Arrows of Energy * The Shamanic Power of Words

In the Beginning, the Word
God created the universe, we are told, with Voice and Word – with Logos. This is the greatest of all mysteries, yet shared openly with us by the Creator.  For each time we speak, we bring forth something which leaves us and goes forth on a life of its own…something to ponder, indeed.

“The Word is the most powerful tool we have as humans” from The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, Shaman

From the Shaman’s perspective, there is an ongoing struggle within each of us, and within the World, between the Dark and the Light. Language is one of the places where this battle is ongoing, though this is seldom acknowledged by those who instinctively use language as a casual weapon in daily life. Yet at some level, each of us knows that in the words we throw so carelessly out there, we are creating Word Deeds, sending arrows of psychic energy into the Temple of the World.

They say the Dark is jealous of the Light, and will try to steal from it…

Temple of Diana

Temple of Diana

Word Deed Dreaming in the Temple of the World
What are we sending out into the Temple of our shared world? How are we Dreaming the World? On the spiritual path, one of the first lessons we learn is that thoughts commence the formation of a deed; intentions change the thought to bring it one step closer to the completed deed. Words are the arrows that carry our thoughts and intentions out into the world where they become Word Deeds – psychic energy crystallized in matter.

We are karmically responsible for our Word Deeds, yet we are often unaware of their great power for good or evil. Like children, we forget that there are negative forces which would use our daily language and other simple things to Darken the World.

Artemis Goddess of the Hunt

Artemis Goddess of the Hunt

Directing Energy As Power
Artemis is Goddess of the Great Bow and Golden Arrows…Her Hunt is the Spiritual Path.  Our arrows of energy, like those of Artemis, must be strong, pure and loving, even as they speed to their mark.

The use of language is an exercise of Shamanic power. Poetry, spells, incantations, and mystical rituals all make use of the power of language. But every word we speak, in non-sacred as well as sacred settings, has Shamanic power. In the practical Shamanism of our daily lives we are casting spells whether we understand how it works, or not. More often than we realize, these are spells we are casting on ourselves, and we will meet their results in another Place, another Time…

How tempting it is, and what a habit it can become, to use slang, curse words, coarse mocking terms, and the burning acid of sarcasm. These forms of language were created in all cultures to direct the force of spirit against an adversary – to shame, distance, degrade, intimidate, and control others. People never forget – and seldom forgive – these words directed towards them. They leave lasting wounds scarring the fibers of the psyche and soul – manifesting ultimately in the body and life events of those against whom such negative shamanic power is directed. What this means is that we are able to literally “curse” another – whether we believe in “shamanism” or not.

In these moments, the Dark savors its triumph over the Light. And, in the great wisdom and justice of the Law, all that we have sent forth returns one day to our own harbour like a ship that carries the Plague. We will learn, from the grinding schoolroom of life, the bitter lessons that might so easily have been learned in spiritual cultivation. Our tears of anger and self-pity then will be another victory for the Dark over the Light.

Harsh Word Deeds Can Destroy the Inner Temple
As they pass through us into the world, our Word Deeds burn their images into the walls of the Temple of the Self….

When we use language, creating “our spells” in the world, there is another law at work with an immediate karmic effect – another victory for the Dark over the Light. In our own, inner Temple our words pass as arrows of energy through our own beings on their way to our intended target. Harsh words, coarse slang, and curse words act like electrical jolts burning through our nervous systems, psyches and vocal cords long before they hurtle towards their target in the outer world. Packed with their negative vibrational payload, they sear us as they pass through us, carving harsh images into body, mind and soul. These form the tablets from which our karma will be read, but often karma is swift, as we experience physical and emotional damage from our angry, biting or bitter volley of words.

White Buffalo Calf Woman Communes

White Buffalo Calf Woman Communes

Hear Me, My Temple
And when we are alone, within the Temples of our selves, how do we talk to ourselves about ourselves? What words are we using when we “think” – which is silent speech – about our place in our own lives, our place in the world, in God’s garden?

We need to examine this inner dialogue, for it is “casting a spell” upon us and our lives as surely as if we had secured the assistance of a Shaman high in the mountains of Peru. In the new science of the brain – “neuroplasticity” – we learn that as we talk to ourselves, we physically shape and reshape the living images of perception, meaning, and memory within our brain.

In our conscious Minds, and in our unconscious Minds, do we address ourselves in an ongoing monologue of contempt, disrespect, mockery, despair and disappointment? Or do we speak in calm tones of love, appreciation and creativity to the temples of our bodies and to our faithful selves, tending  the gardens of our lives?

We share, with the Creator, the creative power of Logos, of Language. What does our side of the conversation sound like?

© Carol Leigh Rice 2010 and 2014

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Dance of Sarasvati * Shaman Dreaming On the Wings of Kitaro

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words…

With thanks to the beautiful Youtube channel of Sohame…who shares my love for the music of Aquarian Kitaro and the feeling that it has been the soundtrack for our lives…

This unique video also uses the incredible art work of Charles Frizzel featuring images of the Shaman.

What I call Shaman Dreaming – this creation by Sohame – uniquely captures what I feel, and what I believe most of us feel, when we are lifted “up where we belong“, when we accept the experience of spiritual power as we were meant to understand and use it.

