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Note:  I am in semi-retirement, but available again in the fall for your readings!

Should you invest the time and money in an astrology reading – and if so –  are my Silk Road Astrology Readings right for you?  Good questions, both, and I’ll offer some insights here for you to ponder…

First, let me assure you – I don’t offer “canned” versions which can be had very cheaply and automatically through various astrology software programs and their companies.

Each of my readings is a labour of love, and I spend a great deal of time meditating on each birth chart and in writing my own scientific and psychic interpretations of what I see, what I feel I am “shown”.

Psychic Versus Astrologer?

Yes, I do use my psychic abilities in the total evaluation of a birth chart.  This question arises because there are many astrologers who are outraged and outspoken at the idea of a psychic claiming to do astrology.  They seem unable to grasp how the two approaches can mesh beautifully – or possibly they do understand and fear a sort of unfair competition.

However, those like myself who are both psychic and astrologer must politely but firmly insist that psychic intuition is actually a wonderful enhancer of astrological insights; indeed one could argue it is necessary (and almost always brought into play) in order to pinpoint the very fine shades of meanings and inter-relationships – of all the possible technical combinations that can arise in a client’s birth chart.

In fact, without these intuitive, psychic flashes of insight, without opening to higher inspiration, the formal, nonpsychic astrologer is likely to fall back on what astrologers call “cook-book” readings – the kind that computer programs can and do produce automatically.

At the same time, psychic insights take their direction from those abstract symbols which fill the birth chart.  In that sense, astrology keeps the psychic gifts within bounds, tied to a Center which allows for channeling that tells a Story, one so important that the very stars in the heavens wrote this Story on the day and at the time you first drew breath.

Major Archetype From Mythology: The Greek Goddess Pallas Athene, Goddess Protector, warrior guardian of civilization (city of Athens), goddess of wisdom. Also known as Athena. Known as Roman goddess Minerva,

Archetypes * The Universal Become the Very Personal

Though the diversity worldwide on even one given day is immense, millions of people do have the same or similar configurations in their birth charts – so how can each birth chart tell a unique story?But here is where Archetypes come in – large templates of famous, classic stories that we find repeated over and over in literature, myth and movies.

They all seem different, till we look more deeply and see the same themes and characters – and no matter how much “the same” they are, each is different enough for us to enjoy on its own.

That is because though archetypes are  forms like cookie-cutters – no two versions of one archetype are identical.  You may be playing out the Cindarella role your whole life, but the events will be different from those in the original fairy tale/myth.  So the archetype is the cookie-cutter, but the “dough” inside can be very different.  That is because you bring to an archetypal role a long unseen history – your many lifetimes and all that makes you so unique.

So while the birth chart is filled with archetypal symbols with large universal meanings, only the truly intuitive, psychic gifts of the astrologer enable him or her to tell which, of the many interpretations possible for each symbol and its location, are the ones that belong to you, the unique client.

And that is why the psychic eye is important, to see into the heart of your journey and sense how and why the archetypal energy is playing out for you in this precise way, at this precise stage of Soul History.  (You might enjoy my Gods, Godesses and Archetypes * Dramas, DNA and Human Personality)…

So a birth chart is much more than a tool for making for predictions about daily things occurring right now in your life.  If those are what interest you most, then a direct, psychic reading is probably more suited to you.  I say that as a professional psychic who gave such dedicated psychic readings for over 30 years.

My Psychic Readings Became Life Plan Astrology Readings

Even then, however, my readings contained not only predictions, but an emphasis on the past lifetime scenarios, choices and experiences which I could see were creating the situations which faced my clients…

In other words, even when doing psychic readings, “my people” (as I called my guides) and those of my clients, always seemed to want to get to the root of matters, to get to the “why?” of persistent themes in relationships, challenges, goals, and so forth.

And that always seemed to bring up details about certain past lifetimes in which the seeds of learning were sown. Karma was never spoke of as a dark thing – as fate – but rather as a natural outplay of choices and desires, often coming to an end, or coming to a head in a crisis!

