Camilla Duchess of Cornwall * Diana, Karma and 12th House of Undoing

Camilla Parker-Bowles has always wanted to be – or has simply known she would be – Queen to Charles’s King.  The astrology of her birth chart can show us why.  It can also help us see it was more karma and destiny than it was malice or selfishness that brought Camilla and Charles together, leaving Diana to play her own special role in the British Monarchy.

Birth Chart of Camilla Parker-Bowles Queen-In-Waiting

Three Karmic Keys To Camilla’s Birth Chart

Ascendant/Rising Sign and Degree Overlap With Birth Chart of Prince Charles:

What stands out immediately in Camilla’s chart is that her Ascendant, known as the Rising Sign, is at almost 5 degrees of Leo, while Prince Charles’s Rising Sign is just over 5 degrees of Leo.  So when we place Camilla’s chart over that of Prince Charles (what we call an overlay), the two charts match up exactly in terms of Ascendants at 5 degrees of Leo, and subsequent 11 Houses, all beginning at 5 degrees (approximately) of the same signs. Each of their houses are ruled by the same house as that of the other, giving them almost identical outlooks on most areas of their lives.

This is likely not “coincidence” but karma, truly a match made in Heaven, or at least arising from other lifetimes.  When two people’s charts are matched at the Ascendant, they are, astrologically speaking, “joined at the hip.” There may be other vital connections (through angles) which reinforce or weaken this innate compatibility; however, it reveals that both Camilla and Charles share a Life Plan structure which will create similar, if not parallel lives.  It is not a surprise then, that their lives have merged into one Road.

Rising Sign/Ascendant in Royal Leo

Secondly, the Ascendant or Rising Sign is considered by many to be the vital center of a birth chart, even more important than the Sun.  Leo is the sign of Royalty, and as the Rising Sign for both Camilla and Prince Charles, the royal connection between these two individuals, already strong with both charts sharing near-identical Rising Sign and House Structure, is  heavily reinforced.

As an aside, the fact that his Rising Sign is in Royal Leo reassures Charles that he is almost certain to be King one day, despite doubts about this – will his mother outlive him, or will she pass the throne to William?

Camilla’s Leo Rising – in the context of her birth into the British aristocracy, would suggest she would be attracted to royalty as, in some sense, her historic “right.”  It would seem natural that her physical personhood (ruled by First House and Rising Sign) would be surrounded by an environment of royalty.

Kate With Leo Rising – Even more surprising, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, also has Leo rising, so that her chart structure – and life – is in significant karmic resonance with both Prince Charles and Camilla.  And, her Leo Rising reinforces the theme of her life from an early age (as with Camilla) – the determination to become the lover and then wife of a future king of England, in Kate’s case, Prince William. This “royal rising sign” explains Kate’s profound sense that Prince William not always “the one” for her but the way she has instinctively found the perfect niche for herself as Prince Charles’s daughter-in-law, despite friction between Charles and his son WIlliam.

Kate’s Leo Rising, like Camilla’s Leo Rising, tells us that these two women know their way around a royal court, and that this is not the first time either of them have found their lives entwined with each other, and with future monarchs of a royal house.

Meghan With Leo Sun – But we are not done yet with this Royal Leo influence! Amazingly, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and wife of Prince Harry, was born under the Sun Sign of Leo, at about 11 degrees, so that her Sun will fall into the First Houses of Camilla and Prince Charles, her father-in-law and the immediate future King.

And Meghan’s Sun will fall, like the Rising Signs of Camilla and Charles do, into the 12th House of Catherine, signalling an even deeper, more mysterious bond among all these royals, despite, or perhaps explaining, the secret as well as open discordance among them.

To say that there is a powerful karmic bond between Meghan and the Royal Family is an understatement.  While many choose to see, and to judge, Meghan as a kind of upstart wanna-be, the astrology of these royal charts reveals a recurrent thread of destiny.