Yet Kitaro’s live performance (below) of his Dance of Sarasvati is not to be missed for its own magic.  It is of course a homage to the Hindu Goddess of Creation.  It also, for me, celebrates the great gifts of each remarkable musician involved here in its final creation, when we see what it really means to be part of a team.

This is one of Kitaro’s great live performances in Madrid.  Keeping the hand beat here is former Bo Diddley drummer, Yoshi Shimada.

Rich Cultural Streams:
The bamboo flute  player for Kitaro here is Nawang Khechog  (at the beginning he is actually using two shaker-rattles and then later the didgeridoo).  He and Yoshi Shimada became impromptu stars at the 1995 New York Tibetan Concert to celebrate the birthday of the Dalai Lama:

“But the one item which brought the house down was not Philip Glass’s Etudes 1 and 2, nor the soaring, majestic voice of Tsering Wangmo or that of Dadon-la but the combination of Nawang Khechog who played on the Tibetan long-horn and Australian Aboriginal didgeridoo, and Yoshi Shimada who played the drum. Yoshi Shimada’s fast-beat drumming and the groans and grunts produced by Nawang Khechog on the long-horn was so devastating that for a moment the audience was left unsure whether it was in some lonely monastery up in the Himalayas or in a blues concert in midtown Manhattan. Still unsure, the audience asked for an encore. Nawang Khechog, one of the foremost contemporary Tibetan musicians, and Yoshi Shimada, the most sought-after drummer in New York, obliged.” From Canada Tibet

Sohame has made a moving, powerful connection between Kitaro’s music and the North American Shamanic and Wisdom traditions.  And again, speaking of “team”,  the Shaman art work of Charles Frizzel is really the other half of the story.  This cultural blending is very fitting, for in Kitaro’s own original work, artists from many traditions come together and, in giving something of their very beings, they give to Kitaro’s creations their uplifting, transcendental beauty.

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And the beautiful original soundtrack – first song of the Silk Road Suite - at YouTube.

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The 12-House Journey * Mandala of the Birth Chart

Mandala All Moving Toward the Center

Mandala All Moving Toward the Center

In Shamanic Astrology, we see the Birth Chart as a Mandala, drawing all elements of Life and Psyche toward the Center. The Center is the Temple we find ourselves in when we meditate on the Chart.

The Mandala reminds us also of the Journey around the Circle, which is where the Experience and Explorations occur. Without such creative activity, there could be little to draw towards the Center. So the Mandala is a mystical symbol of the Philosophy of Going Out and Returning, and the Wheel is not, therefore, a burden, but a gift.

You may want to read my article on the Sacred Mandala of the Birth Chart along with this one.

The Circle and the Cross
The birth chart is divided horizontally by the equator or Ascendant-Descendant Axis, and vertically by the Midheaven-Nadir Axis. These divisions make it that most ancient of symbols – the Circle with a Cross which divides it into the four sacred quadrants. The cross inside a circle is said to symbolize the Self (as Ego and Personality) in the crucible of matter, time and space, journeying through the mystical cycles of life, death and rebirth. The Soul stands at the Centre of the Mandala, exchanging energy with the Ego/Self as it moves through the four quadrants.

As the Wheel turns, the Soul distills and integrates the fruits of each phase through which the Ego passes, while the Ego receives sustenance and illumination, in turn, from the Soul.

What follows is a delineation of the twelve houses and their life themes understood through the lens of a planet and the Sign it is said to “rule”…

We first divide the chart, however, into the Four Quadrants, each of which contains 3 smaller divisions – the houses – so as to make up the 12 Houses of the birth chart. Depending on the signs your planets were “in” at the hour of your birth, they will “fall” or be placed into one of the 12 houses, and this means in one of the Four Quadrants.

A quick glance at a chart can tell us which areas of life are going to be emphasized by which of the houses and, in particular, Four Quadrants, contain the most planets, especially “personal planets like the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars. Jupiter’s placement suggests education, wealth and travel, but Jupiter’s actual manifestation in one’s life will be very influenced by which of the 12 houses, and which Quadrant, Jupiter falls in.

The Natural Zodiac

The Natural Zodiac

We use the Natural Zodiac, shown here, as the Astrologer’s Rosetta Stone or Key…Each house has its “natural” Sign and Planet (some say this is the Birth Chart of the Planet Earth with the Aries of Spring Equinox Rising)…It is the this Key which I expand on, below. The Natural Zodiac is usually seen as depicting the keys of meaning to each house, but is also seen as portraying a mystical “Twelve-House Cycle” in which a gradual process of illumination, transformation, and integration is taking place. The self- transformation through consciousness exploring time and space makes this Cycle truly Shamanic in nature.

We glimpse another Shamanic dimension to the Astrology in the possibility that we are in actual “dialogue” with the solar system’s bodies, as well as with Mother Earth, throughout our Journey. In other words, we are part of a conscious, breathing, living biosphere of which the planets, with their bodies and their consciousness, and human beings, with our bodies and consciousness, all belong.

To this picture we may add idea of reincarnation and karma as the Wheel of learning through cause and effect, through saying “I’ve looked at both sides now”. This is the cosmic principle of the unity of opposites which underlies our attention to the opposite/pairings of signs and houses, as well as other keys.

