A Mystical Rose For Healing

At Hillshore, my country home in southern Ontario, my mother and father found themselves holding psychic “sittings” with a British couple dedicated to research in such matters. I was not part of their group, which met weekly, but she later confided in me, and showed me her binder of manuscripts which she had transcribed from their taped sessions.

From these group sessions – filled with fascinating material about reincarnation, karma, healing, gifts of the spirit, and so on – flowed my mother’s private, personal work in a special kind of meditation. She passed all this along to me, my most precious legacy from her.

I describe the form of meditation elsewhere here at Aquarian Reflections, but here I offer a short, simple method mom was shown early on in her personal healing work, the creation of a beautiful image to replace – literally, neurologically, tape over – ugly, painful, fearful ones.

My mother loved flowers and had a large rose garden to which she added year after year. One morning in meditation, she found herself doing something quite fascinating. I say “found herself doing” because it seems very important to allow inner work to unfold spontaneously. It may be coming from one’s spiritual guides, and it may be coming from one’s Higher Self – but both sources seem to have the Big Picture – to help you develop and heal at the right pace, and in the right order of inner changes.

Then, as mom put it – “Someone” was explaining (like texting, not an actual voice) that she could create a rose image and use it to “tape over” harmful or negative images/event and the emotions arising from them.

On this occasion, mom began to work on building a more universal, magical image – the Rose – which could be pulled up on the mental screen and applied on short notice to almost any disturbing experience one might encounter in daily life. This might be a graphic, ugly scene in a movie, book, of TV, an upsetting scene with someone close, a repetitive phobia, unhealthy urge, anxiety, the sight of a hurt animal or person, and other forms of what we would call PTSD.

(It seems clear that what Mom was learning to do is part of the science of neuroplasticity, the Brain’s ability to change itself. We know too that “what fires together wires together” in the Brain – we get negative “associations” and can’t shake them – hence flashbacks and triggers which make old trauma present to us in the Now.

By teaching the Brain new associations, new pairs of firings, one might say, the Brain rewires itself and “learns” to drop old negative automatic associations by replacing them with new positive ones…This is what Mom’s guide meant by “taping over…”)

Mom spent considerable time actually building the Rose. In the first several meditations she was encouraged to simply just visualize her favorite rose (I knew it well) a gorgeous salmon-pink, just barely in bloom, fresh in the morning sun. She then seemed to take it apart – dwelling lovingly on every petal, and especially on the leathery dark green color and texture of each leaf.

Finally, she visualized it reassembled, in perfect form – an image of pure Beauty on several levels of sensual experience – smell, touch, vision, and on the level of Mind, where artist perfection takes us to spiritual realms.

In time, she was able to use this healing technique at will, summoning up her Rose in full, dewy, aromatic detail, holding it firmly in her mental vision until it filled her mind. Then, calling up the disturbing image which needed to be erased, mom would superimpose upon it the Rose, holding it there till the ugly image had dissolved.

Mom told me she occasionally “refreshed” her Rose – repeating the visualizing process. It would simply show up in a meditation, and she noted – almost as an observer, the way both mom and I often felt in meditation – that she was once again visualizing her Rose so that it took form once again in careful, slow detail, before her Mind’s Eye.

I do encourage my readers to try this – and don’t be surprised if the flower or image that presents itself to you is something other than a rose, for your Higher Self will know of just the right symbol for you! But a rose can be where you begin, and if you are patient, and don’t try to direct the process, things will unfold from within you…

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