An Extraordinary Psychic Reading * Mind In the Waters

This connection between my human mind on land with a great Mind in the Waters, has stayed with my all my life, a gift to my client, and to myself, a blessing forever.

As a professional psychic for many years, I often found myself in the midst of an extraordinary reading.  One of these has stayed with me more than most, especially as I have contemplated the beautiful bond so many have with their pets, and how animal allies are known to be mysterious partners in the work of a shaman.

But this was so different.  The lady had come to see me from Vancouver, a word-of-mouth referral, as I never advertised.  I had never seen her before and knew nothing at all about her.  As always, I began by asking her to say nothing till the reading ended, partly because once I began, the images and interpretation came in one continuuous flow. I didn’t ask questions and actually, had no control at all over the direction of any reading. It had been the way I first began, seemingly guided, and it was always the way I proceeded.

So, as usual, I took both her hands, and waited for the first pictures to form, knowing they would come, and when they did, I would follow where they led, wherever that might take us. I was quite used to readings going in remarkable directions – and the more odd or dramatic the directions were, the more accurate they tended to be.

However, it was still a surprise to see the whale…moving through the deep blue Pacific waters! I could feel its great presence filling the room, and then the reading launched into a wonderfully poetic discussion of the lady’s relationship with “this vast and spacious consciousness that is the Whale”….

My Sources – who included my client’s guides and mine working as a team – were emphatic: “You believe you have this connection with whales – and indeed you do. As you walk along the sandy shore, or along the concrete street, you are linked in love and awareness to the Whales, in their great ocean homes.

“Above all, you have a mystical, loving, very real, bond with one whale in particular. With this whale, you exchange messages of love and communicate information as you go through your days.”

There was so much more! I began to wonder if this poetic, beautiful description would go on for the entire reading. But, as I used to tell my clients “I never edit – in fact if I do the images simply stop coming…”  So I faithfully repeated the lovely, and loving passages to this lady, who remained, as I asked, silent the whole time.

My Sources at last moved on, and spoke of other things. When the sands of the reading had run out, it was time for us to chat, time to see if, and how, the reading fit my client’s life.  I was more than a little nervous – I never quite got used to the fact that it was often the most outlandish, unpredictable elements of a reading that would prove 100% accurate. Sometimes my clients and I would just sit and stare at each other.  Of course, if I hadn’t been accurate most of the time (though not always) I could not have continued for the years that I did.

In this case, my client was animated, telling me that the entire “Whale segment” was for her the core of the reading! It turned out I was not off on my own mystical, Aquarian tanget.  Her apartment in Vancouver was full of whale pictures, sculptures, symbols and art.

But – even more to the point –  she was uniquely and uncommonly connected to one special whale, which is exactly how I had felt and seen it.  It seemed that she was helping sponsor a scientific project which involved her sponsoring a tagged whale (I think it was a humpback), keeping track of its movements and social relationships throughout its lifetime in the Pacific Ocean.

But there was one more thing! What made it all the more remarkable was that she had come over from Vancouver for the reading having just received a particularly exciting piece of news.

It seemed that earlier that week she had learned that she had become a “grandmother” – her whale – the one she was sponsoring – had just given birth to her very first calf!

If ever one needed “proof” that we are connected with all life on earth, and in a deeply meaningful way, this reading is that proof.  I was used to connecting with the psyche and akashic records of other human beings – though that always felt, and still feels, like a miracle.

But this was different. The magnificence of the Whale, this great creation. That my seemingly small human mind could connect so intensely and directly with this whale, this giant Mind in the Waters still amazes and humbles me.  It made me realize all over again that – as Han Solo says in The Force Awakens – “It’s true, it’s all true….”

In the many years now since this reading took place, I have found myself drawn back to it – a gift from my guides to both myself and my client.


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