Fascinatingly, each of the planets has long been associated with different dimensions and “grades” of learning as we progress through our different lifetimes. In other words, Astrology introduces us to a large philosophical perspective on our lives. It is not surprising that Astrology was revered and studied not only by the ancient world but by senior figures in the Catholic Church through the centuries, and secretly studied after it was officially forbidden. No wonder, then, that formal religions frown on, and forbid the study of, Astrology – for it carries a hidden set of teachings which open us up to life on earth and to our connections with the heavens, quite literally, above!

Reading the Twelve-House Cycle of the Birth Chart from the perspective of many lifetimes can help us see why we might have finances, children and the world of everyday affairs very much emphasized (in terms of planets in certain Quadrants and Houses) in our chart, while another person might have a remarkable focus of planetary energy on travel, writing, education and publishing, and still another seem to be sailing through the stormy seas of love, romance and friendship issues.

Many lifetimes helps explain the birth chart’s sense of movement and levels of complexity as a spiritual journey, though within each lifetime, the smaller Twelve-House Cycle unfolds as well from birth, through midlife and into old age.

No one can say for certain how the birth chart fits into the larger cycle of lifetimes, though some suggest that we move from one Sign to the next, and if so, I think the key here is when we arrive at a place where we have most of our personal planets in the same Sign as the Sun – a kind of deep Soul/Personality Alignment is taking place. Some Astrologers have tried to relate the Sun Sign to the Ascendant Sign (demarcates the beginning of the First House) in terms of reincarnations and Soul/Personality relationship. This is a possible approach, but not yet more than a hypothesis…

And House systems do vary, so that one’s planets may appear in different Houses depending on the system your astrologer or you decide to use. Currently the Equal House and Placidus are among the most popular. Sometimes changing the House system can cause your birth chart to suddenly seem to “fit” and if so, that is the system one should switch to.

As we begin our study of the Natural Zodiac and Twelve-House Cycle we keep in mind that our Soul Energy enters the chart from horizon on the left of the circle in the East (imagine the bottom of the circle is the North, and you are looking down! Streaming into the First House at the hour of your birth, this energy travels counter-clockwise, crossing the IM (lowest point) in the 4th house, travelling up across the Descendant in the 7th house, across the top of the chart passing through the MC (highest point) and down into the Twelfth House, where the mystical death of the Ego undergoes a mystical transformation in a death that is union with the Soul.

Spiritual Travels With the Higher Self

Spiritual Travels With the Higher Self

The First Quadrant * A New Beginning
The First Quadrant introduces you to life, once again, on Earth. Here is the Morning House, the dawn of self-awareness, recognition of a new Ego phase, a new birth, and a new physical body. The Houses in this quadrant are all about You.

In the First House, we find the Ascendant, sometimes called the Rising Sign. The Ascendant Sign represents the Ego – the Small Self developing through “Personality” – and the Sun Sign represents the Larger Self, or Soul – the Center of the Mandala drawing all our experiences and their meanings together. In the Natural Zodiac, the Sign on the First House is Aries, whose ruler is Mars, so here we have the primal instincts of the child, who comes into the world with a drive to survive, and to find a place for him, or herself, in the new physical environment.

The Ego and Self are natural partners in each journey through a 12-house cycle.

First House * I Am Born, I Am Aware, I Have a Body! (Aries – Mars) Fire House (Identity)

Second House * My Possessions, Values, Natural Abilities (Taurus – Venus) Earth House (Grounding)

Third House * My Mind, Neighbourhood, Siblings, First Schools (Gemini – Mercury) Air House (Mind)

So the First Quadrant of the 12-House Cycle represents the physical entity – You – coming into awareness of physical life, the need to sustain that life, and the enlarging environment from which to draw the resources need for that purpose.

Natural Zodiac With Tree of Life Roots In the Fourth House

Natural Zodiac With Tree of Life Roots In the Fourth House

Second Quadrant * The Self Emerges From Home Foundations Into A New World
In the Second Quadrant, an intense set of experiences occurs in the development of the Self. Here, we become of aware of an expanding identity – first in the awareness of the negative and positive bonds of Family, then in our bursts of adolescent creativity, dreaming and sexual awareness, and finally as we enter adulthood, the world of Work, where we express our growing identity in the larger environment of the working world.

Fourth House * Responsible Awareness of My Family and Roots, Karmic Endings Prefigured Here (Cancer – Moon) * Water House – Karma of family carried in genes and chakras. Karmic House.

Fifth House * Beginning My Own Creative Projects – Children of Body and Spirit – Loves – Adventures (Leo – Sun) * Fire House. (Is thought of as a Karmic House in Hindu Astrology, perhaps because one’s children are seen as a pathway through which karma enters one’s life!)

Sixth House – Establishing My Mundane World of Work, Health, Worldly Goals and Practical Service (Virgo – Mercury) Earth House – Spiritual Essence may be “Holding the Self Accountable”..

