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Carol Leigh Rice, BA MA, Victoria, BC

Welcome to Silk Road Visions. I have always loved the Silk Road – its history, the fabulous traffic along its many different pathways, including the Silk Sea Routes. And I see it as a metaphor for our life here, a magical Road we set out on with each of our new births, here on Earth.

I created this website partly as a memoir of my own life, the part of the Silk Road I have travelled, and the lovely things I have encountered on my many different journeys. Above all, though, I have wanted to record here as much as I can all the learning that has come to me through my development into a professional psychic, and then into a solitary shaman.

The themes which tie together all my experiences in these areas are karma, grace, and reincarnation. These ancient teachings were given to me before I was 10, in what I call my first teaching pictures.  I regard them as the greatest gifts of my lifetime.

Whatever else is true, or not true, these have been my rock of faith for all of my life. I would love for the world to see their truth, their simplicity, and the logic which flows from them – of equality, mercy, and justice which could be ours here on earth.

Interior St Mary’s Cathedral in Kingston Ontario, where we sang as the Notre Dame Choir for special masses, such as the funeral mass for Pope John 23rd.

As I write in various posts here, I was blessed in my teens with more gifts. I had wanted to join the Catholic Church since I was 9, and did so when I was 14. This was, for me, like going home to an old rambling estate, and told the priest I would not give up my belief in reincarnation…He noted that this had never really been struck off the books of the Vatican, and we got along very well.

What the Church gave to me was not Christianity – that was something I could never warm to. It gave me the pagan world of mysticism and magic channelled through its archaic culture which had a warmth and ring of truth for me.  I left the Church in my 20’s, and have never looked back; but it gave me a refuge in those years – and I needed one, a different family than the one I was born into. It was a Mother and a Father, a community rooted in the ancient times I remembered with such an ache of longing…

So it fit, and I am grateful for the concepts of grace, the insights to human nature, the most noble of its teachings, stepping out of its dirty, old, disreputable garments and leaving them lying there on the floor of my own ancient history.

Oddly, it was in the same time period that my parents’ psychic sittings were held for several years in our old farmhouse along the shores of the Bay of Quinte, in southern Ontario.  I was too young, the guides said, to be exposed to these psychic openings.  And, I was happily ensconced in Notre Dame Convent for part of my high school – hoping too that I would one day become a nun.

These brought together a group of seekers, from many different walks of life and with many different reasons for being there…But it was my mother, whose lovely Irish genes were those I came for,  who turned out to be the medium. She channeled a main teacher, her own guide, but other guides too – one who had known my father briefly in England, during WW 2, before dying on the cliffs of Normandy.  All the guides all spoke of karma, grace and reincarnation as part of the great cosmic laws.

These sessions were recorded on tape and transcribed later by my mother, who shared them with me when Notre Dame unexpectedly closed to become a day school, and I was living at home once more.

And then another gift.  My mother’s guide introduced my mother to a special kind of meditation, which she described to me in great detail over the years. And one day, I simply sat down in the early morning and without any effort, began to have the same kinds of experiences, deep in a meditation which mom and I thought was a light trance.

Like my mother, I sat every morning for this meditation, for the rest of my life.  In time, they seemed to extend, and looking back, I realize they became training sessions for the next phase of my journey – development as a professional psychic whose readings were like those of Edgar Cayce. Like his, they spoke of past lifetimes and patterns which continue from life to life.  Like Cayce, I had no specific “control” or guide who conducted these readings. I seemed able to shift my focus, once in light trance, to what I knew were vast libraries of information about my clients.

Some of this seemed stored deep within the person – their innermost layers of personality. Other information came from what we call the Akashic Records. And more seemed stored within the physical body, including the DNA. For about an hour and a half, I could speak without interruption, weaving the pictures and their subtexts into a coherent whole.  When the reading was over, only then would my clients comment or ask any questions. A year or so into this new work, I discovered the writings of Carl G. Jung, and began to understand that I was involved in rather deep psychological as well as spiritual – even transformational – encounters.

Perhaps not surprisingly, after I had been giving Life Readings for several years, I began to have experiences which have completed the picture for me.  I finally understood, from my new experiences, that the meditations, and the readings, were all linked within the ancient identity of the shaman.

So I have recorded here what my mother’s guides, and my own, have shared with us in psychic sessions and meditation beginning over 70 years ago…And I write about the kind of meditation that begins the shamanic training, and the journeys in which all forms of healing may take place.

May you, my visitors, be confirmed in your own gifts, and emboldened to continue or begin your own travels with the Higher Self.


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