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About Carol and Silk Road Visions

Carol Leigh Rice, BA MA, Victoria, BC

Welcome to Silk Road Visions. I have always loved the Silk Road – its history, the fabulous traffic along its many different pathways, including the Silk Sea Routes. And I see it as a metaphor for our life here, a magical Road we set out on with each of our new births, here on Earth.

I created this website partly as a memoir of my own life, the part of the Silk Road I have travelled, and the lovely things I have encountered on my many different journeys. Above all, though, I have wanted to record here as much as I can all the learning that has come to me through my development into a professional psychic, and then into a solitary shaman.

The themes which tie together all my experiences in these areas are karma, grace, and reincarnation. These ancient teachings were given to me before I was 10, in what I call my first teaching pictures.  I regard them as the greatest gifts of my lifetime.

Whatever else is true, or not true, these have been my rock of faith for all of my life. I would love for the world to see their truth, their simplicity, and the logic which flows from them – of equality, mercy, and justice which could be ours here on earth.

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Libya Dreaming * Travels In Far Memory

Are all the genes and histories of Lybia later additions to those of a much earlier people – the warriors and settlers of the half-remembered Atlantis?

Far Memory…made famous by Joan Grant…Memories of another lifetime are a gift; sometimes they are meant to help with the here and now, with insights about one’s life patterns, love and family; sometimes they come through the veil of Time for comfort, to ground us in a larger Self for whom death is truly only a doorway into other rooms.

My Life Readings always spoke of my clients’ other lifetimes, and always with the message that they were relevant to this life. So when I have glimpses of my own Far Memory, I am always thrilled.

In that vein, sometimes I find myself Libya Dreaming, following a trail of old maps, histories, and feelings, till I arrive, at last, in the golden sands of Far Memory…Because there is – there was – a Libya I know better than the city here in which I have lived for almost 50 years.

But why do I remember Libya with such poignant, sudden longings? Familiarity, perhaps, and more good times than those in other lives, in different times and different places…Are there lessons, or more likely, memories of love?

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Lights Along the Runway * Leaving the Body In Death

When death comes, let it be no stranger to be feared, but an old friend to take us Home. In shamanic, transformative meditation we may spontaneously find ourselves journeying to the moment in time when we will leave, once again, this very familiar world…

Occasionally, western doctors, nurses, and religous teachers cautiously bring up the idea of death as an event we can and should think about, even prepare for.  Seldom do they discuss it as a process we already understand on some levels, a process whose steps are embedded within body and psyche.  Yet dying is the other half of life; it completes our birth.  Surely the body – as well as psyche and soul – knows how to die?

Julie McFadden, a hospice nurse, has written a book – and an article to which I am linking here – to tell us we should not fear death. It is indeed a natural process which she has observed unfolding for decades, one with built-in biological guidelines to carry us out of this life.  In most cases, though not all, she tells us, death arrives in a manner which confers peace and dignity, with minimal to no pain.

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A Spirit Message For Dark Times

One Message For All From Those on The Other Side
Clairvoyance, healing and other psychic gifts were my inheritance from my mother. Her guide called these the “gifts of the Spirit Line.” He said they came from the Irish side of her family, from a kind of psychic gene pool intertwined with the physical one.

Hillshore, c. 1952, where my parents held early psychic mediumship sessions, and I first awakened to my own psychic revelations and gifts.

The gifts – and our spirit kinship – were why, he told us, I had chosen her for my birth.  From her, I later learned a special kind of  meditation in which I developed these gifts which I was able to then share with others as a professional psychic. Surprisingly, this same form of meditation led me to solitary shamanism, or perhaps the shamanism always came first, and what mom and I called meditation was really a form of the shaman’s journey.

Yet all these gifts – though precious – are far less important to me than the larger message of my mother’s mediumship, and later of my own: “We come here many times, each with our own Plan, with lots of time to grow, to make repairs, and to change our writings in the sands of Time. We need not envy another his or her life, for we will have ones just like these in our own time, just as we must feel compassion for those with harsh lives, for we too will walk parts of the Road – our own Silk Road – that seem long and hard… 

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Silk Road Visions * Back Here On Earth

Jolting along the ancient Road, I listen for the beat of the drum, my gaze lost in far horizons. Swaying high above the drifting sands, I close my eyes and dream of Home…

Kitaro, Silk Road (From Silk Road Suite) Live in Madrid

The Silk Road * Memories, Dreams and Visions
How I have loved the ancient Silk Road and all that it has meant for humanity.

I close my eyes and see shimmering horizons, vast peaks rising far away…I feel ancient rhythms, hear ancient wisdom, and revel in sands and grasses flowing – this river of Time, this metaphor for the human journey on Earth.

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