In the Second Quadrant there is the dawning of an enlarged awareness of Self. In the 4th house comes recognition of the family, and your role within it, your inability to separate your identity from your Family. Then, in the 5th house, you forge your own identity as a creative being, and this house rules children of the body and spirit, along with all artistic and creative adventures. Risks are here, as it is the beginning of the end of the familiar, though this may not yet be understood.

In the 6th house, the process is completed in the often frustrating attempts to find a working identity in the community, as you take responsibility now for your physical self and also discover abilities within to offer the community that you had not known were there. Here, in the 6th house, you may encounter your old fears, insecurities and feelings of inferiority, as this is also the ancient house of slavery, servants and humble service. It is not till the 10th house that a larger vision of the self comes into view, and this may haunt one, in a life where the 6th house will come before success and name-in-lights recognition in the 10th house…

Founding God Fu Xi and Consort Goddess Nu Wa in Ancient China * DNA, Elites and Hidden History

Founding God Fu Xi and Consort Goddess Nu Wa in Ancient China * DNA, Elites and Hidden History

Third Quadrant * Mysteries of Culture and Power In A Shared World
As we step into the 7th House we make our move to the first house of the upper half of the Circle. Now comes the expansion of Self in the awareness of Other, where I Am changes to We Are. This is the part of the Journey where we discover a whole new Self, and the alchemy of union, the power of secrets, sex and knowledge…

In these three houses we leave behind the simple world of early childhood and early adulthood – these were the foundation, and will be truly tested in the World.

Here we start taking on personal commitments which literally force the growing Self in a web of interconnectedness. Though still focused on material concerns, the stakes are higher and we discover relationships – in marriage, occult knowledge and the mysteries of all union to be the source of wealth, knowledge and power. We become aware of the geography of Time and Space in the history of the planet Earth – we experience, whether we know it or not, our karmic roots beyond the Fourth House…

Seventh House * We Are, We Commit, we Contract, We Share (Libra – Venus) Opening to the World – Vulnerability – Our Opponents, from this and other lives appear. Air House.

Eighth House – We Own, We Create, We Have Power (Scorpio – Pluto) * Water House – Karma of Groups, Nations, Sex, Money and Power. Earth House. Karmic House.

Ninth House * We Know, Teach, Explore (Sagittarius – Jupiter) In the Seventh and Eighth Houses we explored the magical alchemy of Union of various kinds, whether in business and marriage, or with the more extreme, power-based unions of sex, money and the experiences of death. In the Ninth House, we continue our explorations, but move into the somewhat less dense atmosphere of the broad expanse of higher philosophy, religious messages, and concern for the education and thus evolution of the human race. We are beginning to lose the Ego, once again, but coming out of the hidden depths of the Eighth House or private transformations of marriage and partnership. This time we are starting to lose the Self to visions beyond our own intense personality experiences. Here, we return to the themes of education in our childhood, but no longer by rote, this time fuelled by curiosity and an emerging sense of responsibility as caretakers of our own human race. Fire House.

The Third Quadrant carries with it dangers. Here we encounter the power of groups and clans beyond our own borders of self and family. In the 7th house old enemies and thus old karma may lurk, holding us to old contracts we need to get out of, or seducing us, craving our power for themselves.

In the 8th house, our ancient involvement with powerful group identities can come back to haunt us, as we struggle to review the energies from outside these entities: military, mob, banking elites, secret societies, CIA and other secret services. Here too, we meet the primal tests of managing energy – in sex, including all that is “taboo”, and money – creating it, sharing it, using it, losing it, “starting from nothing”….

In the 9th house, we emerge into higher realms, seeking philosophy and wide learning about spiritual matters from all the world’s cultures and religions. We leave 7th house single-contracts and 8th house group entanglements behind for our first steps on the contemplative road of higher learning, and may connect with university studies or travel to foreign lands. (Think Eat, Pray, Love!)

Offering As Letting Go

Serving and Offering As Letting Go

The Fourth Quadrant * Embracing and Surrendering the World
This is the Ego’s final great push to bloom, as connections with the Soul deepen. In the 10th, 11th, and 12th Houses we reach the heights of our ability to accomplish in the World, to be seen and recognized for our gifts and unique Selves.

Yet paradoxically, this draws us beyond personal (Ego) self to a worldly, responsible Self (10th House), widening the vision in the 11th house to Humanity as one world, one family, beyond national and other boundaries.

Finally, the Self will meet the Soul as it discovers its vast hidden potential in the 12 house of Dreaming the World.

As we move through this last Fourth Quadrant, we step out of the glare of one’s name in lights to the dark peace of solitude, sometimes imposed, always surprising. We find ourselves in the Balsamic Moon phase of our life – or set of lives. As we hold the World in our hands, we reach out to give it back, all of it, and let it go with joy…Here we find union with the Soul in an infinite variety of mystical death experiences.

Tenth House * We Bring Form and Shape to Civilization, We Govern, We Judge (Capricorn – Saturn) Earth House.

Eleventh House * We Connect Globally, We Teach, We Transform (Aquarius – Uranus and Saturn) Air House.

Twelfth House * We Withdraw, We are in Prison/Isolation, We Dream, We Die, We Are One (Pisces – Neptune) Water House – Spiritual Karma and Past Life Recall, Spiritual Weaving of Threads…Water House. Karmic House.

