Silk Road Visions * Back Here On Earth

Jolting along the ancient Road, I listen for the beat of the drum, my gaze lost in far horizons. Swaying high above the drifting sands, I close my eyes and dream of Home…

Kitaro, Silk Road (From Silk Road Suite) Live in Madrid

The Silk Road * Memories, Dreams and Visions
How I have loved the ancient Silk Road and all that it has meant for humanity.

I close my eyes and see shimmering horizons, vast peaks rising far away…I feel ancient rhythms, hear ancient wisdom, and revel in sands and grasses flowing – this river of Time, this metaphor for the human journey on Earth.

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Solitary Shamanism * A New Path In the West?

One day we find ourselves spontaneously entering states which can only be understood in terms of the dramatic journeys and transformations unique to shamanism.

Going Where the Path May Lead
The path of the shaman is a calling, one with its own forms, its own practices. And it is not always what it seems. Indigenous cultures have a long tradition of shamanism, with its unique and dramatic forms.

But shamanism in the West may not look like traditional shamanism. It may arrive in someone’s life, as it did mine, quite apart from a group, a community, or a course of any kind. Western shamanism may take place entirely in the Mind – the Higher Mind – and under the tutelage of one’s Higher Self and spirit guides as well as the surprising, loving presence of animal allies.

Yet it is the traditional shamans themselves who tell us – “it is all Symbol, it is all Mind.”

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Selves and Soul * Karmic Choices In Space and Time

As the Soul sends forth its Selves, it is creating and weaving together its experience within a magical Web known as the mandala. The Soul’s experience thus unfolds in distinct physical lifetimes, drawn together into karmic patterns as thematic designs emerge.

These lives are all interconnected, though literally thousands of years in Earth time may lie between them. For long periods, a Soul may investigate life through one civilization, reincarnating there many times.

The experiences may focus on any number of themes, and sometimes can revolve around the comfort of remaining with one’s Soul Group - which may - but may not - coincide with nations, races and geographies.

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Karma and Reincarnation * Mandala In Space and Time

The concepts of karma and reincarnation have been with humanity from the beginning of all thought recorded here on Earth. Despite its ancient pedigree, and recent resurgence in Western New Age culture, it has lost favour in post-New Age focus on willing and thinking our way to happiness, health and prosperity.

Yet I think it premature to abandon the great framework of karma and reincarnation, particularly as it has evolved in western thought, divorced from eastern notions of caste and fatalism. Karma and reincarnation make sense of questions for which the Abrahamic religions have no answer except a judging and capricious god. 

Only the spiritual growth and psychological maturity of souls acquired in many lifetimes explains the wise and mature among us, while allowing us to see the selfish and violent among us as newcomers to life in the human community.  Only the framework of reincarnation, given structure and meaning in the laws of karma, explains life here on Earth with its mysterious mix of peace and war, joy and sorrow, inspiration and degradation.

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Libya Dreaming * Travels In Far Memory

Are all the genes and histories of Lybia later additions to those of a much earlier people – the warriors and settlers of the half-remembered Atlantis?

Far Memory…made famous by Joan Grant…Memories of another lifetime are a gift; sometimes they are meant to help with the here and now, with insights about one’s life patterns, love and family; sometimes they come through the veil of Time for comfort, to ground us in a larger Self for whom death is truly only a doorway into other rooms.

My Life Readings always spoke of my clients’ other lifetimes, and always with the message that they were relevant to this life. So when I have glimpses of my own Far Memory, I am always thrilled.

In that vein, sometimes I find myself Libya Dreaming, following a trail of old maps, histories, and feelings, till I arrive, at last, in the golden sands of Far Memory…Because there is – there was – a Libya I know better than the city here in which I have lived for almost 50 years.

But why do I remember Libya with such poignant, sudden longings? Familiarity, perhaps, and more good times than those in other lives, in different times and different places…Are there lessons, or more likely, memories of love?

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Shamanism * Plant Medicine In Meditation

From within the Garden of the Higher Mind, we can choose and use any plant medicine that we need, for ourselves, or sent to another in a healing Journey.

In The Secret Teaching of Plants , Stephen Buhner reminds us that plant teachings are the foundation of modern discoveries in both medicine and plant foods.  Gathering of such knowledge directly from the wildness of the world is known as biognosis—meaning “knowledge from life.”

Buhner asserts that this is an aspect of our humanness inherent in our physical bodies and is therefore something that each of us has the capacity to develop.

It seems likely that, in the beginning at least, almost all original discoveries of plant medicine came from communication of the world’s shamans with the plant life here on Earth. This communication is part of the training of the Shaman in all indigenous cultures, and in the transition to new western shamanism, we need to remind ourselves of this natural school of learning and healing.

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