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This is the online home of Carol Leigh Rice, MA, psychic, astrologer, student of shamanism, former academic (political science) and of course, an Aquarian.

I live in beautiful Victoria, BC, enjoying occasional bouts of retirement which do not seem to last very long!

As I describe in Silk Road Visions: Back Here On Earth, I see our many lifetimes on Earth through the metaphor of the ancient Silk Road, journeys repeated but never the same, always moving through the shifting, sifting sands of a History we all make together.

As addicted, manipulated consumers of social media, we live in the West in a culture mired in cheap, transitory entertainment framed by the pursuit of material goods and “wealth management” – as if these had ever provided humanity with peace and strength for the Great Road of life.

It seems to me that the world is in need of some Light in Dark Times. We might all benefit from a return to the spiritual seeking and finding so many of us lived through as Baby Boomers in what, looking back, was indeed the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

So though I have been known in my city as a psychic, and elsewhere as an outspoken academic, I created this blog mostly to talk about the ancient, yet still new to the West, philosophy of reincarnation, with its teachings about karma, grace, and gradual growth.

I also write here about new forms of Shamanism, how much ancient Shamanism has to offer the western world so desperately in need of Light and indeed, Magic, though not of the cheap or dark occult forms prevalent in today’s world of entertainment.

Shamanism is a healing, visionary, inspirational state and practise; many who find themselves with shamanic gifts are quite unaware (as was I) that there is a name for the “condition” which can indeed be a burden, as much as a gift.  In many cultures, it is recognized that only by “shamanizing” does one born to heal in this manner find peace.

Shamanism is as much science as it is magic, for it is a teaching practise as much as a healing path.  It describes the connectedness behind all life and all consciousness which pervades humanity and the cosmos in which we have our existence.

Shamanism, the oldest religion on earth, has always taught what modern science increasingly recognizes – that what we call “magic” or even psychic gifts are really all expressions of the natural laws of the universe.  Above all, we learn that the universe is almost certainly one great Mind of which our own minds are part, and which imparts meaning to every breath we take.

Perhaps not surprisingly, my approach to astrology has been deeply influenced by the deeper dimensions of shamanism, for the living web of connection links our own consciousness to that of the planets.  I invite you to read more about this in Spiritual DNA In the Birth Chart and Karma Dreaming * Advanced Shamanic Astrology.  I offer Silk Road Astrology readings (with shamanic, psychic components) from time to time; do check back here to keep in touch…

My own Silk Road has passed through many times and places; for many years, I was both a single mother and an academic, studying political science, China, origins of totalitarianism (one of Hannah Arendt’s great works), international relations and in particular the origins and directions of the modern state. In these realms, I completed 2 years of a PhD at UBC, preceded by my Master’s degree at University of Victoria.

In my youth, I completed a year of R.N. training and this seemed to sow seeds which nourished me years later, working for psychologists and psychiatrists, and then much later as a medical transcriptionist in the hospital setting and finally online, transcribing acute care reports for hospitals both in Canada and the United States.

Sacred Date Palm, symbol of the Higher Self

Yet, as I note in Beginnings: My First Psychic Pictures, my Road has always led to and through the spritual life. I joined the Catholic Church briefly, in my youth, and wanted to be a nun though I realized this desire to serve and to care for others could, and would, be expressed in a life on the open, public Road.

In time, my deep, permanent beliefs in reincarnation, karma, and our connection with the unseen worlds led me to spend years in daily meditation, which I eventually recognized was a form of spontaneous, unguided Active Imagination. What I came to see, perhaps above all else, is that the meditative process was being guided, over many years, not only by the delicate presence of unseen guides, but what many spiritual traditions know as the Higher Self.

For each of us, this is our own healing, guiding Center of our personality which is mysteriously also a bridge to our Soul. I describe this more fully in Travels With the Higher Self.

It was through this meditation that I developed more fully my gifts as a psychic.  Eventually I found myself doing professional psychic readings focused on spiritual and psychological insights reflecting my clients’ many lifetimes and their current life plans.  When the season was right, Astrology came into my life and – surprisingly – has become part of my ongoing private studies in shamanism.

From time to time, I move from my private studies into the public realm once again, offering a combination of astrology, shamanic and psychic readings to former and new clients…whom I would miss if I were away too long, and I post my availability here on my blog.

And of course, I was born under the sign of Aquarius ruled by both Saturn and Uranus.  My personality can be rather fixed and the teaching instincts are strong (Saturn); yet my heart needs freedom (Uransu) – I need to see that Open Road ahead, always new horizons, always the call of the cosmos.

And the call of other lifetimes I can truly say is a force that I have responded to all my life.  My connection to China has been strong since early memory, though it hurts to see the ancient Silk Road now appropriated by a China still in search of its modern soul.

For those interested, you can download my 1992 Master’s thesis on China’s foreign policy (still relevant today) in PDF from the University of Victoria website:

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