In the Fourth Quadrant, the Self goes beyond the quest for love, power and knowledge for self, and rises to take responsibility for the World.

The 10th house focus on government and structure in society suggests authority and responsibility – both take courage. This house is deceptive – finding ultimate recognition in worldly terms requires the Capricorn/Saturn energies, and these are extremely demanding in terms of mastering form and structure as part of worldly success…as one discovers in trying to forge a major career, or professional identity, as opposed to simply taking a job.

In the 11th house, we survey the masses – mankind spread over the earth – the general condition of Humanity viewed in terms of our ability to make a contribution. This is often when the extraordinary accomplishments of the 10th house are converted to public service and volunteer work in grass-roots communities. Political activism and ideals of one’s youth may return.

One may well wish to give up all of the “success” structures – marriage and career for example – of the previous years, in order to foster the growing awareness that Soul work must be the focus of the Ego.

In the 12th house, these altruistic developments come to fruition and we reach a time when Soul is all that matters. One turns to the Soul for its unique perspective and gifts in transforming Ego, and yet a new sense of loving the whole World is born. It is the mystical dimensions of the World now, the DreamTime.

We explore these new realms as we once explored the cities and religions and grass-roots movements of the everyday world.

Here is where we Dream ourselves and the World, pouring out in Mind and Spirit our shamanic willingness to journey and to “die to the world” – we may embrace a form of martyrdom and struggle to understand what is happening to ourselves. The worldly Ego begins to die, and realizes, at last, that it is willing to do so. The 12th house is the mystic’s grove, the prisoner’s cell, the hermit’s cave, the hospice of the terminal patient, the Shaman’s portal to other worlds. It is the Bridge across Forever, the last Road on the Journey, the one that takes us Home.

Further Reading:
Sacred Mandala of the Birth Chart

© Carol Leigh Rice 2013 Updated 2014

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Aquarius, Group Karma, and Revolutionary Blueprints

This is Part 3 of The Aquarius Series which explores the Archetype of Aquarius and the Age of Aquarius. What this Sign means for humanity as a whole is still in many ways a mystery, like the Waters which are poured from the Water-Bearer’s. Here in Part 3, I look more closely at what we have seen so far in history of the Aquarius’ planets, Uranus and Saturn, at work in transformational politics driven by the masses, it seemed, but led by stern elites as it turned out. Saturn, Lord of Karma, is slow but sure, and the Wheel is coming ’round again.

Part 1 *  Mysterious Origins and Destiny of the Archetype Aquarius

Part 2 * Aquarius in Community, Friendship, and Love

The Mystery * What Are the Waters of Aquarius?

The Mystery * What Are the Waters of Aquarius?

Aquarians and Group Karma
The task of the Aquarius Archetype is the evolution of civilization through dramatic, revolutionary breakthroughs. Aquarius transforms grass-roots humanity in ways which  involve issues of transformation of the human condition, justice and the reaping of karma. The Aquarian or Aquarian influence may bring these themes to large groups on the historical stage or to smaller groups, but where this Archetype  appears, chaotic change is on the horizon.

The  Aquarius Archetype absorbs and draws out group karma in a mysterious way.  The actual Aquarian person will often suddenly turn into a group “scapegoat” onto which the Dark, disowned self- transformative urges of the group become projected.  This is all the more true when the Aquarian revolutionary project fails, for it becomes a festering historical wound. Once the revolutionary energies become deformed, there is a tendency for these to turn savagely upon the founders of the revolution, as well as the masses, for they are the human representatives through which the Aquarius Archetype has been “channelled” and it is they who must bear the karmic load.

This Archetype lays a heavy burden upon the Aquarian, for it requires surrender of personal identity and self-actualization in the usual sense of those terms. The Aquarian taps into, reflects, and ultimately belongs to something larger than individuality, with its private dreams and private goals. Call it the collective consciousness of Humanity, a given nation or people, of a Soul Tribe, or perhaps of the Dreaming, the Aquarian is always dimly aware of this vague, larger identity for which, somehow, he or she becomes a spokesperson or – very often – a martyr. It may well become his or her Achilles heel, Chiron’s wound, or fatal flaw, for the Aquarian is vulnerable to the Shadow or Dark Side of any collective consciousness, which may so quickly degenerate from collective vision and mass ideals to the basal drives, the baying hounds, of Group Mind. When this happens, the Aquarian may be swept up in forces far beyond his or understanding, much less control.

The Aquarian must learn early to recognize and embrace the essential features of the Aquarian Archetype without being destroyed by it, or allowing it to wreak havoc in the lives of others. This means anchoring soaring ideals in deep spiritual wisdom, educating the self and others about the moral, Kantian Law, while learning to anticipate, discern and dissolve the Dark in the Light of public life. The mass violence inherent in Aquarian revolutions must give way to the doctrine of the sanctity of each human life, and the refusal to see individuals in terms of abstract classes, races or ideologies. As we move into the Aquarian Age, these burdens and goals fall upon all of us, no matter what our birth Sun Sign, for we are all participating in Aquarius now.