So I called my work Life Readings, because they gave an overview of key lifetimes, what their goals and outcomes were in a nutshell, and how the client was picking up on those in this life.

My Life Readings explained the why – not just the what – in people’s lives, and I believe deeply that this can help people see the deep meaning in even the most difficult of events and circumstances.

It became so very clear why no one’s life was meant to have or could have, a “cookie-cutter” profile the way we are brainwashed to believe by TV ads and society’s expectations.

So why add astrology?  I added astrology when I realized that the “Life Plan” I was talking about in psychic readings was actually laid out there in the birth chart – for me, at least, plain to see.  It gave me something concrete to look at and describe, something my client could see as well as me.  I could flesh out the framework laid out in the chart with my psychic channeling, which is automatic with me when I move into a counseling realm.

Because of my Life Readings, I was drawn naturally to the field of Karmic Astrology, in which we see in the birth chart a record of past lives. Not all past lives, but the ones most relevant to this life, and showing where and how the client was picking up major threads and working on them, like an ongoing tapestry.

I could see why “predictions” had been downplayed in my readings as a psychic, and why so much of each reading picked up on past-life themes, even when my clients were not that interested in those things…without “the stuff about reincarnation and karma” a psychic reading is missing the entire context of all that has led up to this lifetime and its particular features.

We are all still travelling our own Silk Roads

Reincarnation and Karma

This brings us back to whether you actually want “the stuff about reincarnation and karma” – it is the story of your own Silk Road travels over the centuries, but for without an interest in , and some belief in, reincarnation and karma, such a reading would be tiresome and filled with material you’d be skipping over, looking for “the good stuff…”

The information in astrology readings based on reincarnation and karma cannot, of course, be proven – that is a given.  However, one’s own dreams, synchronicity experiences, intuitions, passions and self-evident interests and life patterns can all point to the accuracy of the information.

Why would this type of reading be unwise for you? Well, to start with, I think one’s religious faith is very important, a strength for the Journey. Astrology might be at odds with your deepest beliefs…

Western religions reject karma and reincarnation, and many people do not realize how much they still lean on their childhood faith, how disturbing – even impossible – it can be to hear a great deal about living many lifetimes and continuing a variety of themes and relationships through Time.

So if you are a still-believing member of the Christian, Muslim, or Jewish faith, I would probably recommend you have a different kind of reading, probably not involving astrology at all…

Eastern religions see reincarnation karma a little more rigidly than western thinkers and mystics do, and may not recognize the Karmic Astrology of a western astrology as valid.  In my case,  I reject the fatalism in any form, whether of western Medieval and Classical Astrology or some versions of Hindu Astrology.  I see choice and karma as interwoven; changing choice is changing karma.

Dorothy and Toto Are We Still In Kansas?

Are You Ready For Some Inner Work – Some Psychology?

A second reason why Karmic Astrology might not be a wise choice for you is that it cannot help but delve into personality and character issues – and for many this is still a little too personal, and can cause stress and anxiety. However, the very purpose of many life-times is to grow, to be challenged, to learn about one’s inner self – the dark and the light. Transformation as we travel the Road is what it is all about. Learning how we can be different is part of that Road…

If you have some experience with looking deep within yourself as well as outward to your external world, then a Silk Road Astrology Reading can fit nicely into your expanding work of self-knowledge. (I also recommend DreamWork, as you can see in other posts). If, on the other hand, you are easily worried and frightened by such ventures, then at least for now, I would definitely advise holding off on having a Silk Road Astrology Reading…

But think about all these things…ask yourself if you are ready for an adventure in philosophy and the meaning of life, if you can handle and would benefit from a little psychological insight, or if you would rather keep your astrology “light” – at least to start with.  Come back and talk to me, though, when you do feel ready for a more challenging, and perhaps more rewarding, journey!

If you browse through my website here you’ll find many more posts on what I have learned from all my years of meditation and training as a psychic as well as astrologer blended with the world of shamanism.  Since your Soul brought you here, it may be time for you to explore all these things further.

Meanwhile, love and blessings to you who pause here for awhile…



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