcriptionist – in hospital or online –  immersed in the medical world of surgeries, consultations, hospital admission and discharge reports for all disciplines within medicine.

So I see myself as  a Life Counsellor with special credentials and from time to time I still offer Silk Road Astrology Readings – highly personalized, hand-and-soul-crafted for each person who consults me.

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About Silk Road Astrology Readings

Should you invest the time and money in an astrology reading – and if so –  are my Silk Road Astrology Readings right for you?  Good questions, both, and I’ll offer some insights here for you to ponder…

First, let me assure you – I don’t offer “canned” versions which can be had very cheaply and automatically through various astrology software programs and their companies.

Each of my readings is a labour of love, and I spend a great deal of time meditating on each birth chart and in writing my own scientific and psychic interpretations of what I see, what I feel I am “shown”.

Psychic Versus Astrologer?

Yes, I do use my psychic abilities in the total evaluation of a birth chart.  This question arises because there are many astrologers who are outraged and outspoken at the idea of a psychic claiming to do astrology.  They seem unable to grasp how the two approaches can mesh beautifully – or possibly they do understand and fear a sort of unfair competition.

However, those like myself who are both psychic and astrologer must politely but firmly insist that psychic intuition is actually a wonderful enhancer of astrological insights; indeed one could argue it is necessary (and almost always brought into play) in order to pinpoint the very fine shades of meanings and inter-relationships – of all the possible technical combinations that can arise in a client’s birth chart.

In fact, without these intuitive, psychic flashes of insight, without opening to higher inspiration, the formal, nonpsychic astrologer is likely to fall back on what astrologers call “cook-book” readings – the kind that computer programs can and do produce automatically.

At the same time, psychic insights take their direction from those abstract symbols which fill the birth chart.  In that sense, astrology keeps the psychic gifts within bounds, tied to a Center which allows for channeling that tells a Story, one so important that the very stars in the heavens wrote this Story on the day and at the time you first drew breath.

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Writing In the Skies * Mysteries In My Birth Chart

Here, I open up my birth chart, with some observations as to how interpretation of a chart works, and also how we can identify mysteries which are foretold in a birth chart. Sometimes they are quite starkly revealed but unless the astrologer is open to such mysteries and “dark secrets” these mysterious clues will be missed.

Each chart is unique; each person’s life begins before birth and is profoundly affected by the choice of parents and birth circumstances.  Very often, the mother’s choices and life patterns are as clear in a client’s chart as are those of the client.

As always in the astrology of family history – one of the ways we can talk about DNA in the birth chart – we look for the placement of Pluto, Saturn and Neptune.  These can refer to deception, betrayal, and denial as part of the childhood; Uranus too must be considered because here is where sudden shocks, revelations and even blows of emotional or physical kind can be foretold.

The Ascendant (or Rising Sign), for Vedic and Medieval Astrologers, has always been the focal point of the chart, regardless of Sun Sign.

In my case, the Sun, Moon, and Mercury are all in Aquarius, and my life and personality clearly reflect this. But I have Libra Rising, and when someone gets close enough to see (not easy with an Aquarian) it becomes evident that in my everyday preferences, clothes, decor, handling of situations, etc, I really express the qualities of Libra more than Aquarius. You have to poke and prod quite a bit before “the Aquarian” comes out in full view and when it does, it can be a revelation to those around me, but also to myself…

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Libya Dreaming * Far Memory and the Sands of Space and Time

Sigh…In modern times Libya makes  news headlines for its wars and struggles to find a place in the world.  It was not always so…

Sometimes I find myself Libya Dreaming, following a trail of old maps, histories, and feelings, till I arrive, at last, in the golden sands of Far Memory…

There is – there was – a Libya I know better than the city I have lived in for 45 years.

Archaeological Site of Cyrene (Libya)

A pillar of ancient history, it was a jewel in the crown of the Roman Empire from 146 BC to 640 AD. It was prized even earlier by the Greeks, who founded Cyrene – the Athens of Africa – in Cyrenaica in Eastern Libya from which modern eastern Libya and Libyans still take their name.

The site of Cyrene was chosen – most wisely – on the advice of the Oracle of Delphi and the city would become one of the largest in the Mediterranean. The area is now a World Heritage site and is rich in mythology and history.

There is a strong possibility that the invading Greeks built their temple to Apollo for protection from Libyan Amazons and over artefacts of an earlier, more advanced culture.

In the beginning, though, it was the home of the Berbers. The earliest name given them – Libu – appears to be the origin of the word Libya, the name for most of the African continent in classical Egyptian, Greek and Roman times.

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