Aquarius * Darkness At Noon
Nowhere is the Aquarian Archetype more visible or more vulnerable than in the group identity and action of political life. The Aquarius Archetype has a deep, revolutionary identity often arising from or making use of new ideological,  technological and scientific bodies of thought which emerges at key times in human evolution. These Uranus gifts make Aquarius kin to the great rebel “Prometheus” who stole fire from the gods to give to mankind.

Aquarian transformations come at a price, sometimes an extreme price, for they involve a challenge to the powers that be and the overturning of existing orders before there can truly be a “New World”.

Initiating the initial phase of revolution is the role of one of the ruling planets of Aquarius – the radicalizing, rebellious genius of Uranus. The other, older, ruling planet of Aquarius is Saturn, and it is Saturn who seems to move into the scene as the first phase of the revolution completes the sweeping away of an old social or political order. Saturn – ruler of Capricorn, and hence governments and their structures – must create enduring frameworks of justice and stability where the gale winds and hurricanes of Uranus have left little standing.

The coming of Saturn is actually a dangerous, uncertain turning point, for here, Aquarian revolutions may combine the worst of Uranus and worst of Saturn – often aided by Pluto aspects to one or both – to create revolutions legendary for their bloodbaths and ensuring tyrannical governments. Theoretically, Saturn can restrain and rationalize the raw revolutionary energy of Uranus so that moderation is used in righting old wrongs, rebalancing the karma of the nation’s groups. In practice, it often does not, and in fact, Saturn can be corrupted by Uranus, resulting in vast new revolutionary “authorities” whose karmic balancing brings vengeance and then violence as terror practiced against those whose liberation was once the goal. When this occurs, the violence and ruthless cleansing of Uranus is invoked by the Saturnian “Fathers” of Aquarian revolutions and they turn instruments of rulership and justice into new forms of organized, systematic tyranny.

Secret Societies and Political Blueprints

By James Billington * Secret Societies and Political Blueprints

Origins of Aquarius in Enki and the Drive to Transform Mankind

Uranus is associated with the giant revolutions that seem, in retrospect, to have set the stage for the Age of Aquarius, in that they were revolutions whose credos were or echoed those of the French Revolution: Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood. Each of these great revolutions rode waves of grass roots violence – the Uranus shock and awe that topples tyrants. Yet at least eight of these “grassroots” revolutions in the name of the liberation of the masses – The French, Russian, Nazi German, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, the American invasion of Iraq and the American invasion of Afghanistan – went terribly wrong, largely due to the constricting, shaping, and finally crushing impact of Saturn-like elites. In all cases, the energy of Uranus has played out in violence against the masses in the end. In most cases the violence was also, in the end, turned on the revolutionary elites themselves, but not before destroying the hopes and dreams of the masses. If we count “the Cold War” – as the struggle between the two competing “liberation ideologies” of The West and the Soviet Union played out as on a chessboard of local wars we wade into a thicket of revolutionary, transformational politics in which Uranus and Saturn took turns ravishing whole peoples and lands.

Lying behind these revolutions are philosophical systems nurtured in secret societies which believe themselves to be the carriers of a Great Blueprint for humanity. If we dig deeply enough, behind the surface “Party doctrines” and recent political theorists, we can trace the roots of their visions back to Egypt, at least, and more likely, as I have written elsewhere, in ancient Sumer. These have survived in Western culture, carried in secret societies and secret traditions of religious orders sometimes inside and sometimes outside orthodox religions of their times. In the Renaissance, lost or hidden older writings became more available, their celebration of humanism and the glorious possibilities of life on earth emerging in near-successful fruition in the French Revolution of 1789.

The modern discovery of the planet Uranus, new ruler of Aquarius, occurred in 1781, and appears to have heralded the eccentric, abstract, and clinical nature of violence in modern revolutionary doctrine. An excellent book (pictured above) tracing the role of occult thought and societies is Fire in the Minds of Men: Origins of the Revolutionary Faith, by James Billington, former professor at Harvard.

Under Balsamic Moon we can see Past, Present and Future, if we are very Still...

Under Balsamic Moon we can see Past, Present and Future, if we are very Still…

The Founders of America belonged in the tradition of men whose minds were on fire – hence their willingness to carry out not only the American Revolution but more importantly, the Civil War to ruthlessly nail it together on the canvas of History. Each of these revolutionary nation-making attempts has been viewed as a blueprint, in time, for all of humanity – the goal has always been global.

No one who understands this tradition should be surprised at either the American “Manifest Destiny” of the NeoCon movement in the United States which corresponds so neatly with the emegence of the Age of Aquarius (just as the French and American arose when Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, was discovered.

Even the Jewish and Christian End-Times “blueprint” – which many of their leaders today hope to help hasten and implement – hearkens back to the “secrets” believed brought out of Egypt by Moses and/or embedded in a Bible Code. Though these seem to the layperson to be religious, not political revolutionary visions, the two are entwined in apocalyptic thought. It is often remarked that Marx’s vision of the End of History mirrors the End of Times theology in both the Judaism and Christianity within Marx’s family line – and the thick soup of such thought in still post-Medieval Europe.

These vast, truly Uranian experiments in political organization have – where attempted – been disastrous for humanity within nations and for humanity as a whole. The roots of these transformative efforts (communism, fascism and the occult blueprints of the French Revolution) may well lie in the legends and archetypes of those who first came from Space to help seed and develop this planet. And it is remarkable that Enki, major biological architect of humanity, as well as teacher of irrigation and builder of vast projects for mankind, was always associated, from earliest Sumer records, with Aquarius.

