Caravans and Sifting Sands

We are part of a Great Web of Life – a metaphor sprung to life as we connect, through the Internet, in our millions around the world each day…

Nations, which we build together, have karma too, and often whole peoples reincarnate together in more than one historical time. In the study of history and political life we may meet ourselves, for we leave our threads woven in Silk Tapestries of nations and peoples as well as within our own lives.

From these larger Stories come memory, meaning and belonging, carefully preserved in the Book of Life which belongs to every Soul.

I see the Spiritual Path as one which for most of us leads into and through a busy, very-human World.  We set forth anew through the Morning Gates, with hope in our hearts and our heads held high.  We travel together in our Caravans – our families and nations, our friends and our foes.

We jostle along with our laughter and love, with our strife and our sorrow – it’s all good, yours and mine.  Yet we look for the distant horizons too, and we listen to Stories we weave from our Deeds, precious Silk from our Time on the Road.  For the deeds of this world, and each life we live here – come only once and are gone, entrancing, ever-changing, like the shifting desert sands.

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