Camilla, Diana, and Karma in the 12th House

The third important key is Camilla’s 12th House, in which we find not only her Sun in Cancer but also the asteroid Diana immediately next to (conjunct) Camilla’s Sun.  This is the House of karma, other lifetimes, deep unconscious, forms of confinement such as hospitals, retreats, prisons, and one might add, the British Monarchy.  It is also the House of the Higher Mind – but that need not detain us here…

The Diana steroid/Camilla Sun connection is a striking indication of an unexpectedly close bond between the two royal women. Indeed, since the Sun represents Will, it suggests a relationship of domination and submission to some degree. It might have been a parent-child relationship in a past lifetime, possibly that of a teacher-apprentice or of a highly placed figure mentoring someone at court.  This might explain what we see as a contest of wills between Diana and Camilla in which Diana could not prevail.  This life might be a phase in Diana’s attempt to escape the domination of the stronger figure whom we know today as Duchess of Cornwall, likely to be Queen.

The 12th House is a Water House and considered the House of Undoing to the extent that when we have planets in this house we often cannot get them – and their energies – into our line of vision.  They can be operating within the psyche, and within our outer lives, with complete independence from our reasoning selves.  For this reason, Camilla’s Sun in Cancer, in her 12th House, is doubly emotional, somewhat blind and instinctive in its force.

This alerts us that the Diana energy, so tightly curled up in Cancer (Diana’s own Sun Sign) next to Camilla, is only vaguely perceived as a peripheral presence.

She, DIana, would be experienced by Camilla as  someone beyond her actual line of sight, out of her rational calculations, one might say.  Diana, whose Sun Sign of Cancer would also be found here in Camilla’s 12th House, was for some reason destined to be almost smothered by the Lady Camilla. What might be the karmic history between these two ladies of the British royal court?

She found Camilla’s sense of entitlement, her dismissal of Diana as any serious sort of impediment, to be infuriating. Camilla never saw or acknowledged Diana as anything more than a vague presence, an annoying but slight obstacle in her relationship with Charles.  This made Camilla a near-unstoppable force in Charles’s life, especially since his own Sun is in the Water Sign of Scorpio which has a reputation for single-minded relentless pursuit of goals.

On further evaluation of this all-important 12th House and the Sign of Cancer, we find that Diana’s Sun in approximately 10 degrees of Cancer would actually sit atop of Camilla’s Venus and Moon – both in approximately 10 degrees of Cancer – here in the 12th House.  It is therefore impossible to assume that Diana and Camilla would only vaguely linked by their association with Prince Charles – an accidental, unfortunate connection through travelling in the same aristocratic circles.

No, even this cursory glance at Camilla’s birth chart reveals an astonishing level of connectedness, squarely arising out of a karmic House and speaking to us of fates entertwined in many lifetimes.

We may speculate on where these two ladies met before – almost certainly within the history of the British Monarchy – and how they ended up in each previous encounter.  It would seem that the story is still unfolding – despite Diana’s death, she is still with us, still with her two sons, and still a haunting presence over the British throne.

We have to conclude that, destiny or not, there was also a kind of blind but ruthless energy binding Camilla and Charles together.  Certainly with both Pluto and Saturn in their First Houses, each is accustomed to using all means at their disposal to get their own way, and that might well include some forms of deceit (Pluto) and forceful authoritative manner (Saturn). In other words, singly or as a pair, both are formidable opponents and excellent allies.,

And while Camilla has cultivated this image of calm and reason balancing Charles’s (and William’s) temper and even neurosis, there is evidence here with Pluto in her First House that Camilla has pulled some rather tricky strings in her time, and is quite capable of taking care of her own interests and ambitions.

Time has not yet told the full tale of of this lady’s rise to royal prominence, and we must wait to see whether Camilla’s marriage to Charles is all that she intends it to be.  There is still that ghost of the 12th House, with her Sun and asteroid Diana so close to it.  The question remains – will her powerful, forceful, yet blind 12th House, to be her undoing?

There is still a great deal of information yet to come out about Diana, her life and death and legacy through her sons.  William (the asteroid) sits in Camilla’s 6th House of Work/Duty and Health – and there are rumours that he has an extremely bad temper, is moody and wilful – as some with Cancer Sun can be.  His time of “Work” will come only when his father dies or is incapacitated, and what would that mean for Camilla, wiithout Charles or Queen Elizabeth as buffer?

As for Prince Harry, his asteroid sits – oddly – in Camilla’s 4th House of Home and Family, including ancestry, DNA and spirit lines.  This suggests Camilla might have an instinctive affection for Harry, who may yet find a way to genuinely warm up to her.  It is William I suspect she considers a secret enemy, but all this must play out in the fullness of time.

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