As noted in my earlier posts, The Pyramid Code, and Zecharia Sitchin and the 12th Planet * My Strange Dream, there was – and is – a lingering, powerful concern for humanity on the part of those who came here to Earth and were, in part at least, our creators, the Elohim. What the Zecharia Sitchin material about the early gods, Enki, and the 12th Planet does not say, but which my Life Reading Sources did say is that, despite the frustrated Gods’ abandonment of the project here, many, through the mixing of DNA , chose to stay. They have been bound, then, to return often through reincarnation, for their personal growth has remained tied in complex karmic knots with that of humanity on Earth. These “blueprint-makers”  believe they must be new Enkis – new Aquarians? – and implement sweeping “architectural designs” to complete the healing transformation of humanity. These are the Souls who carry the visions and seeds of knowledge hearkening back to Sumerian times for the “Blueprint” which marks each modern revolutionary movement. In Europe, America, China and Russia, huge experiments have been attempted – more underway – sometimes more than once, some more violent than others. It is possible there is a learning curve…

Mass revolutionary, Great Blueprint, approaches have starkly contrasted with the simple forms of Democracy which emerged from England, esoteric Mother of new forms of Government. Indeed, true Democracy is always extinguished under the Great Blueprint model. Are there two competing circles of “Gods”? One seems driven by the complex wheels of group karma, guilt and misguided attempts at atonement. The other opens the door to freedom -from the Gods and their karma – and to a future in which humanity will find its own evolutionary path..

Mother Russia

Mother Russia

Aquarius At Work * Mother Russia
These are good times to revisit the fact that Russia is said to be ruled by Aquarius.  It should not surprise us that Russia, first as the Soviet Union, and now as the Russian Federation, continues to deliver “shocks” to its own people and to the international system of states.

The first of its two 1917 revolutions took place on February 17 by our calendar, a truly Aquarian inauguration, and one which carried on the revolutionary tradition and set the stage for two centuries – the 20th and the 21st – to be devoted to this political ideal.

The later Bolshevik Revolution of October 1917 was led by Lenin, whose Moon was in Aquarius. The revolution was a truly Aquarian enterprise in the scope of its startling, unexpected level of violence (Uranus) and obsession with authority, control and reshaping (Saturn). The Soviet Union was born in the streets, where the masses – as Lenin recognized at once – sought a leader who could personify their rage, fear and hope. The reward for the masses was to be used up as cheap fodder for a giant military machine under the dictatorship of a Saturn gone mad….

It was also historically and astrologically  fitting that it would be an Aquarian, Boris Yeltsin, who in 1989 broke apart the last rotten walls of the Soviet Union. Yet, the post-Soviet era in Russia seemed frozen in time, though Uranus  has continued to haunt Russia in the internal lawlessness that prevails. The revolutionary  force of Uranus failed to give way to the orderly development of Saturn at its best.  Ominously, Saturn’s worst features can be seen emerging  in the rebirth of police state structures under President Putin who has now seized the helm of Russian history.  And in the seizure of the Crimea which appears to commence the return of Russian Empire-building, we see both Saturn the tyrant and Uranus the revolutionary, the Dark Side of Aquarius in political form.

Aquarius and Karma  * American Dreams and Blueprints

“God has not yet has His answer from the United States…” (My Father’s Dream in The Sixties)

Dick Cheney is an Aquarian who led the “Neo-Conservative” (Christian-Zionist) attempt to remake the Middle East in a grand vision beginning with the ill-starred invasion of Iraq. The violence of Uranus has abated somewhat in Iraq, but such elements of Saturn as are present there after the invasion remain, for the most part, Saturn’s worst features – justice turned into vengeance, order turned into systematic  tyranny and control turned into organized cruelty. Guantanamo Bay still exists and it, along with the Patriot Act, casts the dark shadow of Saturn’s totalitarian streak across the United States whose people must rise up or pay dearly for this grand and ominous folly.

Chief Joseph "I Will Fight No More Forever" On Surrendering With his People to US forces.

Chief Joseph “I Will Fight No More Forever” Speech On Surrendering With his People to US forces.

The United States has an Aquarian Moon, and many openly idealist Aquarian presidents – among them Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, and Barack Obama has Aquarius Rising – but her dreams for mankind have yet to be shown to be worth the price that has been paid for American Aquarian visions. The genocides – of the Native American peoples, of the buffalo – and the oppressions – in Vietnam, Iraq, and elsewhere in secret, including the Palestinians by a US-backed Israel – all these were born under “grand visions” and schemes so deeply linked to the controlling, Big-Picture drives of an Aquarius-inspired United States.

The current US president, Barak Obama, has Aquarius Rising, and Jupiter in Aquarius as well – Grand Dreams indeed! While some fear he will fail in his great visions, others fear he may succeed. It is too soon to tell what America – and this latest of many Presidents with strong Aquarian features – will do for itself and for the world. But the time of reckoning grows closer…Obama has not ended the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan, has not truly withdrawn from Iraq, has not closed Guantanamo Bay nor rescinded the Patriot Act. He seems, if anything, content with the Saturn phase of Aquarius – ideals applied with an iron hand.

