The Mysterious Powers of Pluto * Death, Regeneration, and Transformation

In some scientific circles, Pluto is still considered, despite recent controversy, a legitimate planet. You can see it in the image here, the farthest planet out, and very tiny. Yet I find it to be one of the most intriguing of the planetary influences in the Birth Chart.

Jeff Green, founder of Evolutionary Astrology, has built an entire theory, and school, of astrology, around Pluto in the Birth Chart as the key to reincarnational history.

Pluto is not used in Classical and Medieval Astrology in the West, nor in Hindu Astrology in the East, based on the belief that Pluto has never been part of traditional astrology. There is some evidence, however, that the so-called Outer Planets – Pluto, Uranus and Neptune – were indeed known in ancient times, such as in Sumer.  Sumerian tablets translated by Zecharia Sitchin tell of a cosmic event within our solar system which – among other great happenings –  knocked Pluto from its orbit sending it into its present cold, outermost location.

Other texts describe the remarkable events leading to Uranus’ turning almost onto its side – a state which still mystifies modern physicists; and how Neptune became the “tranquilizer” of our planetary system, somehow holding all the planets within their given orbits.

The key words to Pluto are:  Extreme Experiences, Fear, Betrayal, Sexuality, Mysteries and Mystery, Transformation, Power, Death and Regeneration.

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Prince Harry Duke of Sussex * A Royal Death In the Tenth House

It only took me about one minute to see the truth leaping from Prince Harry’s birth chart.  It could not be more clear if it had been written in letters a foot high.  Harry’s birth chart turns upside down the popular myths about Harry’s weak, struggling personality and about the nature of his and Meghan’s relationship; it rearranges our understanding as to the fate which this young prince brought into the world, and about the role he is to play in the Royal House of Windsor.

The young Duke of Sussex has a birth chart which shows remarkable strength as well as a dramatic element of karma linking his 12th, 10th, and 8th Houses in a tale of kingship, isolation, mystery and conspiracy, with Pluto at the top of his chart, symbolizing a “Royal Death In the Tenth House”.

Below is Prince Harry’s birth chart (Equal House System).  I can only offer a brief chart analysis here, but I invite you to pay close attention to the  placement of Pluto and Venus in the public, 10th House.  They are part of a Double Sextile (or Partial Grand Trine) which unites Prince Harry’s Jupiter/Neptune in the 12th House and his Mercury/Vesta/Juno in the 8th House.  This configuration of the Double Sextile indicates a deep, fated pattern which offers almost the only path out of conflict and struggle within a birth chart.

Thus in Prince Harry’s chart, we find the very public death (Pluto in the 10th) of Princess Diana, Queen of the World, (Venus in the 10th) is actually experienced by Harry as an event resonating through one sextile to Jupiter – symbol of Royalty – in his 12th House of past lives, seclusion, isolation, and unconscious.

His Jupiter here would represent his own sense of isolation within the Royal Family, his helplessness in relation to Pluto – symbolizing his mother’s “Royal Death In the Tenth House.” But Jupiter also suggests Higher Law – and justice, the drive for which I believe will motivate Prince Harry all his life.

His other sextile from Pluto leads to the karmic 8th House of Death, Mystery, Conspiracies and Power.  Here we find Pluto contacting the dimensions of the Feminine – Vesta the Sacred Virgin and Juno the Wife – which are impacted directly by Pluto’s contact.

These aspects of the Feminine are embedded within mystery, intrigue and even coverup based on their location in the 8th House, and emphasized even more by their connection to Pluto, ruler of the 8th House, which sits in the 10th House.  These “Goddess Asteroid” aspects of the Feminine suggest that while the world saw the death of a Venus in Diana’s passing, for Harry it was that, and even more devastating as it was a blow to his image of the Sacred Feminine as a whole – wife, mother, Anima – or spiritual goddess.

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Animal Allies and Helping Spirits * When Shamanism Enters Your Life

In Shamanism found around the world in indigenous communities, a psychic connection with particular animal spirits called allies is considered essential.  These are sources of power and creative energy which protect, sustain and guide the Shaman in his or her own life, as well as assist the Shaman in working with others.

The indigenous Shaman also makes use of spirits who may be dead family members, other shamans in this world or in other dimensions, and even higher-level shamans who visit this world only occasionally over millennia, to elevate the vibrations of the world in a kind of Christ-like mission. Shamans, in other words, do not work alone; they receive help from entities living and dead who populate the many realms and dimensions of creation.

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Lessons From India’s Successful One-Year Anti-Farm Law Protests

A huge convoy of vehicles camping out in the capital and other major cities to protest in action what was imposed without democratic consent; thousands of men and women from all walks of life giving up their day jobs to follow the convoys, determined to help out in any way they could; mainstream media and governments demonizing and demeaning the protestors, painting them ignorant, led by outsiders – impossible they could be doing all this by themselves…

Governments stubbornly refused to recognize that where significant dissent exists, government must be a process of compromise, not imposed – “the majority” can also be a tyranny.

India’s Farmers End Anti-Farm Law Protests after a year...

Sound familiar? Yes, but this was not the Canadian Freedom Convoy of truckers protesting vaccine mandates and other issues in Canadian politics. This happened in a huge democracy, far, far away…

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Silk Road DreamWork * Keys To Interpreting Your Dreams

This is a followup to my first two posts on dreams:  Dreams and DreamWork * Silk Road Journeys and Silk Road Journeys * Insight, Guidance, and Healing in Your Dreams

Here, I offer some practical tips on DreamWork and the interpretation of dreams. The main keys here are commitment, flexibility in approach, and being relaxed about recalling dreams.The idea of interpreting one’s own dreams can be a little intimidating.

To start with, lots of people feel they don’t have dreams, or at least simply never remember them.

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