And yet, opposition to the new “Aquarian (Neo-Con) America”, and to Aquarius-rising President Obama, comes from three dramatic new Aquarians on the American scene.

From the right, Sarah Palin is a Sun Aquarian, with Mars, and Saturn in Aquarius as well! She predictably connects easily as a woman and “Mama Grizzly” with the American people whose Moon (Mother), in the US Chart, is in Aquarius. In a folksy Aquarian touch, her main connection with Americans is through Facebook, the ultimate grass roots networking web. Likewise, she has been the driving force behind the Tea Party movement, and its grass roots revolt against the traditional Republican Party.

Sarah Palin could be the next Aquarian US president though at the moment this may seem unlikely. There is that saying…”As Aquarius thinks today, so the world will think in 50 years…” And though Aquarians never really grow up, they do mature in time.

Two hugely popular radio and internet personalities – Glenn Beck on the right and Alex Jones who defies the left-right categories – are also Sun Aquarians. They both use their enormous eloquence on behalf of the “everyday people” and seem to be leading a growing grass roots movement against various elites, whether party, financial, or global. Glenn Beck seeks a kind of American Revolution awakening, as does Sarah Palin, though as Aquarians always do, each is keeping to their own path. Alex Jones is most truly the radical, Uranus-driven Aquarian, directing his energy in InfoWars against the specifically Saturn characteristics of what he sees to be a totalitarian American police state in the making, with a domestic and global agenda of tyranny.

All three personalities are charismatic and display the trademark Aquarian gift of oratory infused with Uranus and its ability to shock and awaken. People say they are physically affected by listening to these orators. Behind the dramatic, free-flowing oratory, however, one can sense the Saturnian quality in each of these individuals, an ability to use their rhetorical skills to sell a rigid ideological framework as relentlessly iron-clad as the ones they seek to topple.

One hears Ego in their voices, even as they exhort the masses to beware of ego-driven potential masters.  All three may have complex agenda, for where Saturn is not kept on the straight and narrow, Saturn will bring deception, secrecy and indeed, hidden agenda all the worse for usually involving forms of hidden coercion and control. The very mind-control of the masses that these Aquarians warn ‘the masses’ about may be hidden not only in their own rhetorical devices, but in connections they too have, behind the scenes. Buyers, beware.

Light At Dawn * Uranus as Higher Mind May Prevail

Light At Dawn * Uranus as Higher Mind May Prevail

Aquarius * Light At Dawn
Cautionary tales indeed…Aquarius can create a perfect Karmic Storm, tossing us back and forth between the worst features of  Uranus and Saturn in blind, ego-driven attempts to contain Group Karma,  to burn away the ribbons of History and its Karma  - how grandiose such visions are, whether religious or political, and they are often both.

When we seek to harness Saturn its energies can so quickly turn on us as driving, narrow, cruel Ego.  Uranus, drawn down as a play-thing can trigger the eruption of the contents of the Unconscious in the life of an individual or in that of a nation. Only a powerful philosophical and spiritual framework can embrace in contemplative reception the forces of these two planets.  The Ego must yield to the Spirit so that Saturn becomes the indwelling teacher and shaman, and Uranus becomes our Higher Mind.  Thus can we  blend the wild, creative, and free elements of Soul with the Laws of form, purpose and Love, which alone give Matter its Meaning.

© Carol Leigh Rice 2010 and updated in 2014

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The Shaman, the Lie, and the Phoenix of Freedom

ShamanShamanism – that most ancient of spiritual paths on Earth – begins with the daily practice of standing one’s spiritual ground in the face of the Dark. This is as true of our appearance in the public realm as it is of our private lives.

The Dark, so jealous of the Light, disguises itself within the Lie, so that in our innocence, we often see the Dark as Light. For this reason, when author and psychiatrist Scott Peck encountered what he felt was real Evil in his practice, he described it in a book most fittingly called People of the Lie.

The Dark is clever – always the mask, always the disguise – sometimes in the wheedling, insinuating voice of an inner flaw or wound, sometimes in the twisted, exaggerated mask of false virtue. The Lie parades in social pressures and group mind where we gain a fake identity at the cost of moral autonomy and personal conscience.

Often, the Darkness of the Lie falls across whole nations, when deceitful rhetoric and lying in politics destroy the public realm in which Truth might have made Her fragile appearance.

Rising of the PhoenixThese are Darkening Times and the Lie is everywhere, most of all in the Public Realm.  We are all called to be Shaman now, if we awaken, and have the courage to take a stand.

For the possibility of our strength as individuals through unity is at a high point in human history.  For just when we needed it most, the World Wide Web, the Net, was born – this most Aquarian means of grassroots revolt against the Lie, against the Darkness that hides the Truth  we all know is out there.

The Net is the Phoenix of Freedom, born anew from the ashes of The Sixties.  The Net is the new Street. On it old warriors, flanked by young ones, ride again, summoned by the pulse of the invisible Web.   It has given us a power to change the world which, as Flower Children, we  could glimpse in our stardust Dreams.

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